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Gozleme!! A crunchy golden Turkish flatbread stuffed with all sorts of delicious fillings. Choose from spinach and feta or seasoned beef or lamb. I want them all!

Similar to everyone’s favorite Easy Flatbread recipe, Gozleme Pastry requires no yeast, only three ingredients (no yogurt) and is super easy to make. You will fall in love with this recipe!

Gozleme!! A crunchy golden Turkish flatbread stuffed with all sorts of delicious fillings. Choose from spinach and feta or seasoned beef or lamb. I want them all!
Gozleme! – NomNomWow

Gozleme recipe

No weekend market would be the same without Turkish gozleme stalls. Robust Turkish mothers unfolding dough with their strong arms, and pretty young women with charming smiles in front of their houses.

I have a complete stereotype. But it’s a very effective marketing ploy!!

If you’re new to Gozleme, all you need to know is that they are flatbreads flavored with olive oil and stuffed with all sorts of fillings. It’s just that there is. The most popular are spinach and feta, spiced ground/beef (ground meat), and potatoes (carbs on carbohydrates).

Pan fried until golden brown, then sliced ​​into manageable pieces and garnished with lemon wedges on the sides. There’s a reason there are long lines at gozleme stalls at weekend markets.

The Gozleme dough

  • Gozreme pastry is probably the easiest flatbread in the world.
  • only requires 4 ingredients: flour, olive oil, salt and water
  • ‘drain and mix’ using a stand mixer or food processor
  • The dough is very easy to work with. Refrigerator – cold quiche donuts!

Gozleme Fillings

I’m sharing two fillings today:

  • Spinach and Feta, and
  • Lamb or Beef spiced ground meat filling. Though chicken, pork and turkey could be used too

Spinach and Feta Filling for Gozleme

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the spinach and feta filling. Eggs for binding, garlic and pepper for seasoning. (Ignore the salt in the picture, it’s not required!) Pressing the spinach makes it easier to pack into the flatbread. Trying to wrap a huge pile of green fluff in thin fabric is no fun.

Lamb or Beef Gozleme Filling

Did I mention I like being generous with my fillings…traditional ground beef gozleme usually has a very thin spread of meat and only a few bits of onion, but I love it with all sorts of extras.

More volume, more texture, more color, more flavor!

Wrapping & cooking

Don’t be afraid of this part! It’s really not that hard – and like I said, we work with friendly modeling clay here. :

  • Don’t make it too big. You should! Large guilloche = difficult to fry or turn over. Remember they’ve been doing this for 40 years…. Slide up, then into the pan. When it’s baked, it’s so crispy that you can pinch it with a spatula Introduced in the recipe video!
  • Make sure it fits comfortably in the pan. I can’t tell you how many times a half gozleme was hanging out of the pot….
  • Don’t skimp on oil. If you want the most flaky, golden pastry, now is not the time to count calories. (Remember, olive oil is better for you too!)

It’s traditionally served with lemon wedges, but to be honest, I’ve never used them. They are great while still hot from the stove.

In my world, these are my favorite summer barbecues. It’s great to cook these on the flat side of the grill – plus you have more space than a frying pan, so you can cook multiple gozlems at once.

And an added bonus (because we secretly love this part) – keeps everyone so excited.Most people don’t even think about doing it at home.

I used the word crispy a lot in this post. So I leave you with this photo. Crispy, juicy gozleme stuffed with mutton.



Gozleme!! A crunchy golden Turkish flatbread stuffed with all sorts of delicious fillings. Choose from spinach and feta or seasoned beef or lamb. I want them all! Similar to everyone's favorite Easy Flatbread recipe, Gozleme Pastry requires no yeast, only three ingredients (no yogurt) and is super easy to make. You will fall in love with this recipe!
prep time
30 mins
cooking time
20 mins
total time
50 mins




  • ▢2.5 cups (375g) flour , plain/all purpose (GF Note 4)

  • ▢1/3 cup (85ml) extra virgin olive oil

  • ▢3/4 cup (185ml) water

  • ▢1/2 tsp salt



  • ▢300g / 10oz baby spinach

  • ▢2 garlic cloves , minced

  • ▢2 eggs

  • ▢1 tsp black pepper

  • ▢300g / 10 oz Danish feta (soft feta, Note 2)

