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Crispy rice is just rice that’s packed in a pan, cut then pan-fried until golden and ultra crispy. Can’t-prevent-ingesting-them correct! Munch on them simply like chips, or use them as a base for toppings to make current Asian-style canapés – like Nobu’s spicy Tuna Crispy Rice.

Crispy rice Crispy rice

Crispy rice cakes

These are the base for the Nobu replica-cat highly spiced Tuna Crispy Rice recipe that I additionally published these days. but anyone who’s attempted the apparent crispy rice cakes declared them so top, they insisted they ought to be posted as a separate recipe. So right here it is!


All you need to make crispy rice cakes is rice, oil for frying, and salt for seasoning. but, the rice is tastier in case you add sushi rice seasoning which is simply sugar and rice vinegar. especially if you plan to serve those as undeniable snacks without toppings.
Sushi rice – discover this kind of rice labeled as such alongside different rice in the grocery store. It’s a quick grain form of rice this is stickier than other types of rice, so the rice sticks together to make the rice balls for sushi.

  • For the identical motive, it’s an excellent sort of rice to make rice cakes! other rice types gained’t stick collectively as firmly so the rice cakes received’t reduce as well or fry up as golden and crispy. Medium-grain rice must paint almost as properly (as it’s fairly sticky too) but I don’t advise attempting this with long-grain rice, brown rice, wild rice, or basmati rice.
  • Rice vinegar – An Asian vinegar crafted from….look forward to it….rice! Smoother and milder than undeniable white vinegar, which is used to flavor rice to make sushi. As cited above, it could be skipped however it makes the rice desserts tastier.
  • Sugar – also for seasoning the rice.
  • Salt – For sprinkling the cooked rice desserts. i use 3/four teaspoon. it’s going to seem like loads for the amount of rice desserts but they could take it! they’re like potatoes – they take more salt than you observed. also, a few salts falls off when you switch them to sprinkle the alternative aspect.

How to make crispy rice cakes

You certainly cook dinner rice, press in a pan, cool to make it solid, reduce, then pan fry till golden. Then munch away!


No need to rinse. Use the right quantity of water. And don’t peek! My full rice-making rants are here.
cook rice – location rice and water in a small pot (no lid) over medium-high warmth. once it’s bubbling, placed the lid on and turn it down to medium-low. prepare dinner for 13 minutes or until water is absorbed – no peeking!

  • relaxation for 10 mins with the lid on.
  • Sushi rice seasoning – mix the vinegar and sugar till the sugar dissolves.
  • Fluff – Pour seasoning over the hot rice. Fluff with a rice paddle or rubber spatula. The rice will take in the flavor as it cools inside the pan.


For sincerely crispy rice desserts, be sure to press the rice in firmly.

  • Press – vicinity a sheet of baking/parchment paper on a 20cm/8″ square pan. Scrape the new rice into the pan and unfold calmly. cowl with every other piece of paper and press the rice in very firmly, concentrating on the corners and edges. The rice needs to be around 1.25cm / half″ thick.
  • weigh down (endorsed) – For high-quality results, vicinity something flat on top then weigh it down with four or five x 400g/14oz cans. I used a 2d pan that is the same size.
  • Weighing down the rice packs the rice collectively greater tightly because it sets in the refrigerator. this means you can reduce neater portions and they may crisp up better. It’s also just commonly without a doubt disturbing while you get little loose bits of rice in the pan whilst you’re frying up the rice cakes!
  • Cool – cool, then refrigerate in a single day (minimal 6 hours). because it cools, the rice will stick collectively and emerge as a strong slab you could lift and reduce.
  • the fast choice for the impatient: placed the rice in the fridge until it’s cool (around 1 hour), then freezer for 1 hour (edges will semi-freeze, center has to be perfect), then again in the fridge for 1 hour (to thaw edges). warning: Do no longer let the rice freeze fully, it turns into free and wet whilst it thaws so not appropriate for rice cakes!
  • cut – carry rice out the use of paper overhang. moist the knife blade (neater cuts). reduce rice into favored shapes. I do 15 rectangles for the pictured Nobu Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna (five strips, then each into 3). Smaller and greater might make excellent snacking options, albeit lots of turning within the pan!


  • Pan fry – heat approximately 1/four cup of the oil in a large non-stick pan over medium excessive. the region in half the rice desserts – they should sizzle gently. lower warmness to medium. cook for 4 minutes till genuinely golden and crispy. turn and prepare dinner on the other side for 4 mins.
  • Salt – eliminate onto a paper towels lined plate. Sprinkle every aspect with salt whilst warm.
  • keep cooking – upload the last oil and cook dinner’s last rice desserts.
  • serve as a snack (you won’t be capable of forestalling!) or use it as a base for canapés. See the separate recipe for the highly spiced tuna topping I additionally shared these days which is a blatant Nobu restaurant replica-cat. See the next segment for extra topping tips!

How to serve crispy rice cakes

Serve them undeniable for snacking or upload toppings to make impossible to resist appetisers.


Eat like potato chips! You won’t be able to forestall. I probably wouldn’t say no to a few forms of dip either – French Onion Dip right away involves the mind.


