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Gravy recipe – easy, from scratch, no drippings

15 mins Cook
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This is a clean recipe for how to make gravy using just water. The key is to apply each bird AND beef stock cubes for a nice flavor and a pleasing deep brown coloration. Takes 4 minutes flat, and tastes like KFC gravy – but a lot higher. No pan drippings are required.

Made a turkey and want gravy? Use my Gravy for Turkey recipe!

Gravy recipe


This gravy recipe tastes like what you get in those tubs of KFC Potato and Gravy. the ones of you who abstain from all styles of rapid meals might not recognize what it tastes like. however all you need to understand is that it’s the whole lot which you’d count on from KFC – reliably tasty, well pro, can make some thing delicious!

the name of the game factor that makes this gravy better is to apply each bird AND beef stock cubes (bouillon cubes).

What you need for gravy

Right here’s all you want to make an honestly terrific gravy from scratch: bird and beef stock cubes, butter, and flour.

chook AND beef stock cubes (aka bouillon cubes) – for flavor and color. bird is the base flavor, pork offers it oomph and gives it a nice deep brown coloration in place of an unappetizing light brown. the use of both also makes this gravy suitable to use for any protein – white meats (fowl, pork), purple meats (beef, lamb, sport), potato, and veggies. Can alternative with powder;

warm water – to dissolve the cubes;

Flour – to thicken the gravy (gluten-free cornflour/cornstarch sub in the recipe notes);

Onion or garlic powder – non-obligatory, for a trace of greater flavor.
Why inventory cubes as opposed to liquid stock/broth?
first-rate question! inventory cubes and powder have an extra extreme flavor than liquid stock (broth), so they make a tastier gravy when you make gravy from scratch like in this recipe.

The liquid broth is greater suitable to apply when you’re making gravy beginning with pan drippings from roasts – due to the fact the pan drippings add greater flavor into the gravy.

How to make gravy in 4 minutes flat

  • Dissolve inventory cubes or powder in boiling water;
  • melt butter in a saucepan and mix in flour;
  • Pour in stock water whilst whisking and prepare dinner for 1. five minutes till thickened. accomplished!

ps The reason that is quicker than maximum gravy recipes is that the water is already warm and the flavor is already focused so there’s no want to prepare dinner down for flavor.
Now, douse the whole lot and whatever with it.

Oh, and right here’s the picture that started it all – Fried chook. Upon spying on this, there have been many (many) (MANY!) requests for the potato and gravy recipe.

All the possibilities….!!!

Here are some guidelines for dishes to serve with gravy. some apparent ones, some now not so obvious ones, all precise!

  • Potato and gravy – KFC style! Dunk in Fried fowl, warm bread rolls or bread (do that No Yeast Irish Soda Bread!), warm chips, wedges, serve at the facet of sausages, as part of a Southern Dinner with BBQ Pulled red meat, any roast;
  • Roasts – any!
  • Rotisserie chook dinner – make a meal out of a shop-sold roast chook. Steam a few vegs, make a few mashes, and douse everything with this gravy!
  • Steamed greens – assured manner to make bland, dull steamed veg scoff worthy;
  • Pan-seared chops, steaks or something – hen, lamb, pork, red meat! Sprinkle with salt and pepper, pan fry in butter or oil, and douse with gravy;
  • Meatballs – Make these beef meatballs or these fowl Meatballs, skip the sauce, and serve with this gravy rather;

Poured over an omelet;

hen Rolls – shred chook, toss with gravy, pile generously onto hot rolls;

As a Sauce for any of those:
I need to stop. There are too many possibilities!
but sufficient approximately my thoughts. inform me what YOU douse with gravy!!

Gravy recipe – easy, from scratch, no drippings

Gravy recipe – easy, from scratch, no drippings

This is a clean recipe for how to make gravy using just water. The key is to apply each bird AND beef stock cubes for a nice flavor and a pleasing deep brown coloration. Takes 4 minutes flat, and tastes like KFC gravy – but a lot higher. No pan drippings are required.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
25 mins



  • 1 chicken stock cube / bouillon cube (sub 2 tsp powder) (Note 1)

  • 1 beef stock cube / bouillon cube (sub 2 tsp powder) (Note 1)

  • 2 1/4 cups (565ml) boiling water

  • 60g/ 4 tbsp butter , unsalted

  • 4 tbsp flour , plain / all purpose

  • 1/2 tsp onion powder (ok to omit or sub garlic powder)

  • 1/4 tsp finely ground black pepper

  • Salt , if needed


crumble cubes into boiling water, and blend to dissolve.
soften butter in a saucepan over medium heat.
upload flour, onion powder, and pepper. mix into butter with a timber spoon or whisk.
while stirring, slowly pour in 1/2 the liquid. once integrated into the flour-butter roux (it's going to thicken speedily), upload the final liquid and mix.
Stir for 1.5 – 2 mins till it thickens to a gravy consistency (it is brief as the water is already warm). taste, add greater salt and pepper if wished.
Serve over chops, steak, sausages, vegetables, roast fowl, beef, red meat, and lamb. Pictured – KFC Potato and Gravy copycat!


inventory cubes/bouillon cubes – as pictured in the post. fowl for base flavor, beef for flavor improve + makes gravy a nice brown shade (if handiest fowl, gravy is faded). alternative with inventory powder / granulated bouillon, however, notice that a few brands of beef powder will not yield pretty the equal brown shade, and may be slightly lighter. if you best use bird dice or powder, the gravy flavor will lose a touch of seasoning and can be a pale brown color. could make up for this with 1 tsp dark soy sauce – it will stain the gravy and upload a touch of more flavor (that is a secret cooking trick for gravy!) Onion or garlic powder – not the stop of the arena in case you don’t have this, it’s only a tiny hint of greater flavor. Gravy consistency – don’t allow it to get too thick, it thickens extra when sitting around to be served. If it gets too thick, simply add a touch of water. Too thin, preserve it on the stove, it has to thicken speedily. four. garage – gravy receives thicker and receives skin on the floor because it cools. simply use water to skinny out, whisk the skin in, and heat it, it is going to be as appropriate as new. If serving quickly, simply region a lid on the saucepan then reheat when required. Make ahead and leftovers – transfer to the box and place the lid on, permit cool then refrigerate for up to five days. Also can freeze – once thawed, reheat and supply it with a very good blend. You’ll want to loosen it with water. Gluten loose – bypass flour, and make certain inventory cubes are gluten loose. blend 2. Five tbsp cornflour/cornstarch with 3 tbsp water, then upload that into the recent inventory liquid. mix, then pour that into the saucepan with melted butter. Will thicken in 2 mins or so. vitamins in keeping with serving, just below half of the cup according to serving (sure that’s generous!). To lessen energy, can halve the butter to 30g/2 tbsp – whilst flour is brought, the mixture will be crumbly rather than “moist” (as seen in the video) however will dissolve in liquid (use whisk). 33 cal according to serving discount.
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