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Easy Authentic Garam Masala Recipe

15 mins Cook
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Here’s a fragrant, flavoured Garam Masala recipe made within the proper Indian & Pakistani manner. This recipe makes a balanced mixture that’ll enhance your favourite dishes without overpowering them.

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What is Garam Masala?

The phrase garam method ‘heat or hot’ and masala translates to ‘spices or mixture’. as the name shows, Garam Masala is a warming spice mixture made by toasting and grinding complete spices.

I’m not certain there’s any magic ratio of spices. I have no secret own family recipe and that i in all likelihood gained’t ever make it in a ‘constant way’. however, I’ve made garam masala regularly with many one-of-a-kind recipes and here are some matters I’ve learned:

The 5 Essential Spices in Every Authentic Garam Masala Recipe

I analyzed over 10 Indian cookbooks to look what the most not unusual spices are for garam masala. nearly every garam masala recipe had these 5 important spices:

  1. Black peppercorns
  2. Cumin seeds (or occasionally black cumin seeds)
  3. Cinnamon sticks
  4. Black cardamom pods (in the event that they don’t have black cardamom, they’ll continually have green)
  5. entire cloves

Garam Masala Ingredients

Here are the complete spices you’ll need for this recipe. It’s perfectly k in case you don’t have all of those spices. Use what you have got and also you’ll find the freshness on my own makes it better than any shop-sold blend.

  • Black peppercorns: An essential for garam masala, black pepper lends it warmth and sharpness.
  • Black cardamom pods: Another essential. These are larger and stronger than green cardamom pods. Unlike green cardamom pods, they’re always used whole. If you break them open, you’ll find seeds similar to green cardamom pods. Substitute: If you don’t have black cardamom, increase the amount of green cardamom.
  • Cumin seeds: Some blends use black cumin seeds (shah zeera or kaala zeera), which are more robust and pungent compared to regular cumin seeds. If you’d like to use them, replace the cumin seeds with 1/2 of the quantity (or 1 tbsp) of black cumin seeds.
  • Cinnamon sticks: A garam masala essential. I typically use ceylon, but here we’ve used cassia. Break up the cinnamon sticks to help them toast evenly and make them easier to grind in the spice grinder.
  • Cloves: Another absolutely essential sweet and savory spice that adds texture and depth to the blend.
  • Green cardamom pods: When using green cardamom pods, discard the pod and use the seeds.
  • Coriander seeds: Though too much clutters the aromatic spices, using coriander ‘tones down’ the garam masala and makes it more versatile.
  • Fennel seeds: I debated if I should make this an optional ingredient. Fennel is not one of the essentials but it adds a subtle, sweet aroma. (Also used in: Nihari)
  • Star anise: Star anise imparts a beautiful, sweet fragrance without actually sweetening the blend. (Also used in: Biryani)
  • Bay leaves: I can’t pinpoint any strong flavor of the bay leaves. Like several of the non-essential spices, it simply adds complexity to the final blend.
  • Mace blade (optional – not pictured): If you use it, a small blade of the whole flower-like mace piece will be enough. You can also use a pinch of pre-ground mace and add it along with the nutmeg. (Also used in: Korma)
  • Nutmeg (optional): Grate nutmeg like you would zest a lemon. You can also use a pinch of pre-ground nutmeg powder.

How to Make Garam Masala Powder

Here’s how to make homemade garam masala in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: First, toast the whole seeds. maximum of them will turn deeper in color and emerge as notably fragrant. Be cautious not to toast an excessive amount of as it is able to create bitterness.
Step 2: dispose of from heat and permit the spices to chill. mixing them when they’re nonetheless heat can create moisture inside the powder. if you’re the use of nutmeg, grate some in now.
Step 3: Grind into a great powder, shaking the spice grinder as needed to frivolously distribute the powder. store in an airtight spice jar for up to a few months.


What’s the distinction among Curry Powder and Garam Masala?
In case you’re acquainted with Indian & Pakistani delicacies, you already know that curry powder is not a traditional blend. Curry powder is utilized in large quantities (1-2 tbsp) inside recipes in the sooner levels of cooking them. on the other hand, garam masala is regularly utilized in small amounts (1/four-half tsp) as soon as a first-rate dish is cooked.

Do I have to toast the spices for Garam Masala?
A few garam masalas, specifically those crafted from ‘sweet’ spices which are regularly used in dessert (cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves) can be left untoasted. but, this recipe requires toasting. in case you’d rather not toast it, use it in advance in the cooking procedure so the spices aren’t left uncooked.

Is Garam Masala spicy?
No. Garam masala is warming, but not spicy or hot. in case you’d like to make it spicier, you can add entire dried crimson chilies to the mixture.

Garam Masala Uses

This recipe may be utilized in any recipe (mine or in any other case) that calls for garam masala. relying at the recipe, you can must alter the quantity it requires.

When to Add

Due to the fact the spices are already toasted/cooked, you can upload garam masala after you’ve completed cooking.

That said, many recipes (along with my Seekh Kebab) name for it in advance within the dish and it could even be used as a marinade.

How Much to Add

Much less is more whilst adding garam masala. because it’s miles normally fragrant, it’s higher initially a smaller amount (1/4 tsp) and increase as wanted (up to half tsp). I wouldn’t use more than three/4 tsp of this mixture in any curry as it’ll start to overpower the flavor.

Easy Authentic Garam Masala Recipe

Easy Authentic Garam Masala Recipe

Here’s a fragrant, flavor-packed Garam Masala recipe made within the proper Indian & Pakistani manner. This recipe makes a balanced mixture that’ll beautify your favourite dishes without overpowering them.
prep time
5 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
20 mins



  • 2 tbsp (8 g) coriander seeds,(sookha dhaniya)

  • 2 tbsp (16 g) cumin seeds, (zeera)

  • 1 tbsp (8 g) black peppercorns, (kaali mirch)

  • 1 tsp (2 g) cloves, (loung)

  • 1 tsp (~2-3 g) fennel seeds, (saunf)

  • 2 black cardamom pods, (bari elaichi)

  • 2 (2 g) star anise, (badiyan ka phool)

  • 2 3-inch dried bay leaves , (tez patta)

  • 1-2 3-inch (4-8 g) cinnamon sticks See Note 1)

  • 1/2 tsp (1 g) green cardamom seeds 8-10

  • 1 1-inch mace blade (optional), (javitri)

  • 1 pinch of freshly grated nutmeg (optional)


Heat a medium skillet over low-medium or medium heat. add all of the spices besides nutmeg (if the usage of) and toast, stirring and shaking the skillet often, for three-four minutes. maximum spices will deepen in colour and emerge as surprisingly aromatic. The bay leaves and cinnamon will start to appearance dry and brittle.
Do away with from heat. If the use of nutmeg, use a grater to grate a beneficiant pinch into the toasted complete spices. permit to cool.
As soon as cooled, switch the spices to a spice grinder. Grind to a high-quality powder, preventing the grinder to assist flippantly distribute the spices. transfer the powder to an hermetic container and store for up to 3 months.


Note 1: Cinnamon: If using cassia cinnamon, you though you may want to use less since it’s stronger.
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