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How To Cook Chickpeas (Garbonzo Beans)

20 mins Cook
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how to cook chickpeas

Cooking dried beans may look like extra trouble than it is worth, however I assure you, it’s smooth! Plus, there are plenty of reasons to do it. For starters, dry garbanzo beans are much less luxurious than canned.

Ramsha Baig

I’m going to show you how to cook chickpeas (garbanzo beans) from dried, three approaches! Plus quick soak instructions, and some of my preferred recipes the usage of chickpeas.

Of course, i love shortcuts, so I inventory up on cans of garbanzo beans when they’re on sale. however do you recognise that there are most effective 1 ½ cups of cooked garbanzo beans in a can? For the charge of one can of cooked chickpeas, you may buy a one pound bag of dry chickpeas yielding 6 to 7 cups after cooking!

If you make recipes the usage of chickpeas regularly, you’ll love the benefit of cooking a big batch at one time. This way, you’re able to freeze them for later use to make a brief batch of hummus, add a few beans to a Koshari, or into a pot of stew.

With the aid of the way, yes, chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the equal thing. they’re simply specific names for one sort of legume. Chickpea is derived from Latin and garbanzo is a Spanish phrase.

How To Cook Chickpeas

There are a few unique approaches to prepare dinner dried chickpeas. The technique you operate is private choice, relying on what kitchen equipment you have got, of path.

Most of the time, I cook them in an instantaneous Pot (electric powered strain cooker) or on the range top. They also can be prepared in a gradual cooker / crock pot, so I’ll come up with those directions as properly.

Regardless of what technique you use, unless you operate a chickpea short soak approach, you’ll start via sorting, then soaking the dried beans for several hours.

Sorting Dried Beans

This specific legume grows on tall bushes and the pods dry clearly, right at the plant. Due to the manner the peas/beans are harvested, you could find little pebbles and different particles inside the bag with them.

For this reason, you’ll need to spread the dry garbanzo beans out and kind thru them. I like to do this on a baking sheet so the debris is less complicated to identify.

Soaking Garbanzo Beans

If you’re cooking them on the stovetop, the beans will need to soak in water for about 8 hours first. If you don’t need to wait and you don’t very own a slow cooker or pressure cooker, you could use a quick soak approach.

Chickpea Quick Soak Method

Add the beans to a large pot and cover them with about 2 inches of water. carry the water to a boil and prepare dinner the beans for 5 minutes without a lid.

After 5 mins, take away the pot from the warmth and place the lid on. let the beans soak in the hot water for an hour, then pressure and rinse them with bloodless water to stop the cooking system.

How To Cook Chickpeas Dried (Or After Soaking)

See the recipe card at the bottom of this post for full instructions. This is just a summary of the steps for cooking dried garbanzo beans. I’m also including cooking time for stovetop, crock pot, and Instant Pot chickpeas.

How To Cook Garbanzo Beans On Stovetop

long soak and simmer- Soak Time: 8 hours (or overnight). cook Time: 2 hours

Quick soak and simmer- Soak Time: 1 hour. cook dinner Time: 2 hours

Whether you operate the lengthy soak or the short soak to rehydrate your beans, you will nonetheless need to cook them. After soaking, drain and rinse them properly before cooking.

Long soak method

  • Add the beans to a big pot or bowl and cover with several inches of water. add plenty of water- greater is higher than much less, because as they rehydrate, the beans will at least double in length (now and again they triple in size!).
    Soak the beans for at the least 8 hours, or overnight in case you choose. Then cook according to the recipe card instructions at the bottom of this publish.

Quick soak method

  • Add the beans to a massive pot or bowl and cover with numerous inches of water.
  • Convey water to a boil and prepare dinner for five mins, then take the pot off of the heat and cover the pot with a lid. let the beans soak for 1 hour, then cook dinner consistent with the recipe card instructions at the bottom of this post.

Instant Pot Chickpeas

When using a pressure cooker, the beans can be soaked or unsoaked; it’s completely up to you. The consistency is nearly identical, but pressure cooking dried garbanzo beans does take longer.

