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The most amazing canned tuna pasta

20 mins Cook
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Tuna pasta is this type of high-quality dinner to make whilst you don’t have a good deal within the cupboard. For canned tuna recipe cynics obtainable – it’s time to take a bounce of faith! this is critically tasty, very low-cost and incredible rapid – it comes collectively in 15 mins flat, from start to complete.

tuna pasta

Yes – canned tuna CAN be delicious!

I sense just like the phrases “tasty meal” and “canned tuna” aren’t normally in the same sentence. terrible reminiscences of bad coins strapped university days and crash diets, swiftly thrown collectively tuna and rice, bland tuna salads, mayo-laden tuna sandwiches.

but you could make canned tuna delicious!!! just a little little bit of concept, a bit of imagination, a smidge of effort and a variety of anticipation for a hot, tasty meal as your praise.
today’s praise in question? Tuna pasta. A spritz of lemon, a sprinkle of capers, and using the oil from the tuna can. You by no means knew a canned tuna pasta can be so delicious!!!

Ingredients in canned tuna pasta

No capers? Chop pickles instead. No lemon? add a sprint of vinegar. No anchovies? still worth making! We get a definitely right (unfastened) flavour increase through the use of the oil from the cans of tuna. Anchovies simply makes it that little bit more unique!

  • Canned tuna – Tuna in oil is the go here! We use the oil from the can of tuna for the sauce to sauté the garlic till golden. No tuna in oil? It’s good enough! just use olive oil alternatively and tip the liquid from the can of tuna into the sauce.
  • TIP – not all canned tuna is created equal. top rate canned tuna in an amazing fruity olive oil will set you lower back more than a general home logo in tasteless canola oil. but also, top rate canned tuna piled on crusty bread with a drizzle of the oil from the can is pure joy. i am hoping you strive it at some point.
  • Anchovies – Anchovies make everything flavor higher! Finely minced then sautéed in oil in order that they dissolve and lose the fishiness, just leaving great savouriness into the dish. I usually have a jar inside the fridge. always! Anchovy paste – use 1 teaspoon.
  • Capers – For a pop of clean tang! i really like to apply toddler capers. in case you simplest have massive ones, provide them a tough chop. No capers? Chop pickles as a substitute!
  • Lemon – Juice for bitter and zest for lemon flavour. It in reality does carry the dish so i’m hoping you have got it! Lemon is a staple element I usually have accessible. but if you don’t, this dish is still really worth making. add a sprint of vinegar as an alternative.
  • Chilli flakes / purple pepper flakes – For a hum of heat. This isn’t a spicy pasta. replacement with finely chopped fresh chilli or a smidge of chilli paste or sauce (upload this on the stop). Or go away it out for no spiciness at all.
  • Parsley – For freshness. not crucial.

Pictured under is the tuna I’ve used, a mid-range one sold at supermarkets in Australia. i take advantage of 3 x 95g/3.5oz small cans which I sense is the right amount of protein for a pasta which serves 2 people. but, the recipe can take more or much less tuna so don’t get too hung up on actual tuna amount!

How to make canned tuna pasta

  • Get the pasta cooking then start making ready the elements for the sauce. That’s how you’ll get this at the table in 15 minutes flat, from begin to finish!
    cook dinner the pasta in salted water in step with packet guidelines minus 1 minute. The pasta may be slightly under al dente (ie underdone) but that’s ok. The pasta will finish cooking with the sauce, all through which period it’s going to absorb the tasty flavours of the sauce!
  • Reserve pasta cooking water – just earlier than draining, scoop out 1 cup of cooking water then drain the pasta. Why? because we are able to be the use of this to make the sauce for the pasta. The starch inside the pasta cooking water will react with the oil within the sauce to make it thicken so it clings to the pasta strands as opposed to ultimate as a watery sauce at the bottom of the pan.
  • Tuna oil – Pour the oil from the tuna can(s) into the equal pot and warmth over medium warmth.
  • Sauté garlic, anchovies and chilli flakes for 1 minute.
    Pasta and water – upload the pasta, capers and 1/3 cup of reserved pasta water. Toss the use of 2 spatulas for two mins. throughout this step, the oil and the starchy pasta cooking water will thicken into a sauce that clings to the pasta. also all through this step the pasta will end cooking from just under al dente to al dente. If the pasta remains too company on your taste, upload more of the pasta cooking water and maintain cooking the pasta.
  • upload tuna – turn off the heat. upload tuna, parsley, lemon zest, juice, salt and pepper. Toss lightly so the tuna remains in chunks and doesn’t crumble into tiny little bits.
  • Then serve immediately!

