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Vegan Tacos

20 mins Cook
Spicy yummy fruit and mango avocado salsa fills these vegan tacos with tangy flavor! It’s bright, fresh and fun to eat. While browsing through Nisha Vora’s vegan Instant Pot cookbook, these spicy vegan tacos immediately caught my eye. The combination of ginger, soy sauce, and ripe fruit wouldn’t have occurred to me personally. But wow, wow, wow, these are delicious! I’ve made vegan taco recipes in the past with ground beef, such as sweet potatoes, black beans, mushroom taco “meat,” and more, but this jackfruit filling is one of my favourites. It has a very good, hearty texture and a strong, spicy flavor that pairs perfectly with the sweet and juicy avocado salad.
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Lunchbox Pizza Bread (easy)

40 mins Cook
An affordable and convenient replica of the much-loved Bakers’ Delight Pizza Bread on the go! As the name suggests, it is not as hot as regular pizza and is meant to be eaten at room temperature in a lunch box. Just think: morning tea, a picnic, a hungry teenager, and what you’ve stashed in the freezer!
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Aloo Paratha (Indian Potato Stuffed Flatbread)

12 mins Cook
I was inspired to make this because I wanted to make something a little particular the use of leftover mashed potato I had from making Shepherd’s Pie Potato Skins (over again….i really like them!). This recipe is from my favourite Indian meals blog, Priya’s Kitchenette. except the reality that Priya is an extremely beneficiant and type person, she is phenonemal inside the kitchen and her blog unfolded the arena of Indian cooking to me. She shares dishes that I order at Indian eating places and suggests how smooth they may be to make at home. And a whole lot healthier too because Indian meals at eating places and takeout places here in Sydney is certainly, definitely oily. however Indian home cooking isn’t. all of the flavour with some distance less oil. Win, win! #Indian #Paratha #Alo #Potato #Flatbread #Vegan #breadrecipes #alooparatha #paratha
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