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Mango pancakes

30 mins Cook
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Anybody’s favored at yum cha – mango pancakes! This recipe tastes exactly just like the real deal. a thin light yellow crepe wrapped round cream and fresh mango, many say that is the very best and great use of mangoes. Who am I to argue??

entire your meal with your preferred yum-cha dishes!

Mango pancakes

Mango pancakes

Mango pancakes are thin yellow crepes rolled up like a spring roll with whipped cream and a big juicy piece of mango stuffed interior. they are a highlight for lots at yum cha right here in Australia (that’s dim-sum in the US), with each children and grown united statesdeeming them to be the best ending to a lunch of too many steamed dumplings.

however truly, they are pretty a light dessert being that it’s in general mango with a few gently sweetened whipped cream and the pancake may be very skinny. concentrate to me, trying to justify my indulgence!!

one of the matters i like above mango pancakes is that they are this kind of awesome party of considered one of Australia’s greatest summer end result – large, golden, juicy mangoes. Being the sort of fan, I’ve shared a handful of mango-starring recipes over the years (mango ice cream (no-churn!), mango cheesecake, mango daiquiri, to call some).

And while they’re all bursting with huge mango flavours, none of them use mangoes like we do in today’s recipe – in massive, juicy chunk form. we love, very plenty!!

What you need for mango pancakes

I’ve set the components out in three agencies:

  • The pancake (crepe) batter
  • Whipped cream filling
  • The mango


The paper thin pancakes used for Mango Pancakes are actually crepes. they’re a chunk rubbery and very floppy in comparison to normal fluffy pancakes so that they can be rolled up without cracking.

  • Flour – just plain / all-motive flour
  • Icing sugar – referred to as powdered sugar in the US. It’s finer than ordinary sugar which ensures our pancakes have a wonderfully unblemished floor (ie no little speckles of sugar)
  • Cornflour / cornstarch – that is what offers those pancakes the signature rubbery texture so that they don’t crack while we roll them up!
  • Eggs – fridge bloodless is high-quality right here. however make certain they may be large eggs which are fifty five – 60g/2oz each, labelled as such at the carton.
  • Milk – full fat please. Low fat will compromise the softness of the crepes and can make them crack.
  • Yellow food colouring – to present the pancakes the signature pale yellow colour!

if you are wondering, mango puree does paintings however it’s a piece unstable as successful crepe making is reliant at the right batter consistency and mango puree thickness relies upon on the juiciness of type of mangoes. meals colouring is more secure and less difficult! additionally, it didn’t upload mango flavour into the crepes.


I fill my pancakes with lightly sweetened vanilla whipped cream. Technically, it’s known as Chantilly Cream. a lot nicer than simply undeniable whipped cream!

  • Cream – Use thickened / heavy cream or other whipping cream. make certain it’s far refrigerator cold so it effortlessly beats into a stiff cream. We don’t need to head for gentle peaks here.
  • Icing sugar / powdered sugar – normal white sugar will work right here as it *ought to* dissolve inside the time it takes to whip the cream. I just generally select the usage of icing sugar which is finer grains whilst whipping small portions of cream because I understand they will dissolve faster.
  • Vanilla – For flavour.


You’ll want 2 big mangoes to get enough portions out of them for one batch of this recipe.

Use your favorite type of mango, as long as they’re ripe and juicy! My favored mango variety is Honey Gold (sweetest), accompanied via R2E2 (a bit less candy, typically), Keitts (contact of tang), Kensington Prides (very soft juicy flesh) and finally Palmers (the tangiest and now not as juicy, I locate). The best Australian variety I avoid is Calypso – cheap, look quite however least flavour.

How to make mango pancakes

The pancakes for mango pancakes are really paper thin rubbery crepes. in case you’re a crepe first timer, your first one or two (or three….) may not be ideal. but don’t let that dishearten you! It doesn’t depend if they’re wonky. as soon as rolled, you could’t inform what form the crepe become! if you tear them, so what? Roll around the tears. a bit too thick? It certainly doesn’t detract from the amusement of the pancakes!