As referred to above, I’m sharing this crispy rice cake recipe as a base for a creamy highly spiced tuna topping to make a copycat of a signature Nobu eating place appetizer, spicy Tuna Crispy Rice (uncooked or canned). but, given the flavor of the rice cakes is reasonably neutral in preference to mainly Asian, there are stacks of topping options! right here are a few ideas that come to mind:

  • Creamy spicy tuna or salmon – Nobu copycat made with sashimi grade tuna or salmon. Canned tuna choice protected.
  • Tuna poke – A no mayo topping option with sashimi tuna in a gingery soy sauce dressing
  • Kingfish ceviche – yes! I’m able to’t wait to try this. (Chop the entirety smaller so that they live on the rice desserts or use the rice cakes for scooping)
  • Salmon mousse – I pipe this on cucumber rounds for a flowery(ish) healthy(ish) canapé. would be perfect on rice desserts!
  • Any crostini toppings
  • bird or egg sandwich fillings – I’d upload finely chopped pickles or green onion for freshness

spread with guacamole then pinnacle with Pig Out Salsa or Mexican Corn Salad
I’d love to hear your suggestions! what will you top those with?

Crispy rice

Crispy rice

Crispy rice is just rice that’s packed in a pan, cut then pan-fried until golden and ultra crispy. Can’t-prevent-ingesting-them correct! Munch on them simply like chips, or use them as a base for toppings to make current Asian-style canapés – like Nobu’s spicy Tuna Crispy Rice.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
25 mins



  • 1 cup sushi rice (Note 1)

  • 1 1/2 cups water

  • 1/3 cup canola oil (vegetable, peanut or other neutral oil)

  • 3/4 tsp cooking / kosher salt , for sprinkling rice cakes (Note 2)


  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar (Note 3)

  • 1 tsp caster sugar (Note 3)




cook rice, relax, pour over seasoning, and fluff. Press firmly into a 20cm/8" lined pan, and weigh down. Cool, refrigerator in a single day (min 6 hrs). reduce into 15 rectangles, pan fry for 4 min for each facet, and sprinkle with salt.


Sushi seasoning – mix collectively till sugar dissolves.
prepare dinner rice (note 4) – place rice and water in a small pot (no lid) over medium excessive heat. As soon as it is effervescent on the edges and the middle is rippling, placed the lid on and turn all the way down to medium-low (or low for strong stoves). cook for thirteen mins or until water is absorbed.
rest – eliminate from warmness then rest for 10 minutes with the lid nevertheless on.
Season – dispose of the lid. Pour over sushi seasoning. Fluff rice with a rubber spatula.


Press – region a sheet of baking/parchment paper on a 20cm/eight" square pan. Scrap warm rice into the pan and spread calmly. cover with some other piece of paper and press in very firmly.
crush (recommended, observe five) – For high-quality effects, vicinity something flat on top (a second same-size pan is ideal) then weigh down with 5 x 400g/14oz cans.
Cool – cool, the cowl with grasp wrap, then refrigerate for a single day (min 6 hours). fast choice: refrigerator exposed till completely cool, cowl, freeze 1 hour, fridge 1 hour.
cut – raise rice out of the usage of paper overhang. wet the knife blade (neater cuts). cut rice into 15 rectangles (five strips, then every into 3).


Pan fry – Warm about 1/4 cup of the oil in a large non-stick pan over medium-high. the region in half of the rice desserts – they ought to sizzle lightly. lower warmness to medium. prepare dinner for 4 minutes till truly golden and crispy. flip and prepare dinner on the other side for four mins.
Salt – put off onto a paper towels covered plate. Sprinkle each aspect with salt while hot.
keep cooking – add closing oil and cook remaining rice desserts.


serve as a snack (you won't be capable of forestalling!) or a base for canapés.
Topping guidelines – highly spiced tuna (Nobu copycat), tuna poke, salmon mousse, crostini toppings.


Sushi rice – discover it labeled as such along with other rice at the grocery save. It’s a quick-grain form of rice that is stickier than different varieties of rice, making it perfect for making rice balls for sushi. For the equal motive, it’s the first-rate type of rice to make rice cakes. different rice sorts won’t stick collectively as firmly so the rice cakes will be a piece more crumbly and untidy looking. I recognize this looks like lots but those can take a whole lot of salt. Use less in case you doubt me then upload extra later while you recognize you need it! three. Seasonings for sushi rice. They may be skipped however it makes the rice cakes tastier, and in the spirit of crispy sushi rice! four. Rice cooking – Use a pot ~17cm/7″ huge. not lots large else the rice doesn’t have enough intensity = chance of burning base. No need to rinse the rice if to procure it in packs at the store, the rice might be fluffy cooking in my manner and with the proper water/rice ratio. in case you insist on rinsing the rice, reduce water by way of 2 tablespoons (to account for water logged inside the rice). Packing the rice in tightly makes the rice desserts firmer so that you can cut neat squares, plus they're crispier. Weighing down even as cooling is quality, however nonetheless ok if you just press the rice tightly with your hands. in case you don’t, then they will collapse on the edges whilst you chop and fry. no longer deadly, but traumatic – and not pretty as crispy.
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