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Chocolate Mousse

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Chocolate Mousse may well be the ultimate chocolate fix! Rich and creamy, yet light and fluffy, one pot is satisfying but always leaves me wanting more…….

This is a classic chocolate mousse made the proper French way, as served in fine dining restaurants. Less cream, more chocolate, a more intense chocolate flavour and a beautiful creamy mouth feel.

A classic, proper Chocolate Mousse recipe

I’ve in no way been a hundred% satisfied with the numerous chocolate mousse recipes I’ve attempted in my lifetime. no longer fluffy sufficient, not chocolatey enough, too sweet, grainy, etc etc. Many “smooth” chocolate mousse recipes tend to use too much cream so the stop result is extra like custard, in place of aerated like real chocolate mousse ought to be.

As a result, whilst Chocolate Mousse become submitted by means of a reader as a Recipe Request, I had reason to recognition and make it again and again again until it was precisely what I wanted.

Let me repeat: I had to make chocolate mousse over and over again for work purposes.

Life is tough, my friends. The sacrifices I make…. (she says sadly, shaking her head, thinking about the various body parts on which all that chocolate mousse appears to have ended up residing…)

What goes in Chocolate Mousse

Just five ingredients, all good stuff we like: chocolate, cream, sugar, eggs and butter.


make sure you use chocolate bought from the baking aisle of grocery shops, no longer the confectionary aisle (ie eating chocolate). Chocolate supposed for cooking is made mainly so it melts easily and nicely (not like eating chocolate).

All styles of chocolate may be used for chocolate mousse however i really like the use of 70% cocoa dark chocolate (which is a bittersweet darkish chocolate) because it has an awesome excessive chocolate flavour, it’s no longer as sweet as milk chocolate and that i don’t need to search out a gourmand keep to locate it as it’s bought at supermarkets.

Milk chocolate is greater milky however you continue to get a first-rate chocolate flavour. The better the cocoa % (dark chocolate), the greater chocolatey and less sweet it’ll be.

high best bittersweet darkish chocolate is what exact restaurants usually use – now not the stock fashionable. The excellent of chocolate utilized by eating places isn’t offered at grocery shops, you want to go to speciality shops and assume to pay upwards of $20/kg ($10/lb).

uncooked eggs are key for actual chocolate mousse, the classic way to make it the way its served at first-class dining restaurants. you may now not attain a end result as suitable the usage of a recipe that doesn’t use uncooked eggs, no matter what they promise. It’s simply now not feasible to replicate the fluffy-but-creamy texture with anything other than eggs whipped into a foam. the ones “no egg” recipes will either be too dense, taste like whipped cream, or have a weird jelly-like texture.

How to make Chocolate Mousse

The path to light and fluffy Chocolate Mousse involves just a few key steps:

  1. Beat egg whites and sugar until foamy;
  2. Soft peaks – it should be foamy but have SOFT peaks that flop at the top – as pictured above – not standing upright (“firm peaks”);
  3. Whip cream;
  4. Fold together cream and egg yolks;
  5. Fold in melted chocolate;
  6. Fold egg whites into chocolate mixture. Don’t beat furiously – that’s the sure fire way to a pot of liquid chocolate!
  7. Spoon into individual pots or a larger dish, chill until firm.

The recipe video is super helpful to see the consistency of the egg whites and cream, as well as how to fold the ingredients into each other.

I chose to make little pots (using whisky glasses!) but you can make one dish if you prefer, then scoop out to serve.

First Timers – Never Fear!

If you’re a chocolate mousse first timer and are concerned about deflation because you’re taking your time with the steps, don’t be worried! When I film recipe videos, I’m always faffing around with camera set ups and batting away a certain giant dog who is always sprawled where I want the tripod to be.

So it probably took me 3 times longer than it usually does to get the mousse in the fridge so I was quite concerned about deflation of the egg whites and cream.

But it was fine! The chocolate mousse came out exactly the same as it always has. Fluffy, chocolate perfection, as show in the photo above!

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