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Healthy Vegan Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce Recipe

20 mins Cook
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How to make sparkling Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce – a healthy vegan version with shredded greens, mint, basil, and baked tofu. A light nutritious meal or appetizer that can be made beforehand and saved!
the other day I were given a hankering for clean Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce, those we had at our former eating place, Mizuna lower back inside the day.
by using now, maximum of you understand a way to make spring rolls, so that is mainly here to encourage you to whip a few up this week and to show you the way to make them ahead and store them if need be.
For the ones of you who have never tried rolling your own spring rolls, here is a step-through-step “guide” on the way to do it. they are less complicated than you observed!
The nice element is they absolutely can be made in advance, and keep for numerous days within the fridge if stored properly (scroll down for our catering mystery!) – and it’s so first-rate to have them reachable for snacking or lunching.

Spring Rolls


Spring Rolls are sparkling, raw and wrapped in rice paper wrapper, served chilled generally with peanut sauce, while eggrolls are deep-fried, served warm, wrapped in a flour/egg dough wrapper served with sweet and bitter sauce.


Rice paper is what clean Spring Rolls are wrapped in. generally discovered within the Asian aisle at most grocery shops (no longer refrigerated) keep-sold Rice Paper comes in extraordinary sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Smaller sizes (6-8 inches) are ideal for appetizers. larger ones like 10-12 inch diameter rice papers are ideal for entree-sized rolls. Be cautious to pick out programs wherein the rice paper is intact and freed from cracks. there is not anything greater irritating than working with cracked or torn rice paper!

Rice paper wishes to be soaked in a bowl of lukewarm water on the way to grow to be soft and pliable permitting it to roll with out tearing.


No. Spring Roll wrappers (or rice paper) does now not need to be cooked. It wishes to be soaked in a bowl of water to melt.


  • fresh greens: thinly sliced cucumber, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, avocado, bean sprouts or daikon. Any crunchy veggie, cut into thin strips. consider coloration, you want those vibrant!
  • A Leaf of lettuce located at the base of the spring rolls assist save you the little vegetables from poking out.
  • Baked Tofu ( or Cooked Shrimp). you can additionally use store bought baked tofu, reduce into strips, or maybe smoked tofu- all scrumptious! experience free to alternative cooked shrimp, avocado slices or maybe cooked vermicelli rice noodles for tofu. This Sesame Ginger baked tofu, is delicious right here- first-class to make this ahead and chill.
  • fresh herbs, typically mint and *Thai basil. Cilantro and ordinary basil paintings too, however there is some thing specifically refreshing about having the mint. So don’t depart it out if feasible!
  • *Thai basil is often discovered on the farmers marketplace as a potted herb. I often clutch some of these at the beginning of summer season and tuck them into my planters, for makes use of like this. you can additionally buy fresh Thai Basil at many Asian Markets.
  • If making the baked tofu, cut into lengthy strips which can be easily rollable.


step one: Prep all your veggies, herbs, tofu or other fillings, and vicinity on a piece counter with enough room if feasible.
Step two: Fill a bowl with lukewarm water.
Step three: Dip the rice paper in a massive bowl of lukewarm water and submerge for just a few seconds. If the usage of “thin” rice paper, a brief dip is long sufficient. If the use of thicker rice paper, 15-20 seconds can be required. Do a “tester” roll first.
place it on a moist countertop, or over a skinny, soaked kitchen towel that has been rung out. (in case your counter is dry, rice paper will probably stick, so remember, wet floor!) The rice paper need to feel slightly pliable (not completely soft) whilst you pull it out of the water and region it at the moist counter. it’s going to melt up extra because it sits on the wet towel or counter as you’re filling it.
note: If the rice paper breaks easily, it became probably soaked it too lengthy. just toss it and attempt it again, reusing the filling. I’ve observed that each package of rice paper is slightly extraordinary and that’s why it becomes more of a “experience” component.
Step 4: Fill the rice paper in the center, placing a lettuce leaf on the lowest to save you all of the vegetables from poking out.
Layer with veggies, tofu, and clean herbs leaving 2-3 inches of area at the perimeters to fold aspects up. consider the herbs!
Step five: Wrap it up like you would a burrito, firmly pulling rice paper up and round, tucking in the sides as you cross. The tester will inform you if you need to fill those much less or fill them more!
The tighter you can make the spring rolls, without breaking the paper is the name of the game to spring rolls that hold their form and don’t collapse while cut in 1/2. It simply takes a little practice, like most things
Step 6: once you are satisfied with yoru tester, repeat and roll them up separately, and set aside, seam aspect down on a moist reducing board, wet counter or wet towel (not touching).
Step 7: If serving right away, cut in 1/2 and serve with the peanut sauce.


If serving later, layer the spring rolls among very damp (rung out) paper towels. you may even stack spring rolls so long as they are not touching.

for instance, we would layer two to a few layers of uncut spring rolls in a catering “lodge pan” (basically like a giant deep baking dish) using damp paper towels to hold each layer separate. Then cowl the whole aspect with damp paper towels and plastic wrap.

keep the clean spring rolls in the fridge till prepared to apply. they may be first-rate served within 24 hours, however for home use, I often maintain them available for snacking for up to three-4 days, saved this way.

