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Mung Bean Cake

30 mins Cook
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mungg bean cake

When you want to make an impressive looking dessert with out exerting plenty attempt, these stunning little cakes are the perfect answer!

Ramsha Baig

Mung bean cake is a popular Chinese treat made with lightly sweetened mung bean paste. Make this yellow moong dal recipe for a beautiful and fresh summer dessert!

And if you like peanut butter the way I like you must try Peanut Butter Caramel Pie.

There are numerous exceptional methods to lead them to, and sure, some recipes for moong dal cake are a great deal greater hard and time ingesting than others. thankfully, this unique recipe isn’t tough to make, and it doesn’t take very lengthy, both!

Mung Bean Cake

In fact, both green (whole) and yellow (split) mung beans (also known as moong dal) are rich in antioxidants. Two of them specifically may help protect our bodies from heat stress, heat stroke, and high blood pressure! (source)

So, it may not be a surprise to know that during summer months in China, mung bean soup is a favorite lunch and mung bean cake is one of the most popular Chinese dessert recipes.

When you want a refreshing summer treat, turn away from trendy drinks like bubble tea. Those boba drinks are packed with sugar, so they don’t hydrate your body. A better option is a tall glass of water with one of these adorable little mung bean cakes.

How to Cook Split Mung Beans

The first step in making the cakes is to cook split mung beans. this could be accomplished on a stove top or even a sluggish cooker if you opt for, but to store time, I lead them to in an immediate Pot (electric powered strain cooker). This helpful publish shows four ways to prepare dinner break up mung beans.

The next step is to create a smooth paste from the cooked moong dal. Mung bean paste can also be used to make other desserts. For example, it’s often the filling in Chinese mooncakes.

Making Mung Bean Paste

Destroy the beans. This step is pretty truthful; the technique is similar while you mash eggplant for mutabal or while you make mashed potatoes.Simply transfer the beans to a blending bowl and spoil them down. The again of a spatula works first-rate, or a potato masher may also work.
Contain butter, oil, and salt.
The butter doesn’t need to be room temperature however it does assist it to melt quicker. in case you need to make a vegan mung bean cake, experience unfastened to alternative with plant-based totally butter.
Comprise the sugar.
The sugar may be substituted as well, particularly in case you want a low calorie dessert. Monk fruit sugar is a terrific replacement for refined white sugar as it measures cup-for-cup.
Push through a strainer to create mung bean paste.

Coloring and Forming Mung Bean Cake

As for coloring, my enjoy is that the usage of food coloring drops makes the dough wet and tacky. For the pleasant outcomes, I advise using an natural meals powder. i love this logo: organic powdered food coloring

For the inexperienced shade, you can use traditional green matcha powder, which provides taste in addition to shade.

Molding the Cakes

Take a look at out the gadget segment underneath for information on the cake molds I endorse. they’re smooth to apply and i really like that there are mould sizes and numerous designs covered within the package deal.

Temperature of the Dough

Some of the other recipes for mung bean cake on the internet propose operating with heat dough. i discovered that warm dough tends to stick to the molds.

So rather, I suggest chilling the dough balls within the refrigerator for 15 mins before pressing the dough into the cake molds. sense unfastened to test and use the approach that works first-rate for you.

Ingredient and Equipment Notes

Alternate Names
cut up mung beans are also sold under an trade call, moong dal. i use organic cut up mung beans. despite the fact that they’re similar in shape and shade, break up mung beans and yellow lentils aren’t the same thing.
Food color: powder vs. liquid
In my revel in, dry food powder coloring works better than liquid or gel food coloring. Plus, the powder is all-natural, non-GMO, and is available in numerous colourful colors. i like this brand: organic powdered meals coloring.
Cake Molds
The set of cake molds I endorse comes with 2 one of a kind mildew sizes and several one of a kind styles in the box, that is top notch. i exploit the smaller length for the mung bean cake.

Mung Bean Cake

Mung Bean Cake

Mung bean cake is a popular Chinese treat made with lightly sweetened mung bean paste. Make this yellow moong dal recipe for a beautiful and fresh summer dessert!
prep time
15 mins
cooking time
30 mins
total time
45 mins



  • 1 cup dry split yellow mung beans or 3 cups soaked

  • ¼ teaspoon kosher salt

  • ¼ cup vegetable oil

  • 3 tablespoon butter

  • ¾ cup sugar

  • food powder coloring


Rinse the split mung beans beneath cool going for walks water to take away any dirt or grit. Optionally, you can soak them in three cups water for 8 hours, but because of their small size, soaking mung beans is not vital. 1 cup dried split beans will yield three cups after soaking.
whether or not soaked or unsoaked, add the mung beans to the instant Pot with 1 ½ cups water. cover and seal the lid and stress cook the use of the Beans setting. allow for a natural strain launch.
The use of a rubber spatula, stir and damage the cooked beans, then add salt, oil and butter. turn on the Saute placing and use the rubber spatula to stir ingredients together till a clean paste forms and oil is absorbed. Stir inside the sugar and maintain cooking for an additional five minutes.
If adding coloration, divide the dough into equal sized quantities. mix very well to the preferred color desired. I used about five grams dry meals powder color for each portion.
Optionally, for a smoother consistency, use a silicone spatula to press every batch of dough, one at a time, thru a first-rate mesh sieve. Scrape any final dough on the underside of the sieve into a bowl.
The use of a food scoop or kitchen scale, portion dough into balls weighing 50 grams (scant four tablespoons) each. Press every dough ball into a moon cake mould (See notice 3) the use of any layout you prefer. location each dessert on tray coated with silpat or rectangular of parchment paper (See observe four).
Serve right away at room temperature. If storing, the desserts will hold 1 week included within the refrigerator.


Split mung beans are sometimes sold under the name moong dal. The two are identical. I use organic split yellow mung beans. I find that dry food powder works better than liquid or gel food coloring. Feel free to experiment yourself. I really like this organic food powder coloring. The cake mold set I use includes 2 different sizes and several different patterns, which is great. I use the smaller set for bean cakes. Some of the other recipes for mung bean cake on the Web suggest working with warm dough. I found that warm dough tends to stick to the molds. So instead, I recommend chilling the dough balls in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before pressing the dough into the cake molds. Feel free to experiment and use the method that works best for you.
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