Cranberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail

5 mins Cook
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cosmopoliton cocktail

Cosmopolitan Cocktails are a classic, fashionable vodka cocktail made famous through the ladies of sex and the metropolis! not to sweet, now not too tart, great brief to make made with cranberry juice, lime juice, vodka and cointreau.

Serve this for fashionable pre dinner beverages, to ring within the New 12 months or an night in with the girls!

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Cosmopolitan Cocktails

I love Cosmos for how smooth they are to drink – and the way I usually sense like I’m channeling the brand new-York-Gal within as I daintily sip away!

truly even though, I live inside the Northern seaside of Sydney. I spend my days in turn flops, denim shorts and comfortable tees, a whirlwind of hobby between the kitchen, shooting area and my computer.

About as far from NYC-like as you could get.

However with a glass of Cosmo in my hand? I experience a little bit towards the glitz and glam of NYC!

Cranberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Cranberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail

What you need for Cosmos

Here’s what you need:

  • Cranberry juice, SWEETENED – be sure no longer to apply unsweetened cranberry juice, it’s very tart…. too tart! You need the sweet cranberry juice to get the right balance of sweet. accidentally were given unsweetened? shop it – make a simple syrup with equal parts sugar and hot water to dissolve, cool, then add as wanted.;
  • Vodka – undeniable, unflavoured vodka. Use mid shelf because there’s pretty a number of vodka in Cosmos. top shelf in case your finances stretches that some distance….but I commonly serve top shelf vodka instantly.
  • Cointreau – that is a clear orange flavoured liquor known as triple sec. Cointreau is a brand of triple sec, the excellent, in my opinion (truly the maximum widely recognized).
  • Lime juice – sparkling!

How to make Cosmopolitan Cocktails

Just pour the whole thing into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake nicely to relax, then pressure into a martini glass.

The traditional garnish is orange peel. The greater little perfume you get as you drink the Cosmopolitan drives home the orange flavour and is truly adorable!

When to serve Cosmopolitan Cocktails

Cosmos are one of these cocktails which can be quite stylish so they’re perfect to serve at dinner events as a pre dinner drink. Plus, it’s a quite short drink (in place of big extent tall liquids like Tequila Sunrises) so you don’t replenish on cocktails earlier than dinner.

And while I say they’re an elegant drink, I additionally think about Cosmos as a laugh too! assume – ladies’ Nights Out (properly, nights IN!), Bachelorette events, Christmas (on topic coloration!), Thanksgiving, and other excursion occasions!


prep time
2 mins
cooking time
5 mins
total time
7 mins



  • 60ml/ 2 oz Vodka (Note 1)

  • 30ml/ 1 oz Cointreu

  • 90ml/ 3 oz cranberry juice , sweet (not unsweetened, Note 2)

  • 2 tsp lime juice , fresh

  • Ice

  • Orange peel , optional garnish


Fill cocktail shaker with ice.
Add vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice and lime. Shake vigorously 10 times.
Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with orange peel.


1. Vodka – there’s a decent slug of vodka in Cosmos so be sure to use a decent vodka. Absolut is my mid-shelf vodka of choice. I reserve top shelf (expensive) vodka for drinking straight! 2. Cointreau is a sweet orange flavoured liquor, called triple sec. If you can’t find Cointreau, another brand will be fine. 3. Cranberry juice – don’t get “diet” unsweetened cranberry juice, you’ll find the drink too potent! Need the sugar in the cranberry juice. If you accidentally got unsweetened, make a simple syrup with equal parts white sugar and hot water*, dissolve sugar, chill, then add to your drink to take the sour edge off. * In the event of a cocktail emergency (I get it!), speed things up as follows: 2 parts white sugar, 1 part boiling water, mix to dissolve, then add 1 part ice for rapid chill. 4. Nutrition per drink.
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