In our catering enterprise, i’d cause them to the morning of our event and they stayed flawlessly fresh while served that night time.


For a pretty manner to serve up your clean spring rolls for a meeting or birthday party, layer a platter with the remaining fresh lettuce leaves, leaving room for the Peanut Sauce Bowl. The leaves will prevent spring rolls from sticking to the platter itself!

reduce spring rolls in half (at a diagonal is nice) and with moist fingers, region them over the lettuce simply slightly overlapping, or loosely stacked, just right earlier than serving. they may be smooth to ply aside if simply touching handiest a little.
you may additionally tuck lettuce among them, specifically if mounding excessive.
And there you pass, sparkling, delicious, vegan Spring Rolls that can be made ahead and saved for healthy lunches during the week, or packed up for potlucks and gatherings!
Serve with The exceptional Ever Peanut Sauce … the same one that is on Thai Noodle Salad.

TIP: Serve the peanut sauce with a spoon, so visitors are not tempted to dip the rolls directly into the sauce with a view to result in the vegetables falling out into the sauce.
ok friends, make those clean spring rolls and let us realize what you believe you studied. share your adaptions below, due to the fact i know how innovative you’re!!!

Healthy Vegan Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce Recipe

Healthy Vegan Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce Recipe

How to make sparkling Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce – a healthy vegan version with shredded greens, mint, basil, and baked tofu. A light nutritious meal or appetizer that can be made beforehand and saved!
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
20 mins
total time
30 mins



  • 1 recipe for Baked Tofu (sesame ginger- see notes) cut into strips

  • 1 recipe for BEST EVER Thai Peanut Sauce

  • 8–10 Rice paper wrappers ( 10 inches in diameter) or see notes

  • 1 head green leaf lettuce (or red leaf)

  • 1 red or yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced into strips (or sub grated radishes)

  • 1 1/2 cups finely shredded purple cabbage

  • 1 1/2 cups shredded carrots ( or use match stick)

  • 1/2 an English cucumber, thinly sliced into long strips – leave peels on

  • 1/4 cup fresh Thai basil leaves, torn (or regular basil)

  • 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, torn (or cilantro, but mint is best!)

  • optional additions or substitutions: daikon radish strips,

  • avocado, grated radishes, grated turnips, grated beets,

  • spicy greens like watercress or arugula, sprouts

  • (sunflower or daikon sprouts are nice),

  • or cooked vermicelli rice noodles.

  • Cook Mode Prevent your screen from going dark


If the usage of the Baked Tofu, make this primary, see notice for cutting into strips. (this can be made beforehand and chilled)
Make the quality EVER Peanut Sauce!
Prep all of your filling ingredients. cut the veggies, acquire the herbs. acquire all of the fillings near you. i like to place those all on a cutting board near my spring roll rolling vicinity. Mise en region.
Fill a large bowl ( huge enough to dip rice paper) with lukewarm water and area it at the back of your rolling area.
Wet the counter in the front of you. (Or drench a skinny kitchen towel with water, wring it out and lay it at the counter, rolling the spring rolls on top of the towel. (this is first rate if making a ton of spring rolls! )
Do a “tester” roll. Dip the rice paper in the water. If using “thin” rice paper (bundle ought to say) only a quick dip is all you want. otherwise, dip for 5-15 seconds. Pull while barely pliable (not too soft) and region it at the moist counter or towel. If rice paper nonetheless feels overly stiff, dip your hand inside the water bowl and moist the rice paper a little, it's going to melt up.
Location a 1/four leaf of lettuce down first within the front middle of the rice paper (to prevent shredded greens from poking out of rice paper) leaving 2-3 inches of space on the perimeters. See the picture.
Top the leaf with shredded veggies, tofu and torn herbs. Then firmly wrap up, tucking in the facets as you pass. location seam aspect down on a wet slicing board, cover with a moist paper towel.
Keep in mind, that is your tester!
Do you like the size? Fill extra or less on your choice. (Smaller rolls are accurate for appetizers, larger for lunch.) Did your roll collapse? in that case, too long soaking time. modify the time. in case your roll changed into now not pliable enough to roll, then now not enough soaking time. really regulate. keep in mind, every rice paper logo is barely unique and this is a “experience” thing.
Roll each spring roll one by one. The greater you try this, the less complicated it'll get.
Serve over top a lettuce-coated platter (this could prevent them from sticking to the platter) cut in 1/2 with room for the sauce. See photos!
To store fresh Spring Rolls for later: layer complete ( uncut) spring rolls between damp paper towels (dripping wet after which wrung out) in a big baking dish, now not touching. cowl with damp paper towels and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Refrigerate.
To serve for a meeting, exceptional served inside 12- 24 hours. I’ll frequently make those the morning of an event, save them complete, then cut and platter them right before serving them inside the evening.
For domestic use, these will hold up to a few-four days!


The finer you slice and cut cabbage, bell pepper and carrots, the easier to consume. feel free to go away tofu out and sub extra greens, or sub shrimp or cooked vermicelli noodles. you may also use keep-offered, baked tofu, or smoked tofu!
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