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Ham and cheese omelette

15 mins Cook
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I’ve up to date the manner I make omelets. This “scrambled egg” approach is simpler and yields a higher result while not having to fear the approximately uncooked egg in the middle. nowadays’s omelet recipe is packed with ham and cheese. Sauté your ham first!

cheese omelette

Ham and cheese omelette

I used to cook omelets using the technique whereby you elevate the edge and then tilt the pan to allow the raw egg to run below. while that method works nice, it does tend to the threat of raw egg within the middle until you are taking the omelet to barely golden on the floor. at the same time as perfectly proper to me and in each day diners, that is a no-cross sector within the excessive-cease culinary global. The floor of omelets must not even have a hint of golden color and the floor ought to be swirl-unfastened. Like this:

That’s a French omelet, by using the manner. It’s usually folded in 3, like above, or formed like an almond rather than half of the moon. The interior is a touch greater fluffy than creamy like mine, and there is a bit greater technique at the back of it. if you want it, ask me for it! maybe I ought to get our French Chef JB to teach you the way to make it – might you want that?
As for today’s omelet, it’s a homestyle one and plenty of extra rustic look. however however as suitable as you’ll get at any decent breakfast bistro around the metropolis!

What you need to make an omelette

All you need to make the omelet itself is eggs, a pinch of salt, and butter or oil for cooking. On the problem of cream or milk – see underneath!
Do you add cream, milk, or water to omelets? a touch of cream (or milk) is said to make omelets a little creamier. but in all honesty, the cooking method makes a whole lot extra of a distinction. nobody will ever recognize if you do or no longer encompass cream. while all people will recognize it in case your omelet is dry and rubbery!!

Personally, I can’t damage the addiction so I add cream if I have it, and milk if I don’t.

A word on salt – Eggs, bizarrely, can handiest take the smallest amount of salt. Even 1/eight teaspoon of salt for three eggs makes it too salty – even without ham and cheese. For my egg sandwich filling, I only use 1/8 teaspoon salt throughout 6 entire eggs! So for a 3-egg omelet, you simplest want a pinch of salt.

Butter vs oil – Butter wins on every occasion for flavor! Oil works nice and you may escape with the use of much less. but it doesn’t upload to flavor except you operate a virtually good extra virgin olive oil.


Nowadays’s omelet is stuffed with ham and cheese. For convenience, I used pre-chopped ham (I love that they may be a bit meatier than using sliced ham). in case you use sliced ham, simply chop it into batons or tear it into strips.

As for the cheese, I usually shred my own as it melts more simpler than shop-sold shredded that is coated with anti-caking sellers. store-offered is likewise cut thicker which means it takes longer to soften in omelettes.

Use a flavored melting cheese, like Colby (i use this), gruyere, tasty, cheddar, Monterey Jack. Mozzarella melts superbly but doesn’t have as tons flavor so you would possibly want to feature a sprinkle of parmesan or a pinch of salt on the cheese itself.

Other things to put in omelettes

I’m shameless – I’ll position absolutely something in an omelet. here are a few recommendations – obvious and less apparent!

  • Garlic mushrooms – see Mushroom Omelette recipe
  • Prosciutto asparagus (inside the egg white omelette) – extremely good low-calorie filling alternative
  • Grilled marinated veggies or antipasto kind matters (leftovers from Wednesday’s Antipasto Chickpea Salad!) – chopped
  • Pizza toppings – pepperoni/salami, capsicum/bell peppers, onion, cheese
  • Leftover quesadilla fillings
  • Dinner leftovers – like spaghetti bolognese (I’d add cheese), and meatballs (chop them). excellent sufficient for jaffles, correct enough for omelets! Even stir-fries will work – Chinese language omelets are a actual aspect!

It’s gotta be non-stick!

Anything length pan you use, make sure it has an amazing non-stick coating. Eggs are the sector’s best natural food glue!

Pan length – The thickness of your omelet could be decided using the scale of your omelet pan. I use a 24cm / 9 half of″ Tefal non-stick pan measured from rim to rim, and that is the dimensions measure the pan is offered as. It has a curved area, so the flat base of this pan measures 18cm / 7 1/four″ in diameter. this is the size the omelet comes out.

A smaller omelet pan will make a thicker omelet a good way to take a bit longer to prepare dinner. a larger pan will make a thinner omelet. the alternative component with a bigger omelet is that it can be a touch trickier to fold in half, but not anything a bit confident and brief flick of the wrist can manage!

How to make a ham and cheese omelette

I always sauté the ham first, now not the handiest to give it a bit of flavor but additionally due to the fact the warm ham facilitates the cheese to soften quicker so you don’t must fear over-cooking the omelet to get oozy cheese. no one desires to cut into an omelet only to find the cheese internally is not melted!!

Whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt and cream or milk (if the use of). Whisk well till absolutely mixed and a bit foamy – takes me approximately 10 seconds with a mini whisk.

