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Mixed Sabzi Recipe | Mix Vegetable Curry

30 mins Cook
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In reality, this mix Sabzi is so exact that I made this the night earlier than i was due to take pix of it for the blog. properly, sadly starvation struck at 4am for my husband, and he pretty a lot gobbled the entire pot of curry and left me with however a small bowl for pictures functions. believe me, I wasn’t happy.

So, on to the real curry!

mixed Sabzi actually simply way ‘mixed greens’. Yup, we don’t get too fancy with our names. It sounds more like mik-sabzi when we are saying it in Urdu, because the ‘s’ sound from the ‘mix’ simply gets mixed with the ‘s’ from ‘Sabzi’.

mixed Sabzi is a particular collection of veggies steam cooked with little or no effort within the manner of cooking. It’s simple, its light and it’s definitely really fresh. It’s sense so natural and just wholesome eating this after a few returned-to-lower back days eating heavier, meat-primarily based curries.

There’s just something SO good approximately smooth, floury potatoes, the candy perfume of capsicum, little juicy nuggets of inexperienced peas and of course one in all my favourites, the engaging aroma of the fenugreek. i can in no way tire of mixed Sabzi – and that’s some thing coming from a gosht lover like me!

How do you make Mixed Sabzi?

Start out with the aid of heating a few oil in a pot and including the onions, frying them till they’re just turning golden. We don’t want to make them awesome brown for this recipe. in addition they don’t want to be uniform in size – they’ll soften into the curry for the most part

Next, add inside the chillis, ginger, garlic, spices and capsicum. Fry these for a few minutes…

Before adding in all of the veggies. You don’t need to feature any extra water – the vegetables will all release their personal moisture. In truth, it’s a extraordinary tip to actively avoid including extra water to vegetable dishes – it makes them soggy and lacklustre.

Allow these greens to steam on a low heat with the lid on for about half an hour or so, until the potatoes are cooked thru. If at any point you want to feature water due to the fact the vegetables appear to be they will burn, add it sparingly.

Finish off by way of spooning in some dried fenugreek, and we’re all desirable to move! A cheeky garnishing of coriander never harm anyone either

Extremely good easy, right?!

What vegetables are used in Mixed Sabzi?

Generally speaking, the most basic version of Pakistani style Mixed Sabzi uses peas, carrots and potatoes in an onion and tomato base. My recipe uses:

  • Peas (matar)
  • Carrots (gajar)
  • Potatoes (aloo)
  • Aubergine (baingan)
  • Capsicum (shimla mirch)
  • Dried fenugreek (kasoori methi)
  • And of course, tomatoes and onion, as is the case with most Pakistani curries

I am aware that aubergine may be an unusual addition for some – but it’s something I had often at home, my Mum and aunts using it on the regular in their Mix Sabzi curries. If you are averse to aubergine, you can omit it or replace it with another vegetable, such as potatoes. I personally ADORE it in this curry!

You can totally use other vegetables too, whatever suits you! The great thing about this recipe is that it’s super versatile and forgiving. Other vegetables that go great in a Pakistani-style Mix Sabzi include:

  • Cauliflower (gobi)
  • Spinach (palak)
  • Green beans (phali)
  • Sweetcorn (makayi)

Some more Mixed Sabzi tips

  • Like I’ve cited above, mixed Sabzi and generally vegetable dishes are first-rate cooked with no extra water if possible. in this recipe, the moisture from the greens can be sufficient to cook the whole lot with no need to feature extra water. This just helps make the feel of the vegetables better. if you discover you do need to feature water, add sparingly
  • Don’t chop the veggies too small! chopping the potatoes too small mainly can result in smooth veggies – that’s virtually now not what we want! ideally, we need each veggie to keep its shape up yet be tender and smooth to break into
  • One exception to the rule above is the carrots – slice these into thin rounds so that once they cook dinner, they aren’t crunchy. It’s very hard to prepare dinner carrots to the factor of mashing them, in fact it’s more likely they’ll become with greater of a chew, consequently cutting them on the skinny side is higher.
  • keep on with sparkling tomatoes, onions, carrots, aubergine, capsicums and potatoes. Frozen peas work first-class in this recipe – that’s what I used too! i’m willing to say sparkling ginger and garlic is continually high-quality, however I realize that isn’t continually convenient, so you are unfastened to use some thing ginger and garlic is less difficult for you.
  • The dried fenugreek is SO important in this recipe for that classic mixed Sabzi aroma. believe me, please don’t skimp in this! Dried fenugreek is without difficulty available at any Asian/desi supermarket. It also is going outstanding sprinkled over different conventional Pakistani food too – my favourite recipes to add dried fenugreek to include Aloo Gosht and fowl Salan. typically, it’s a terrific aspect to have on hand in case you cook dinner Pakistani meals often.
  • the usage of ghee on this recipe is genuinely splendid – it adds a richness which absolutely can’t examine to oil. I pretty propose the use of ghee if possible.

How do you serve Mixed Sabzi?

Mixed Sabzi is best served with a fresh, hot homemade chapatti with a pat of butter or ghee. This is my favourite way to serve it! They also go beautifully with some buttery, flaky parathas.

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