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Affogato – espresso, dessert, and your after-dinner drink, all rolled into one. that is what you have whilst you’re “too full for dessert”! simply pour espresso over vanilla gelato or ice cream, enjoy the melty swirls and dig in. The Italians are genius.

Affogato Affogato


What was your ultimate affogato? It’s my cross-to dessert at restaurants. even though I declare I’m too complete, affogato doesn’t be counted as it’s nearly liquid, right? It’s like having a glass of water! (yes, without a doubt, that’s how my mind works – don’t decide me!)

For those new to affogato, it’s a conventional Italian espresso dessert in which warm coffee is poured over gelato or ice cream, with the choice of adding a splash of liquor. It’s coffee, dessert, and an after-dinner drink, all rolled into one. The assessment of hot, bitter espresso with cold, creamy ice cream is utter perfection. And the fact that it’s so easy with an advantage DIY fun element? high-quality!

Ingredients in Affogato

All you want for affogato is a shot of warm coffee (espresso), ice cream, or gelato, and elective 1/2 a shot of liquor (Frangelico, amaretto, rum). a few more facts on each of these under!

  • coffee – that is a small focused shot of hot coffee. the standard length for a shot of coffee is 30 ml (1 ounce).
  • It goes without announcing that the better your espresso, the better your affogato!
  • Vanilla gelato or ice cream – traditionally gelato although ice cream is simply as precise, in my view! more crucial is the flavor. Vanilla is the classic choice as it pairs so properly with espresso. sense unfastened to test!
  • How plenty ice cream – Use one massive(ish) or two small(ish) scoops for one shot of espresso, for a very good balance of the two. although if the use of liquor, I lean towards medium scoops, as pictured.
  • Liquor (elective) – To roll your after-dinner drink into this all-in-one dessert, upload half a shot of liquor! Amaretto (almond flavor) and Frangelico (hazelnut) are possibly the maxima not unusual. Rum, sambuca, and Kahlua also are popular services at Italian restaurants. although genuinely, you could add anything you watched/understand that is going nicely with coffee!
  • playstation A shot of liquor is 30 ml / 1 ounce so half a shot is 15 ml / zero. five ounces which are 1 tablespoon. even though nobody will keep your lower back from dialing the amount up!

Optional extras

The conventional affogato is nothing greater than coffee, gelato, and elective liquor. but, even in eating places nowadays, there are all sorts of elective extras. So adapt to your taste and make affogato your own! here are a few tips:

  • Chocolate grated or shaved at the ice cream (I did this)
  • Biscotti for dunking (I also did this!)
  • Whipped cream
  • Melted chocolate – I’d drizzle it throughout the ice cream
  • overwhelmed or chopped nuts – pistachio and hazelnuts would be on-topic here
  • I know I’m missing a stack of other ideas – drop tips inside the comments so I’m able to come back and upload them to the list!

How to make affogato

I want greater recipes with so few steps!

  • Brew warm espresso with the use of your coffee-making equipment of preference. That’s 30 ml/1 ounce for an unmarried shot.
  • placed a scoop or two of ice cream in a pitcher.
  • Pour over hot espresso. enjoy looking at the ice cream swirls melting into the new espresso!
  • If the use of liquor, pour that over subsequent. devour!
    ps I used a small beaker to do the pour shot so I could do a neat pour for the snapshots. I don’t use a beaker in real existence!

Serving – for DIY pour

From a sensible attitude, as eating places do, serve the glass with just the ice cream in it and the espresso at the facet. So the eater can pour and then dig instantly into the affogato before the ice cream melts.

Oh, and an aspect of biscotti for dunking wouldn’t move off the beam both. Recipe developing soon. I have in no way been completely happy with my biscotti tries! need to put some time into it, and it’s currently on my radar.

proportion your affogato twists! Do you want yours instantly up, classic, just espresso and vanilla gelato? Or are you all about the toppings and getting innovative with ice cream flavors?? Don’t let all and sundry tell you the way you must or shouldn’t take your affogato – make it your personal!



Affogato – espresso, dessert, and your after-dinner drink, all rolled into one. that is what you have whilst you’re “too full for dessert”! simply pour espresso over vanilla gelato or ice cream, enjoy the melty swirls and dig in. The Italians are genius.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
25 mins



  • 1 large or 2 small(ish) scoops vanilla gelato or ice cream (Note 1)

  • 1 shot (30 ml/1 oz) hot espresso coffee (short black) – Note 2

  • 1 tbsp frangelico, amaretto or other liquor (optional) – Note 3


put ice cream in a glass appropriate for affogato eating (notice 4).
area shot of espresso and liquor (if the usage of) at the facet.
Pour the new coffee and then liquor over the ice cream. experience swirls of melty ice cream blending into the espresso. Dig in right away!


Gelato is conventional, ice cream is perfectly perfect. Vanilla is the classic flavor and a lifeless set perfect in shape with espresso flavor. however, feel loose to apply any flavor you want! espresso (quick black) – make sure it’s warm (so it melts the ice cream) and sturdy (so your ice cream coffee “soup” isn’t weak and bland) Liquor – Kahlua, sambuca, rum, and bailey’s also are commonplace offerings. Use what you realize works with espresso! four. Glass – Fancy restaurants use shallow cocktail glasses which I find impractical and points, only for display. I just like the glass taller than wider so you can dig in. Try to discover one not too tall, it’s easier to eat out of. five. optionally available extras (now not conventional, however, nobody can forestall you!) Biscotti (remarkable for dunking) Chocolate shavings – use microplane or potato peeler Whipped cream Melted chocolate – on ice cream Nuts – more or less chopped pistachio and hazelnuts on topic Leftovers – no person continues half-eaten melted affogato, do they?? nutrients in step with serving assume half of a cup of ice cream which is a touch at the beneficial facet.
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