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Easter Cake!

30 mins Cook
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This Easter Cake is not so much a recipe as it’s miles an Easter Cake decorating idea! three layers of Vanilla Cake are frosted with a charming pastel blue buttercream, speckled with chocolate and finally adorned with toasted coconut to form the nest for mini Easter Eggs.

It’s pretty as a picture! And the speckling component is amusing to do!

Easter Cake

Easter Cake

I confess: I conflict for dessert ideas each yr whilst Easter rolls round. I realize, I recognise, lots of you may factor accessible are all kinds of traditional Easter dessert wonders from around the world … however i am yet to make one that receives me excited. *She geese as human beings from all over the world chuck rotten eggs at her*

I implore you to show me wrong. truely. PLEASE go away me a listing of extremely good conventional Easter desserts within the feedback below so i’m able to hit them up subsequent Easter … or even properly before then!

And so as some other Easter rolls round, and i am offering a dessert which isn’t always so much a conventional Easter dessert (properly, by no means), but as a substitute an Easter Cake decorating idea to channel the Easter spirit!

on the plus side? this is more a manual than a strict recipe. you may use any cake you need. Any redecorating eggs you want. Any shade of frosting you want. Oh the opportunities!

Ingredients for Easter Cake

Here are the five additives for this Easter Cake:

  • Vanilla Cake – 3 layers;
  • Pastel Blue Vanilla Buttercream Frosting – fluffy as can be, within the most lovely duck egg blue;
  • Speckles at the frosting – made with simply cocoa and water, however simply wait till you spot how we do this!
  • Toasted Coconut – for the “nest” and rim around the base of the cake; and
  • Mini Chocolate Eggs – for decorating.

1. The Cake

I’ve used my Vanilla Cake for this Easter Cake. I chose it for it’s extremely-wet and soft crumb, and delightful vanilla flavour. The deal-sealer is that the cake remains a hundred% flawlessly clean for 4 whole days which makes it best for the usage of as a make-beforehand cake for excursion activities such as Easter!

2. Pastel Blue Buttercream Frosting

Aside from the addition of blue gel to coloration the frosting, it’s just your regular Buttercream Frosting components!

Gel works better to attain the pictured light blue coloration because it’s more potent than meals colouring. even as that might sound counterintuitive for a faded pastel colored frosting including what is pictured, the challenge is managing the effect of the yellow colour of butter: due to the fact yellow + blue = inexperienced!

So if you use food colouring which isn’t always as robust as gel, you’ll come to be with more of a pastel green frosting shade which, thoughts you, is still lovable.

  • however if you need to gain the pictured faded blue frosting coloration, you may need to:
  • Use navy Blue Gel colouring (this works pleasant i’ve located – and that i attempted pretty some blue gels!);
  • Use a ecu butter (which includes Lurpak in Australia) that is a much paler yellow colour than Australian butters; and
  • Beat, beat, beat the butter for three mins which makes the butter rework from yellow to (almost!) white via aeration.


You will see in the step photographs above that i use what might be considered an unusual technique for colouring the frosting! I’ve discovered this method to be the most secure when making pastel coloured frostings because it is way too smooth to add an excessive amount of colouring and ending up with frosting that is too strongly coloured and not pastel. specifically so when using gel, and even using the toothpick smearing method.

What I do is get rid of 1 tablespoon of frosting into a small bowl, add gel colouring and mix up an extreme colored frosting. Then I upload that again into the frosting 1 teaspoon at a time, until I acquire my favored colour.

this is a much more secure technique that lets you control the intensity of color far higher!

The Decorations

3. How to do Chocolate Speckles on Frosting

You’ll love this! It’s definitely cocoa powder + boiling water that’s lightly flicked onto the frosting using a toothbrush!!

This additionally works using a pastry brush (those with bristles, no longer silicone) but i discovered that a toothbrush achieves the first-rate mild “spray” impact. It’s additionally the perfect to manipulate to get the maximum even effect across the floor of the cake.

4. Toasted Coconut

I take advantage of coconut because the “nest” to pile the Easter Eggs into at the top of the cake, and to enhance the bottom of the cake!

only a mere 7 to 10 mins within the oven is wanted to toast the flakes up till they’re best and golden! The bake time will vary depending on how fine the flakes are, and additionally how a lot sugar is inside the coconut. So simply preserve an eye on it.

TIP: Oven is an awful lot less difficult than stove, a) for a greater even shade; and b) much less stirring = less breakage.

5. The Easter Eggs

And finally, the Easter Eggs! Pile them into that nest you simply created, and nestle them alongside the base as properly.

I used these sweetly pastel-coloured, sugar-lined chocolate eggs by means of a brand referred to as Darrell Lea right here in Australia which i found at supermarkets. but honestly, any mini eggs will do. joyful foil-wrapped ones would look first rate as well, I suppose!
As lovable and totally on-subject-with-Easter as this cake seems, I assume the most crucial element is that it is also a genuinely, actually properly cake for consuming. I locate that every one too often, the greater grandly the cake is decorated, the drier and extra disappointing it’s far inside (think about quite tons each wedding you ever attended)!!

nicely, no longer this one. The Vanilla Cake recipe is one among my signature recipes. It’s probably the recipe i have worked toughest on in my whole existence to make it as best as I ought to, with one of the key necessities being that it remains perfectly sparkling for at the least 4 days. This happens to make it an ideal base while the use of it to enhance for activities like Easter, whether because you’re web hosting and have a gazillion other things to make clean, or you’re taking it to a meeting within the next days.

besides, it’s in order that darned delicious. I daresay absolutely everyone who thinks Vanilla Cake is bland hasn’t tried this one!!

