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Jerk Fish – for Jamaican week!

15 mins Cook
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Welcome to Jamaican week!Kicking off our Caribbean banquet with Jerk Fish – pan-fried fish lined with Jamaican jerk seasoning that provides a stack of flavour and makes it crispy. thin white fish fillets prepare dinner in three mins which makes Jerk Fish a amazing rapid dinner!
now and again, I love to do every week of recipes for a themed menu. This week, it’s Jamaican week so that you could make your very personal Caribbean ceremonial dinner at domestic! Who’s inside the temper for a few tropical vibes??

Jerk Fish

Why you need Jerk Fish in your life

It’s Jamaican – so it’s cool. (simply ask Dozer, underneath).
massive, formidable, Caribbean flavours using everyday spices: garlic, onion, thyme, paprika, all spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne. It’s pleasant in case you’re lacking one or spices motive there’s such a lot of spices in it anyway.
Takes three mins at the range.

Don’t have fish? Use the jerk seasoning on chook, shrimp/prawns or greens. guidelines within the recipe.

What goes in jerk seasoning

Right here are the spices you want for jerk seasoning. the suitable combo of savoury flavour, a hint of spiciness with the signature touch of sweetness. The scent while it hits the pan is intoxicating!

There’s such a lot of spices in Jerk seasoning, in case you’re missing one (or two…) it’s not the cease of the sector, you’ll nonetheless end up with a fantastic Jamaican-(ish) spice mixture. right here are substitution guidelines:

  • Garlic powder – greater onion powder, and vice versa
  • Dried thyme – oregano
  • Brown sugar – 2 tsp caster sugar / superfine sugar
  • Cayenne pepper – pure floor chilli, red pepper flakes, half tsp freshly floor black pepper or pass over if you want now not highly spiced
  • Smoked paprika – everyday paprika
  • Allspice powder – combined spice
  • Cinnamon powder – try now not to go away this out! It adds an irreplaceable unique contact.
  • Nutmeg powder – extra cinnamon

Fish for jerk fish

The fish pictured at some point of this submit is snapper, pictured below, but jerk seasoning will paintings with any type of fish fillet that’s suitable for pan frying as long as it’s far a skinny fillet no thicker than 1.5 cm / 0/6″ on the thickest factor. It needs to be skinny so it chefs thru inside three – four minutes else the jerk seasoning will burn.

Snapper is a totally famous fish here in Australia, beloved for the slight, sweet, sensitive flavour, which isn’t always “fishy” at all. The flesh is fairly company and moist, and fillets are clean to prepare dinner flippantly because they’re flat with an even thickness (in place of, say, salmon, whilst some fillets have a completely thick “hump” (the loin) though you can discover skinny salmon fillets (the tail give up).

Don’t have fish? you could the jerk seasoning on hen, shrimp/prawns or greens. recommendations in the recipe.

How to make jerk fish

In a nutshell: coat fish within the jerk seasoning then pan fry for 2 minutes on the first facet and 1 minute on the second one side. That’s a three minute dinner – we want greater of these in our existence!!!

  • Jerk seasoning – blend the jerk seasoning spices in a bowl.
  • Coat – unfold the jerk seasoning in a tray or plate just big sufficient to healthy the fish fillets. Then coat each piece of fish with the seasoning, pressing to adhere. Shake off excess and put on a plate. Repeat with ultimate fish.
  • Pan fry three minutes – warmness oil in a large non-stick skillet over excessive heat. As soon as you spot the first small wisps of smoke, area 2 fillets inside the pan presentation facet down. prepare dinner for two mins on the first aspect till the floor is a deep bronze shade with a reddish tinge (don’t permit it burn!), carefully flip then cook the alternative facet for 1 minute.
    relaxation 2 minutes – switch the fish to a rack and rest for two minutes. It’s satisfactory to use a rack to keep the crispiness of the jerk-crust. in case you use a plate, the bottom will sweat and compromise the crispiness. no longer the give up of the sector… however a rack is higher!

as soon as rested, transfer the fish to a plate and serve!

Jamaican week sides for Jerk fish!

To serve together with your Jerk fish, two fantastic aspects! Jamaican Slaw (shockingly scrumptious) and Jamaican Coconut Rice and Peas. And to complete your Jamaican banquet, rum and raisin ice cream with out an ice cream maker! that is one of those recipes I deem to be some thing money-can’t-buy because it has real rum flavour which you just won’t get in tubs from the shops.

That is a spread of seriously accurate meals. i hope you enjoy Jamaican week as a great deal as i have developing the recipes!!!

