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Homemade Labneh – Middle Eastern Cheese and Cream

1 day 12 hours Cook
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If you love cream and cheese this recipe is for you. I always make this simple cheese whenever I’m throwing a party, I always serve this cheese with Barbari bread. Trust me you’ll gonna love this recipe.

Ramsha Baig

Homemade Labneh is a Middle East cheese with the consistency of cream cheese and tang of Greek yogurt. learn how to make it with this recipe!Someplace in between cream cheese and Greek yogurt lies a delicious, creamy Middle East cheese known as labneh.

What is LABNEH?

Traditionally, this soft cheese is made via straining extra liquid from goat’s milk yogurt. but, in some parts of the world, it’s also made with cow’s milk yogurt. that is basically because it’s miles simpler to find cow’s milk yogurt than goat’s milk varieties.

When you recognise a way to make yogurt cheese, it may be a excellent way to shop cash, as save offered labneh may be expensive. further to the cost financial savings, it is a a laugh mission to do with children! It takes simply one or days for the whole method.

Watching Greek yogurt rework into home made labneh cheese is fascinating, and the end end result is a delicious, creamy, high protein treat that everybody loves!

Flavor And Texture

The feel and consistency carefully resemble a semisoft cheese. Many humans say the feel is just like cream cheese. The flavor, however truly includes the tang of Greek yogurt.


Using traditional (non-Greek) yogurt is not recommended. that is due to the fact the very last product will no longer be as creamy, nor will it have the first-rate tangy taste that comes from the usage of Greek yogurt.

The best different things you need are:

Several layers of cheesecloth- be sure to apply plenty of layers, as the cheesecloth becomes saturated with liquid, causing it to be very heavy.
Rice mesh strainer
A bowl to seize the liquid, and of course, the most crucial aspect…
Patience! The whole procedure will take 1 to two days and there is absolutely no way to speed the procedure up.

How To Make Homemade Labneh?

  • Line a fine mesh strainer with cheesecloth.

After that, region the sieve or strainer inside of a deep bowl. i use a large glass measuring cup. make sure the pieces are huge sufficient to hang well over the strainer, as you will need to deliver the corners up and tie them together. Whisk collectively the yogurt and salt.

Next, pour the yogurt into the cheese cloth.

  • Create a pouch to hold the yogurt.

As explained above, bring the 4 corners of cheesecloth up and tie them closed with a knot.

  • Refrigerate for 24 to 36 hours.

Keep the container in the refrigerator for at least one day, and possibly longer. The time will depend on the quality of yogurt you use. You can tell when it’s ready, simply by placing your hands on the cheesecloth.

When it is ready to use, homemade labneh should feel firm and dry.

Homemade Labneh is a middle east cheese with the consistency of cream cheese and tang of Greek yogurt. Learn how to make it with this recipe!

Somewhere in between cream cheese and Greek yogurt lies a delicious, creamy middle east cheese known as labneh.

Recipes With Labneh Cheese

There are dozens of uses for this, apart from nibbling on creamy pieces for an appetizer or light snack. right here are only some approaches you can use it.

  • smear it on a plate and top with za’atar and a drizzle of precise olive oil with veg
  • spoon over a plate of heat lentils or couscous
  • alternative for cream cheese to make a delicious labneh cheesecake
  • use as a topping on savoury cakes, muffins, or cupcakes
  • add it to a pita pocket with slices of chicken shawarma
  • make these delicious pear dutch toddlers with labneh cream

Can homemade labneh be frozen?

Unfortunately, no. During the process of freezing and thawing, the consistency and texture of the cheese is compromised. Although it is technically safe to eat after freezing, your yogurt cheese will have an unpleasant, grainy texture.

Homemade Labneh - Middle Eastern Cheese and Cream

Homemade Labneh - Middle Eastern Cheese and Cream

Homemade Labneh is a Middle East cheese with the consistency of cream cheese and tang of Greek yogurt. learn how to make it with this recipe!Someplace in between cream cheese and Greek yogurt lies a delicious, creamy Middle East cheese known as labneh.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
1 day 12 hours
total time
1 day 12 hours 10 mins



  • 32 oz whole yogurt (See Note 1)

  • ½ teaspoon salt


Line a sieve over a bigger bowl to capture the expressed liquid with either three layers of cheese cloth or a linen towel (See observe 2). Set aside.
In a bowl whisk collectively the yogurt and salt. Pour this into the coated sieve and thoroughly tie the free cheese cloth or linen ends collectively.
Place the the bowl/sieve stuffed yogurt package deal inside the fridge for 24 to 36 hours.
Discard the liquid and untie the package deal. The yogurt could be thick and barely dry with a easy creamy indoors. lightly roll it out of the cheese material or linen and keep in a field that seals. Refrigerate for as much as every week.


Traditionally I've read that 2 cups/450 grams of goat's milk yogurt is mixed with 2 cups/450 grams cow's milk yogurt. I love the texture and flavor from using all goats milk yogurt, if you can't find it, source from a Middle Eastern market, order online, or use all cow's milk yogurt. When I first made this years ago I used 2 layers of cheesecloth and when I squeezed the yogurt after it had rested over night, I ripped the cheese cloth and the yogurt went everywhere. Triple or use 4 layers to be safe or a linen towel.
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