  • Batter – Pour the milk right into a bowl then sift the dry components in (flour, cornflour, icing sugar). Whisk until lump loose, then whisk inside the eggs and meals colouring. The batter could be very, very thin.
  • Refrigerate for 1 hour. Don’t pass or shortcut this step as in the course of this resting time, the flour absorbs liquid which makes the crepe softer so that you can roll the crepes with out cracking. additionally, the batter thickens barely to the proper consistency for cooking.


Mango pancakes are absolutely crepes which are thin pancakes that won’t crack while you roll them up. they’ve a slightly rubbery texture with a bit of stretch instead of being “cakey” like your normal fluffy breakfast pancakes.

  • the only component that’s a must is to use a completely non-stick pan. in case you don’t, you’ll be cursing /crying. Been there, accomplished that!
    degree out forty five ml / three tablespoons of batter. i take advantage of beakers – extremely good on hand! (i’ve stacks of them for recipe testing and filming functions).
  • Spray a non stick pan lightly with oil then warmness over a medium low stove.
  • length matters! i exploit a pan that has a 18cm/7″ flat base and rim-to-rim of 24cm/10″. Makes the best size mango pancakes! The brand i take advantage of is Tefal 24cm fry pan, bought at Coles/Woolworths in Australia. if your pan is bigger or smaller, simply regulate the crepe batter amount as vital. If the use of a fashionable crepe pan, you’ll want 60ml / 1/four cup of batter. You’ll also want to regulate the size of your mango pieces.
  • Pour the batter into the middle – it must sizzle very lightly
  • Swirl – straight away swirl to cowl the bottom in a skinny layer of the batter.
  • Set to touch – cook dinner for forty five seconds to at least one minute or till the middle is about to touch.
  • Do no longer turn within the pan. We simplest cook one aspect of the crepes. The top aspect that isn’t always in touch with the pan could be the presentation aspect of the mango pancake (clean and untarnished!).
  • Loosen – approximately midway through cooking, begin loosening the rims with a rubber spatula to make sure it flips out without problems. Don’t be shy about getting under those edges!
  • turn the crepe out onto a piece surface. turn speedy, and with confidence!
  • Don’t fear if your crepes fold or wrinkle once they land. simply go away them whilst hot as they’re pretty sensitive. They grow to be less fragile as they cool, then you may straighten them out.
  • Repeat to prepare dinner closing crepes. You should get 10 to 12 in total. you could turn them out on top of every other, they will now not stick due to the oil.
  • completely cool before filling (about 30 minutes) else the cream will melt.


If you may roll a burrito, you could roll a mango pancake! It’s honestly less complicated due to the fact they’re smaller.
Filling – place crepe on a piece surface. region a dollop of cream simply underneath halfway. spread the cream so it’s approximately 1cm/1/three″ thick, a smidge large than the shape of the mango piece. top with mango.

  • Fold the lowest up to cover the mango.
  • Fold the perimeters in.
  • continue rolling, firmly however lightly.
  • end with the seam facet down.
  • And that’s it, you’re achieved. YOU just MADE MANGO PANCAKES, you cooking goddess! (Or god)

even as I reduce them in half of well to reveal you the internal, no decent person might actually devour a mango pancake with a knife and fork. consume together with your fingers, biting into them like a spring roll!

cross forth and revel in! No greater do you need to queue up at your favourite yum cha to get your mango pancake restore. additionally – you’ll keep a bomb. The mango pancakes at my favourite yum cha restaurant are $thirteen.80 for two. This recipe makes 10 to 12 and so by using my calculations, it’s approximately 75% cheaper to make these yourself. WOAH!