Jerk Fish – for Jamaican week!

Jerk Fish – for Jamaican week!

Welcome to Jamaican week!Kicking off our Caribbean banquet with Jerk Fish – pan-fried fish lined with Jamaican jerk seasoning that provides a stack of flavour and makes it crispy. thin white fish fillets prepare dinner in three mins which makes Jerk Fish a amazing rapid dinner!
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
25 mins




  • 3 tsp garlic powder

  • 3 tsp onion powder

  • 2 tsp cooking salt / kosher salt (reduce to 1 1/2 tsp for table salt)

  • 3 tsp dried thyme

  • 2 1/2 tsp brown sugar , lightly packed (Note 2)

  • 2 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (it's spicy! See SPICE NOTE)

  • 1 1/2 tsp smoked paprika (sub ordinary paprika)

  • 1 1/4 tsp allspice powder

  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg powder

  • FISH:

  • 4 x 160g/6 oz thin snapper or other white fish fillets , skinless, boneless

  • (up to 1.5cm / 0.6″ thick, Note 3)

  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil


Jerk Spice blend – mix the Jerk Seasoning spices collectively in a bowl then unfold in a small tray that is simply big enough to healthy one fish fillet.
Coat fish – Pat fish dry with a paper towel. Then coat both aspects of every fillet with the jerk seasoning, urgent to adhere. Shake off extra, vicinity on a clean plate and coat remaining fish.
cook dinner fish – warmness half of the oil in a big non-stick pan over high warmth. while you see small wisps of smoke, place 2 fillets presentation facet down and prepare dinner for 2 mins.
flip – the spice crust ought to be a deep bronze colour with a reddish tinge. cook the opposite aspect for 1 minute till the goal internal temperature is fifty five°C/130°F, or the fish flakes without problems at the thickest point.
relaxation on a rack for 2 minutes (to keep crispy spice crust). Then serve! Recipes for pictured Jamaican aspects approaching Tuesday – live tuned!


SPICE stage: Packs a terrific punch of spiciness, as is conventional! but it’s balanced out through the beauty and different spices. If you can’t deal with highly spiced food, lessen the cayenne. just start with a bit then taste the spice mix. Spices – There’s so many spices in Jerk seasoning, in case you’re missing one (or …) it’s no longer the stop of the world, you’ll nevertheless emerge as with a splendid Jamaican spice mixture! right here are substitution tips: Garlic powder – extra onion powder, and vice versa Dried thyme – oregano Brown sugar – 1 3/4 tsp caster sugar / superfine sugar Cayenne pepper – natural ground chilli, red pepper flakes, half of tsp freshly ground black pepper or leave out if you need no longer spicy Smoked paprika – regular paprika Allspice powder – blended spice Cinnamon powder – attempt not to depart this out! It provides an irreplaceable unique contact. Nutmeg powder – greater cinnamon Salt notice: 2 tsp may sound like loads but because we are using skinny portions of fish, there is a lot of floor region to cowl, plus you won’t use all of the seasoning (you need excess to properly coat fish). We attempted this recipe with various salt degrees, and that is the proper quantity using cooking salt / kosher salt. If the usage of table salt (which is finer), lower to at least one half tsp. Brown sugar – just scoop then level the teaspoon degree. Don’t % the brown sugar in tightly earlier than levelling. three. Fish – This seasoning can be outstanding with any fish fillet appropriate for pan frying. The simplest trick here is to use thin fillets up to at least one.5cm / 0.6″ at the thickest point so it will prepare dinner thru in three minutes per recipe, before the jerk seasoning turns too dark. don't forget – as soon as fish hits the recent pan, it will agreement and will growth to around 2cm / 0.8″ thick. different proteins: thin chicken breast, thighs or red meat steaks (either pound or cut in half of horizontally), shrimp/prawns. Toss in seasoning then pan fry. greens: Par-cook dinner the vegetables on the stove or BBQ then add the seasoning towards the quit, else it may burn before you end cooking the veggies. strive thick slices of huge mushrooms or eggplant steaks for a “meaty” meal. as a substitute, toss veggies in olive oil + the seasoning then roast the usage of the usage of instructions in those recipes (bypass the seasonings/flavour, simply use slicing, prep, bake temp + time) – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, eggplant, Roasted vegetables, Garlic Roasted Mushrooms, roast potatoes. five. Leftovers will maintain for 2 days inside the refrigerator. now not appropriate for freezing. vitamins in keeping with fish assuming 2 tbsp olive oil and a couple of teaspoons salt is ate up throughout all 4 fillets. See also be aware 1 for salt observe.
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