as with every pastas, that is at its prime freshly made, proper off the stove, while the pasta is warm and slippery with sauce! If it’s sitting round for a while and the pasta cools down and dries out, it could be without problems rejuvenated with a splash of the reserved pasta cooking water and a toss at the stove for 30 seconds or so, to reheat the pasta and make it slick with sauce once more.
To make it a whole meal, don’t hesitate to throw in multiple handfuls of rocket/arugula or child spinach at the cease. Else, serve it with a simple lawn salad or whatever leafy veggies / steam vegetables you’ve were given tossed with an normal salad dressing.

The most amazing canned tuna pasta

The most amazing canned tuna pasta

Tuna pasta is this type of high-quality dinner to make whilst you don’t have a good deal within the cupboard. For canned tuna recipe cynics obtainable – it’s time to take a bounce of faith! this is critically tasty, very low-cost and incredible rapid – it comes collectively in 15 mins flat, from start to complete.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
20 mins
total time
30 mins



  • 200g / 7oz spaghetti , or other thin long pasta

  • 1 tbsp cooking salt , for cooking pasta


  • 285g/ 10 oz (approx) canned tuna in oil ,

  • drained, oil reserved (I use 3 x 95g/3.5oz cans, Note 1)

  • 2 clove garlic , finely minced

  • 2 anchovy fillets , minced (Note 2)

  • 1/2 tsp chilli flakes / red pepper flakes (can skip, Note 3)

  • 2 tsp baby capers (or finely chopped pickles)

  • 1 tbsp parsley , finely chopped (ok to skip)

  • 1 tsp lemon zest

  • 2 tbsp lemon juice (sub 1 tbsp apple cider or sherry vinegar)

  • 1/4 tsp cooking/kosher salt

  • 1/4 tsp black pepper


Prepare dinner pasta – convey 3 litres / three quarts of water to the boil with the 1 tablespoon of salt. cook pasta in step with the packet time minus 1 minute. simply earlier than draining, scoop out ~1 cup pasta cooking water, then drain the pasta.
Sauté aromatics – within the same pot, warmth the reserved oil from the tuna cans over medium heat. add the garlic, anchovies and chilli flakes. prepare dinner and stir for 1 minute.
Toss pasta – upload the pasta, capers and 1/3 cup of reserved pasta water. Toss the use of 2 spatulas for two minutes.
upload tuna – turn off the heat. add tuna, parsley, lemon zest, juice, salt and pepper. Toss gently to combine through – attempt to hold a few tuna chunks.
Serve right now!


Tuna – Don’t get too hung up on tuna amount right here, the recipe can take a little greater or a bit less. i take advantage of three x 95g/three.5 ozcans, the small “lunch length” cans. You simply need sufficient tuna to serve 2 humans. in case you simplest have tuna in brine, use 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil as a substitute. Anchovies upload fantastic flavour here. replacement with 1 tsp anchovy paste. in case you don’t have both, it’s nonetheless well worth making in case you’re the usage of tuna in oil because the oil has appropriate flavour too! Chilli flakes upload just a background hum of heat in this recipe. sense free to dial it up or down. Leftovers will maintain for two days within the fridge although pasta by no means actually reheats well, mainly these varieties of pasta that don’t come with loads of tomato or creamy sauce. Microwave reheating is fine, with a dash of water (or higher yet, maintain a few pasta cooking water!)
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