  • Cook Time for Soaked Beans– Cook Time: 12 minutes at high pressure. Natural Release: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time for Dried Beans– Cook Time: 50 minutes at high pressure.. Natural Release: 10 minutes

Dried Garbanzo Beans In A Slow Cooker

This method is as easy as it receives; no soaking is necessary! virtually add the dry beans and water to the crockpot, turn it on and stroll away.

For the crockpot technique, you’ll need 7 cups of water for each pound of dried garbanzo beans.

Crockpot cook dinner Time for Dried Beans- high for 4 hours or low for 7 to 8 hours.


Should I cook dinner chickpeas with the lid on or off of the pot?

While cooking, the pot lid may be completely on or slightly ajar (to permit steam to get away). Beans simmered in a covered pot can be less assailable than those cooked with the lid slightly ajar.

Letting a few steam get away results in beans that are creamier, softer and damage aside extra easily. this is the correct consistency for recipes using chickpeas like hummus, wherein you’ll need to mash or spoil them up.

When cooking garbanzo beans, have to the water be salted?

For the proper texture, add salt when there may be about 30 minutes of cooking time left. adding it at the beginning can result in beans which can be tough and chewy.

How a whole lot does 1 cup of dried chickpeas make cooked?

2 Cups of dried chickpeas = 1 pound dried beans, and that 1 pound of dried garbanzo beans makes 7-eight cups of cooked. So, 1 cup (½ pound) dried chickpeas makes approximately 3-4 cups of cooked.

What’s the high-quality way to keep cooked beans?

Cooked chickpeas need to be refrigerated. shop them as-is (without any liquid) in an hermetic field or meals-safe bag. Cooked beans will preserve for as much as four days in the refrigerator.

To freeze cooked chickpeas, pat them dry then location in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or foil. Slide the baking sheet into the freezer and wait till the beans are mostly frozen, about half-hour. Then, switch the beans to a freezer storage bag and maintain frozen for up to three months.

Recipes Using Chickpeas

Now that you know how to cook chickpeas, you may want some ideas on how to use them. Here are a few favorites of mine.

For Breakfast:
Garbanzo beans are high in protein and fiber, so they’re perfect for a hearty, healthy breakfast! Serve them alongside fried eggs, or add them to whole pita bread with scrambled eggs for a grab and go breakfast sandwich.

For Lunch:
You can never go wrong adding chickpeas to a salad! Step outside of the box and add a handful to a chopped veggie salad SO good!
Of course, there’s always room for crackers or slices of  and fresh veggies with a side

How To Cook Chickpeas (Garbonzo Beans)

How To Cook Chickpeas (Garbonzo Beans)

Cooking dried beans may look like extra trouble than it is worth, however I assure you, it’s smooth! Plus, there are plenty of reasons to do it. For starters, dry garbanzo beans are much less luxurious than canned.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
20 mins
total time
30 mins



  • 1 lb dried chickpeas garbanzo beans

  • 8 Cups Water

  • Optional Seasoning

  • 1 Medium onion halved

  • 3 Garlic cloves smashed

  • 2 Bay leaves


Pick out through and discard any little stones or particles that can be packaged with the beans.Select via and discard any little stones or particles that can be packaged with the beans.
Rinse your beans in a colander with cool water.
Quick Soak method: add the beans to massive pot and cover with approximately 2 inches of water. Convey the water to a boil over high heat and cook dinner the beans with out a lid for five minutes.
Remove the pot from the heat and cover pot with a lid. allow the beans soak in the hot water for 1 hour. Drain the beans into a colander, then rinse with water.
Overnight Soak: cover the beans in a pot with about 2 inches of water. 1 pound of dried will enlarge to 7-8 cups in 8 hours or overnight. Drain the beans right into a colander, rinse.


Only add salt toward the end of the cooking process, not while soaking. I've found this helps in the beans not being tough in texture. Baking soda (1 tablespoon) is often times added with dried chickpeas while soaking to alleviate gas issues (it binds to sugars and helps to them to break down, in turn being easier to digest). This can be added to the Instant Pot and Slow cooker when using dried chickpeas.
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