Mango pancakes

Mango pancakes

Anybody’s favored at yum cha – mango pancakes! This recipe tastes exactly just like the real deal. a thin light yellow crepe wrapped round cream and fresh mango, many say that is the very best and great use of mangoes. Who am I to argue??
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
30 mins
total time
40 mins




  • 1 cup milk , full fat

  • 1/3 cup plain flour (all-purpose flour)

  • 1/4 cup cornflour / cornstarch

  • 1/4 cup icing sugar / powdered sugar

  • 3 large eggs (55-60g/2oz each)

  • 1/4 tsp yellow food colouring (Note 1)

  • Canola oil spray

  • MANGO (NOTE 2):

  • 2 large ripe mangoes , skin peeled with a knife, cut into 10 to 12 pieces

  • (72.5 x 1 cm, 3 x 1 x 1/2")


  • 3/4 cup thickened/heavy cream , fridge cold

  • 3 tbsp icing sugar / powdered sugar , sifted

  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract




Batter – area the milk in a bowl. Sift the flour, cornflour and icing sugar in then whisk until lump free. upload eggs and meals colouring, whisk till combined. it will be a totally skinny, watery batter.
Refrigerate for 1 hour. (notice 3)
measure batter – deliver the batter a mixture (to stir in flour settled at bottom) then degree out forty five ml (3 tbsp) of crepe batter.
Non-stick pan – Use a 18cm/7" non-stick pan (note four). Spray gently with oil then heat over a medium low stove.
cook dinner pancake – Pour the batter into the middle – it need to sizzle very lightly – then swirl to cowl the bottom in a thin layer. prepare dinner for forty five seconds to 1 minute or till the middle is ready to touch. about midway via cooking, begin loosening the edges with a rubber spatula to make certain it flips out without problems.
turn the crepe out upside down onto a massive reducing board. aim: surface is ready, underside has no golden patches. (note 5) regulate warmth as wished.
prepare dinner greater! Spray pan with oil then preserve cooking the pancakes. you can turn them out on top of each other.
Cool – complete cool the crepes for 1 hour before using.


ream – just before assembling, location the cream, icing sugar and vanilla in a chilly bowl and beat until stiff (about 2 mins on velocity eight of a ten velocity hand mixer).
Filling – location a crepe on a work floor so the side that turned into in contact with the pan is facing up. (observe 6) spread 1cm/1/3" thick layer of cream one-third of the way up the pancake, in the form of a piece of mango. pinnacle with mango.
Roll, burrito fashion (see step photographs or video), finishing with the seam-side down. Repeat with remaining pancakes.
Serve right away! Mango pancakes wait for no-one (due to the cream).


meals colouring – that is to make the pancake the signature yellow colour. Use natural, if you may. Mango peeling with a knife – cut a thin slice off the base so that you can stand it upright. Then reduce the skin off thinly the use of a pointy knife. cut each “cheek” off then trim into the specified size. Video is helpful to follow these steps! Resting the crepe batter for an hour is important because it permits the flour to take in the liquid which makes the crepe soft so they'll not wreck while you roll them. also the batter will thicken slightly. Crepe pan: * make sure it's miles very non stick, else you will be cursing! * size – Mine has a 18cm/7″ flat base and rim-to-rim of 24cm/10″. Makes ideal mango pancake size! emblem is Tefal 24cm fry pan, bought at Coles/Woolworths in Australia. in case your pan is bigger or smaller, simply alter the crepe batter amount as vital. * conventional crepe pans are a little large so you’ll want 60ml / 1/4 cup of batter. five. Crepe cooking – Mango pancakes are yellow, no golden patches! So the purpose is to have a crepe that’s cooked through however no browning else you'll see it (even supposing it’s at the internal whilst you roll the pancake). Cooked aspect on inside – when you turn the crepe out of the pan, the facet that become in contact with the pan could be facing up. that is the side you want to put the cream on – so it's far at the interior of the pancake, and the outside is the nice clean floor. storage – Crepes can be saved overnight. Cool, cover with baking paper then dangle wrap. good enough to stack because the oil stops them sticking collectively. as soon as assembled, consume immediately as the cream will start to weep. to increase the shelf lifestyles, use stabilised cream – recipe right here. It ought to remaining as a minimum a day, pre-rolled.
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