  • ▢2 cups (200g) shredded mozzarella cheese (Note 3)


  • ▢1 tbsp olive oil

  • 2 garlic cloves , minced

  • 1 onion , finely chopped

  • 500g / 1 lb beef or lamb mince (ground)

  • 1 capsicum / bell pepper , chopped

  • 90g / 3 oz baby spinach

  • 1.5 tsp cumin powder

  • 1 tsp paprika

  • 1/2 tsp cayenne (adjust spiciness to taste)

  • 3/4 tsp each salt and pepper

  • 1 tbsp water

  • 120g / 4 oz Danish feta (Note 2)


  • 1 - 1.5 tbsp olive oil , per gozleme

  • Lemon wedges (optional)




Fit stand mixer with dough hook. Combine flour, oil, salt and water in the stand mixer bowl. Mix for 2.5 minutes on medium high speed 7 until smooth (see video for before & after). (Note 4) Dough should be a pliable, smooth ball, not sticky.
Cover and rest for 20 minutes.
Sprinkle work surface with flour. Cut dough into 4 pieces.
Roll out into 35cm/14" x 20cm/8" rectangle.


Make EITHER the lamb / beef Filling, or Spinach & Feta (or make 1/2 batch of both!).


Heat oil in large skillet over high heat.
Cook garlic and onion for 1 minute. Add capsicum, cook for 2 minutes.
Add beef and cook until it changes from pink to brown, breaking it up as you go.
Add cumin, paprika, cayenne (if using), salt, pepper and water. Cook for 2 minutes.
Add spinach, stir until wilted.
Cool before using.


Place spinach, garlic, egg and pepper in a bowl. Scrunch with hands to reduce volume and make spinach "floppy".
Add feta and stir through.


Spread Filling on half the pastry, pushing to the edge. Sprinkle Lamb/Beef Filling with crumbled feta. Sprinkle Spinach Feta with mozzarella cheese, if using.
Fold other side of pastry over to cover Filling. Press down edges, pressing out excess air pockets trapped inside as you go. Use water if needed to seal well.
Sprinkle flour on a round pizza paddle (or similar). Slide gozleme onto paddle.


Heat 1.5 tbsp oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. (I usually get 2 pans going)
Slide gozleme into skillet. Cook, lightly pressing down (including edges), until deep golden and crispy - about 3 minutes. Flip and cook, pressing down lightly, until crispy.


Transfer to cutting board. Cut into 6 or 8 pieces.
Serve immediately with lemon wedges, if desired.


Filling - choose either Spinach Feta OR Spiced Lamb/Beef. Filling is enough to fill 4 gozlemes. OR make a half batch of each which is what I usually do - use recipe scaler to scale ingredients down (click on Servings and slide down until beef reaches 250g/0.5lb and everything will change). Danish Feta - a soft feta that is like a cross between greek feta and goats cheese. Ideal for Gozleme but normal feta totally fine. Mozzarella cheese - not usually in Gozleme so it's optional. But I can't resist! Dough - Soft, pliable but not sticky - very easy to handle. Adjust with sprinkle of extra flour or water if needed to achieve consistency shown in video. Hand kneading - about 6 to 7 minutes. Gluten free flour - works great! Dough is not as stretchy, it's more like short pastry (like Quiche, see video). Also recommend making 5 smaller ones rather than 6. Pastry does not brown as well, but flavour and texture is the same! Storage / reheating: Cooked gozleme should be eaten asap while hot and crispy! Dough can be kept for 3 to 4 days in fridge Do not keep filled uncooked gozleme in fridge - inside sweats and makes underside of dough soggy Best way to keep warm while you keep cooking is in 120C/250F oven ON A RACK not on a baking tray (hot gozleme sweats and underside gets soggy) Cooked gozleme can be frozen or kept in fridge - cool, wrap, put in container Reheat either by pan frying or on tray in oven at 180C/350F for 7 minutes or so Pastry and fillings adapted from this recipe from Gourmet Wog. It's the one I've been using exclusively since I found it. Calories per gozleme - Spinach and Feta. There's a fair amount of olive oil in Gozleme, but remember olive oil is better for you than other oils! Don't be tempted to cut down on the fat in the pastry. But you can cook with less - spray a non stick pan.
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