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Green Chicken | Hariyali Chicken | Hara Masala Chicken

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I’ve by no means been a massive fan of cooking tons with boneless chicken for Pakistani/Indian style cooking. Bone-in has constantly been the manner ahead for me – more flavour, more body, just what I’m most used to ingesting.

but lately, I’ve come around to cooking with boneless chicken more and i’m amazed to say I’m definitely enjoying it! particularly on this particular Hariyali hen (inexperienced hen) recipe, I find the boneless detail virtually complements all the clean, creamy flavours sincerely nicely!

I think the purpose I’ve all started to gravitate towards boneless chicken is because leftovers come to be so so versatile and smooth! Like, this unique recipe has been such a gem and i purposely make masses more for leftovers.

We were given some tortillas and the kids are hungry? increase, inexperienced chicken quesadilla. Lazy Sunday night and now not made dinner? boom, green hen atop a frozen pizza. Feeling snacking at 11pm on a Sunday night time due to the fact that frozen pizza wasn’t sufficient? increase, inexperienced fowl with cheese in a toastie. Like, forreals, green chicken/Hariyali chicken wins majorly at lifestyles.

however what draws me EVEN greater to this inexperienced fowl/Hariyali chicken recipe?

IT’S SO SO SO brief!

Like, do you ever get those day wherein you’ll as a substitute CRY than chop an onion?

Or would opt to starve than stand over the range stirring at some thing for longer than 20 minutes?

Then, buddy, THIS recipe is FOR YOU because this recipe has no reducing worried in any way! You literally just blitz up a paste of beautiful ingredients, fry up a few bird and then add the paste to the bird. It takes like 20 mins most, start to complete.

Green Chicken - NomNomWow
Green Chicken – NomNomWow

What is Green Chicken/Hariyali Chicken masala made out of?

The bottom is a truely easy and clean mix made from yogurt (preferably complete-fats greek), vinegar, clean mint, fresh coriander, garlic and sparkling green chillis. it’s far spiced with just salt and coarsely ground black pepper to maintain the point of interest of the flavours at the herbs and aromatics.

You surely should blitz collectively all of the elements for the bottom and it’s ready to use! could it be ANY extra simple than that?!

As always, I’ve damaged in down right into a pictorial step-by using-step, but clearly that is so darn brief and easy it probably doesn’t even want any images for the more pro cooks amongst us.

How Do You Make Inexperienced Green Chicken/hariyali Chicken?

Start off by grabbing some greek yogurt, vinegar, fresh mint leaves, fresh coriander leaves, garlic and inexperienced chillies (portions are in the recipe card).

Blitz these inside the blender until easy, including a very small quantity of water if you sense just like the aggregate wishes a few extra liquid. Set aside until wanted.

In a wok or deep frying pan, heat some oil, then add your chicken pieces and salt. I rather advocate the usage of chicken thigh for this – normally this is the handiest sort of boneless chook I ever use. Dry breast simply meat doesn’t reduce it, and specially in this recipe wherein the masala base and flavours will be very easy and creamy.

Fry the chicken pieces.

as soon as your chicken has misplaced its crimson shade throughout and has started to lightly flip gold, add to your paste.

retain to cook this on high – the paste might also come to be greater liquid earlier than it starts to thicken.

You need to preserve frying this, stirring it continuously, until it will become quite dry and the masala begins to coat the chicken.

as soon as the hen starts to get dry and also you begin to see the oil release round the edges, seperating itself from the pasta, the extra you fry the whole thing, the deeper flavour will broaden. So don’t preserve lower back, preserve going till you feel such as you’ve reached the most frying capacity of the paste.

At around this degree, flavor-take a look at matters and notice how you discover the heat. if you want to feature a few extra heat, add in some coarsely floor black pepper – portions are listed inside the recipe card.

it’s miles totally as much as you ways thick or liquid you’d want to maintain this. i have served it in each forms – perhaps you’ve got a big crowd to feed and you need there to be greater gravy to head around. Or perhaps you want to serve this as an appetiser. At this point, if you are satisfied with the consistency of the bird, you’re all excellent call it an afternoon. but, in case you’d like there to be extra gravy, go in advance and add in some water, adding it slowly and stirring to ensure the water and masala mix collectively. add as a whole lot water as you want until you are happy with the consistency.

in case you’ve introduced water, cook dinner this exposed on a medium warmth until it comes to a simmer, then take off the heat. once it’s far at your preferred consistency

If favored, skim off any excess oil after cooking. green chicken/Hariyali chicken does generally tend to grow to be more oily if it’s far dried out quite loads. you can use the oil for some thing else – anything you don’t thoughts turning a moderate hue of inexperienced this is My children loved having green eggs for breakfast the following day lolllllll

How to make Green Chicken/Hariyali Chicken with bone-in chicken

If you wish to make this with bone-in chicken, simply replace the boneless chicken with this. It will not affect the quantities of the recipe.If you wish to make this with bone-in chicken, simply replace the boneless chicken with this. It will not affect the quantities of the recipe.

Can I make Green Chicken/Hariyali Chicken with less or no oil?

If you are keeping conscious about oil, there are a lot of ways to cook this without oil. 

Start with the aid of marinating the chicken within the paste made from the ingredients for about 1/2 an hour. you could use this to now either grill, bake or air-fry. you could use as little or as a whole lot oil as you want like this.

What do I do if I don’t have a blender?

In case you don’t have a blender, you may use a pestle and mortar to grind this through hand. it will not be completely smooth although – that is without a doubt a recipe that does better with a blender.

Additional Green Chicken/Hariyali Chicken Tips

  • I have fallen in love with Greek yogurt as of overdue and that i quite suggest the usage of this within the recipe. i have tried it with regular yogurt and absolutely, there may be no contrast. within the uk, greek yogurt is pretty clean to search out – i am getting mine from Aldi. you could also make Greek yogurt yourself too, it’s no longer too tedious – see this! If you can’t get greek yogurt for this recipe, I propose the use of complete-fats everyday yogurt.
  • Chicken thigh boneless works exceptional for this – I said this earlier too but want to repeat for introduced weight. For reals, the texture of chicken thigh boneless is so proper I don’t assume i can ever move back to having chicken breast.
  • When the use of the black pepper to season if wished, please do no longer use black pepper powder. it’ll absolutely darken the coloration of the paste, whereas coarsely floor pepper does now not. you could see inside the snap shots – the green truly shines via – with the addition of black pepper powder it will stupid down. Use coarsely floor black pepper (i exploit TRS brand however any is exceptional, you can even grind it your self at domestic from peppercorns).
  • If you need, you could make the yogurt mixture in advance – it’ll keep nicely in the refrigerator in an hermetic box for two-3 days and freezes properly too.
  • On that observe, inexperienced chicken/Hariyali chicken sits fantastic in the fridge – it gets a hazard to increase its flavours even extra and so it makes feel to make a huge batch to enjoy day after today!

What can you serve Green Chicken/Hariyali Chicken with?

here are some ideas:

  • Serve along naan, chutneys and a zesty salad
  • Serve cooked with a extra liquid gravy along a rice dish including Matar or Chana Pilau
  • Make a paratha roll the usage of this as a filling along lots of green chutney, tamarind chutney and pink onions
  • cook a bulk amount of this on the start of the week and use as filling for sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas and many others
  • cook this with out adding any additional water and use in salads
  • though I haven’t attempted this, i am certain this would be a delicious addition to a pasta for a bit of a flavour kick!
  • devour it with only a fork and a aspect of chutney if you sense the want. It tastes wonderful on its very own too!
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