Easter Cake!

Easter Cake!

This Easter Cake is not so much a recipe as it's miles an Easter Cake decorating idea! three layers of Vanilla Cake are frosted with a charming pastel blue buttercream, speckled with chocolate and finally adorned with toasted coconut to form the nest for mini Easter Eggs.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
30 mins
total time
40 mins



  • 1 Vanilla Cake , 3 layers (or other 20cm/8" cake of choice, Note 1)


  • 340g/ 3 sticks unsalted butter , 1.25cm / ½" cubes, softened to 18°C/64°F (Note 3)

  • 750g/ 1.5 lb (6 cups) soft icing sugar / powdered sugar , sifted

  • 3 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1 – 2 drops blue gel food colouring (or 1 – 2 tsp blue food colouring, Note 4)

  • 1/8 tsp salt


  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened or sweetened, doesn’t matter)

  • 3 tbsp boiling water

  • Toothbrush (or basting brush)


  • 2 cups coconut flakes (or shaved)

  • 200g/ 7oz small Easter eggs (I use pastel coloured speckled ones, Note 5)


Stage: Trim the top of cakes if required/desired to make the layers degree (for classy functions).
Sit back: location cake layers in fridge until thoroughly chilled (this makes it simpler to frost so crumbs don't cross anywhere).
Toast coconut: Preheat oven to 160°C/325°F (a hundred and forty°C fan). spread coconut on a tray. Bake 6 – 10 minutes, stirring every little while, until golden. (Bake time relies upon on sugar stage, so keep a watch on it). Cool.


Cream butter: Beat butter in a stand mixer on velocity eight for three minutes till it adjustments from yellow to nearly white.
Upload icing sugar in three batches: add icing sugar in three batches, starting the mixer on pace 1 till partly integrated, then increasing until it is on the whole jumbled in.
Vanilla, salt, and beat 2 mins: add vanilla and salt, then beat on velocity 8 for two mins until nearly white, and it's fantastically fluffy.
Coloration (be aware 4): remove 1 tbsp frosting into a small bowl. upload 1 drop of blue gel, blend in. add 1 teaspoon of coloured frosting back into principal frosting, beat until incorporated (scrape down facets as needed). add greater coloured frosting 1 teaspoon at a time till preferred tone is performed.


Mix cocoa and boiling water.


Frosting: unfold three/4 cup frosting among every cake layer, then the use of final frosting for facet and floor (I commonly have ~half of cup frosting leftover, but higher secure than sorry!).
Speckles: region some thing behind cake as a backboard for the speckling mess! Dip toothbrush in cocoa aggregate, then use arms to flick speckles onto cake floor – sides and pinnacle. (hint: exercise in sink first). TIP: while doing top of cake, attitude toothbrush forty five degrees down not over cake, to keep away from accidental massive drips.
Coconut Nest: Pile coconut inside the center to form a "nest" then pile a mound of eggs in it.
Coconut Rim: vicinity a mound of coconut all along the base of the cake, then dot with Easter Eggs.
Indulge in praise: Take proudly to table and bask in the compliments!


Cake – you could use any cake recipe you desire. I used my Vanilla Cake, in three layers. Frosting amount – that is the frosting required for a three layer cake. sure I are aware of it seems like plenty however it’s better to make more and be secure in place of sorry. We’re not going for a naked cake appearance here! you may probably have a bit leftover – freeze it (up to a few months). 2 layer cake – Use the recipe scaler to reduce icing sugar/powdered sugar to 500g/1lb (click on Servings and slide down). three. Butter softening – We don’t want the butter to soften too much due to the fact we need to beat it for pretty some time with the intention to make it as white as viable. that is due to the fact butter is yellow, and yellow + blue colouring = green in place of the blue we’re targeting here. The longer you beat butter, the whiter it turns into because of aeration from whipping. If the butter is simply too soft starting out, the frosting gets too sloppy. At any factor at some stage in making technique, refrigerate butter if needed. Blue colouring – while aiming for pastel colored frosting, adding colouring without delay into frosting is unstable I find, because it’s too clean to add too much. additionally, the amount of meals colouring required to acquire your favored pastel blue shade will depend on the energy and exact colour you operate. I used military Blue Gel Colouring. The technique used on this recipe makes it simpler to control, ie. take out a piece of frosting, upload colouring, then add that again in regularly until favored shade power is performed. green tinge: Butter is yellow, so blue + yellow = green. So the blueness (or rather, inexperienced-ness!) of the frosting will rely upon how white the butter/frosting is earlier than colouring. european butters (like Lurpak in Australia) are greater white than low-priced manufacturers which might be a lot greater yellow. also, beating the butter for 3 mins will make it more white. but truly? light green is simply as cute as faded blue, for my part! Eggs – I used small pastel coloured speckled eggs from Darrell Lea (Australia). Any eggs will work right here! storage – depends on what cake you operate, however for this Vanilla Cake, up to four days. See Vanilla Cake recipe for garage commands and information.
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