  • tools – Use a nonstick 24cm/9.five″ extensive pan, or thereabouts (18cm/7 1/4″ flat base). you may want at least 1 rubber spatula for cooking, though 2 will make your omelet-folding lifestyle an entire lot easier!
    Sauté ham – soften a tiny dab of butter inside the pan over medium heat. As soon as foaming, swirl/unfold then, usage of a rubber spatula (which we need for the omelet), prepare dinner the ham only for a minute or two until it’s miles warmed through. transfer to a bowl and set aside.
  • Medium-low to medium heat – go back the pan to the stove and soften the final butter until foaming. We want the stove on slight heat – which is probably medium-low or low for you, relying on the power of your stove and the size of the range ring you are using. We don’t need it too high else you’ll ought to deal with the floor burning before the internal cooks through. Too low, and the omelet takes to see you later to prepare dinner it sort of turns rubbery. We need to locate the glad medium!
    Semi-scrambled your eggs! supply the eggs with a short whisk then pour into the pan. depart it for 15 seconds or until you spot the edges simply begin to set. Then, the usage of the rubber spatula, start making long, leisurely strokes, scraping the cooked eggs off the base to allow the uncooked egg to run, until the eggs are in part cooked.
  • intention – The eggs have to be nevertheless uncooked sufficient to unfold like jam across the bottom of the skillet, but no longer raw sufficient that the eggs run while you tilt the pan.
  • TIP – If at any factor you feel just like the eggs are cooking too speedy, just get rid of the skillet off the range!
  • spread the custardy semi-scrambled eggs across the bottom of the skillet and roughly smooth the floor. Tidy the rims, in case you feel so inclined. (I experience inclined).
    pinnacle – Sprinkle half of the omelet with the cheese, then the warmed ham (this helps soften the cheese).
  • Fold – make sure the bare facet of the omelet isn’t stuck using going for walks the rubber spatula around the threshold (it won’t be, because you’re using an awesome non-stick pan!). Then the use of 2 rubber spatulas, fold the omelet over.
    optional tidy – At this factor, now and then I may also push the edges in to lead them to the best and tidy. different times, I see the ooze of cheese and assume that’s the prettiest sight within the international, why on this planet would all of us push that interior to cover it??!
  • Slide (or turn) out – Check once more to make sure the omelet isn’t always stuck to the pan. Then either slide the omelet out like an everyday character or be a bit hefty and flip it out onto the plate. I display both within the video. Then consume!
    I can not believe I wrote so much about the standard omelet. sometimes I even amaze myself at how a lot I’ve to mention about any type of meal!

I’m sorry if I crushed you. And sense lose to hold making omelets as you have been all your life. I am getting it. if you’re happy together with your omelet sport, don’t exchange it! In reality, proportion your suggestions!! bring forth the Omelette Debate!

Ham and cheese omelette

Ham and cheese omelette

I’ve up to date the manner I make omelets. This “scrambled egg” approach is simpler and yields a higher result while not having to fear the approximately uncooked egg in the middle. nowadays’s omelet recipe is packed with ham and cheese. Sauté your ham first!
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
25 mins



  • 3 large eggs , ~55g/2oz each (fridge cold fine)

  • Pinch of salt (that's all you need)

  • 1 tbsp cream (or milk), optional (Note 1)


  • 1 tbsp/ 15 g unsalted butter (or 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil)

  • 1/3 cup chopped ham (I use store bought, Note 2)

  • 1/3 – 1/2 cup shredded colby cheese , use box grater

  • (or cheddar, tasty, gruyere, Monterey Jack – Note 3)


  • 1 stem chive , finely chopped

  • Garlic butter roasted mushrooms

  • Roasted cherry tomatoes (on vine, Note 4)

  • Toast


warmth management – If at any level your omelet is cooking too rapidly, take away the pan off the range to permit it to quiet down and lower the heat.
Whisk the eggs, salt, and cream in a bowl for 10 seconds until slightly foamy.
warm ham – soften 1/3 of the butter in a 24cm/9.five" non-stick pan (or thereabouts, notice 5) over medium warmness until foamy. Swirl/spread to coat the bottom, then cook dinner ham with the usage of a rubber spatula for 90 seconds until warmed through. dispose of into bowl.
Semi-scramble eggs – melt and swirl the remaining butter inside the pan. deliver the eggs a short whisk then pour into the pan. leave for 15 seconds or till the very edges are set, then do long leisurely strokes around and across the pan to scrape up the cooked egg and permit the raw egg to run onto the bottom. hold for 30 seconds or so until the egg is partially cooked. purpose: wet enough to spread like jam, but no longer so wet that the egg runs when you tilt the pan.
unfold the egg frivolously throughout the pan (no need to be meticulous). the top half with cheese, then ham. (using this time, the omelet must be nearly cooked through but vivid/custardy on the floor).
Loosen the naked facet then fold it over using 2 rubber spatulas. depart in the pan for any other 30 seconds to soften the cheese and end cooking dinner.
Serve – Slide or flip onto a plate and serve! Sprinkle with chives if favored.


Cream or milk is stated to make omelets extra creamy (in addition to including a bit more bulk). but genuinely, the proper cooking technique makes lots greater of a distinction. cook an omelet well, and no one can tell if you’ve blanketed cream or now not – I’ve carried out a blind check. but, I nonetheless add it out of habit! Ham – I just like the ham bits to have a chunk of chunk to them. If using thin slices, chop into small strips or tear with palms. three. Cheese – Any melting cheese works best here, I like Colby as an excellent all-rounder I use for many stuff. Mozzarella melts terrific but doesn’t have a flavour like different cheeses so both upload a sprinkle of parmesan or pinch of salt on the cheese. Shred your cheese to make sure it melts. shop offered pre-shredded is thicker reduce and has an anti-caking agent on it so it doesn’t melt as well. It has an area in existence for convenience, but omelets are not one of them! four. Roasted cherry tomatoes – Drizzle with oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast for 15 minutes at 200°C/four hundred°F (a hundred and eighty°C fan) until a piece is wrinkly (I do this for the final 15 mins with mushrooms). Skillet size – Leftovers will preserve for 3 days in the fridge or freezer for three months. nutrition in keeping with an omelette. that is filling, even without toast!
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