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Crispy Skin Fish in Just 5 Minutes

2 mins Cook
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Crispy skin Fish is one of the maximum delicious and quick ways to cook dinner a bit of a fish! To nail shatteringly crunchy pores and skin every time, you simply need dry pores and skin,

Hot oil and press down gently to assist the pores and skin contact heat because it chefs. I’m making a Crispy pores and skin Barramundi nowadays, but this recipe can be used for any fish with skin that goes crispy.

Yo can also try my recipe of Whole Baked Fish I’m sure you’ll love these recipes!

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Crispy Skin Fish in Just 5 Minutes

Crispy Skin Barramundi (or any fish)

Barramundi is certainly one of Australia’s favored fish. It’s loved over here for its meaty, juicy flesh and its exceptional pores and skin, which crisps up to form a brilliant glass-like sheet of golden fish crackling when cooked properly.

It facilitates that barramundi is available anywhere nowadays such as all the mainstream grocery stores, and is one of the higher cost fish round. Of course, as with all seafood, fresher and better satisfactory fish charges extra however is always really worth it!

these days, I’m sharing a recipe for how to prepare dinner barramundi with crispy skin. but the technique implemented in this recipe will work for any fish with pores and skin on the way to pass crispy (no, now not all fish gets crispy pores and skin!).

Crispy skin Barramundi served over French Lentil Ragout which does double duty as a facet and sauce.

Crispy Barramundi served and not using a Stir Baked Creamy Lemon Risotto

What you need to cook fish with crispy skin

Fish, oil, salt and pepper!

  • Fish fillets with the skin on – yes, surprising, I understand, we want fish fillets with the skin on! It must come pin boned (ie. all bones removed which includes the tiny ones along the lateral line), scaled, clean and ready to cook. This paintings is why we pay a top rate for fish fillets at seafood stores, as compared to buying an entire fish that we ought to smooth and fillet ourselves!
    As stated above, I’m the usage of barramundi today. For other fish, see the listing right here: Fish With skin That goes Crispy. That web page also includes a list of fish so that it will no longer cross crispy.
  • Olive oil, or other cooking oil of choice.
    All of us who attempts to tell you that crispy pores and skin is possible with butter is lying to you due to the fact butter is ~15% water, which stops the skin from going crispy. Ghee and clarified butter, alternatively, is some other tale and makes a wonderfully flavoured cooking fats for fish!
  • Salt and pepper – no longer just for seasoning, the salt also allows the pores and skin cross crispy due to its dessicating effect.

How to make fish skin crispy

Dry skin. Hot oil. Put fish in pan skin side down. Press down lightly to make the skin seal. Easy, right?

Note: If you’re cooking salmon, use this recipe instead: Crispy Skin Salmon.

  1. Dry skin – Pat pores and skin dry with a paper towel or clean tea towels. The drier the pores and skin, the better the crisping. Crispy anything doesn’t like moisture because the moisture has to evaporate first before crispiness can begin to happen, which takes a whole lot of strength.
  2. Slit pores and skin (encouraged for thick fillets) – A encouraged however no longer critical step to make certain more even cooking of the flesh and pores and skin, is to reduce a few shallow slits inside the skin. This additionally facilitates save you skin curling and shrinking far from the perimeters that’s a common pitfall humans experience when cooking fish.
    That is specifically endorsed for thick fillets, inclusive of the barramundi pictured in publish.
  3. Pores and skin scoring is a advocated rather than have to-do step due to the fact skilled chefs can probable prepare dinner nearly any fish simply as nicely without with out slitting the pores and skin. however for less experienced cooks, it absolutely does help with extra even cooking.
  4. How to rating fish skin – With the fish flesh facet down, use your hands to squeeze the thick “hump” of the fish fillet to tighten the skin. This makes it easier to cut the slit.
    using a pointy knife, cut slits within the pores and skin, as follows:
    – 4 cm long, 1 cm apart, three mm deep (1.6″ long, 0.4″ apart, 0.1″ deep)
    – cut through the skin and a tiny bit into the flesh. Don’t worry, slits will not motive the fish to lose moisture and dry out!
  5. Season fish – Sprinkle each the flesh and skin side with salt and pepper just earlier than cooking. Don’t season the fish in advance of cooking as it will draw moisture out of the fish pores and skin, making it wet → compromises crispiness!
  6. Hot oil and a light press – heat oil in a non-stick skillet over medium-excessive heat until hot. look for shimmering oil and little wisps of smoke as a sign it’s hot enough. As soon as you notice them, place the barramundi fillets in pores and skin facet down.
    The use of an eggflip or spatula (flexible is fine), press down gently at the fish for 10 seconds. This forces the whole pores and skin to contact the pan’s heat, so as to quickly “set” the skin and flesh benath, preventing the fillet from curling and accordingly selling even cooking of the skin.
  7. Cook dinner pores and skin 2 to a few minutes till gently crispy – cook dinner the fish pores and skin aspect down until it’s mild golden and quite crispy (elevate as much as peek). For this barramundi, we are able to end cooking in the oven during which time the skin will get absolutely crispy.
  8. Oven 10 mins for THICK fillets – For thick fillets, switch the fish to the oven inside the skillet. Do no longer turn, depart the fish skin aspect down.
    For skinny fillets, simply turn the fish and cook dinner the flesh facet inside the pan.
  9. Standard word – I don’t end crispy skin salmon inside the oven because it’s served medium-uncommon (50°C/122°F) as properly being an oily fish which means it’s extra forgiving. however for other fish, we target a slightly better inner temperature so it’s exceptional to complete within the oven so it cooks through extra flippantly.
  10. Dispose of from oven – cook the fish within the oven for 10 minutes or until the internal temperature is 55°C / 131°F at the thickest point. that is whilst the fish is completely cooked but at most fulfilling juiciness. in case you don’t have a meat thermometer (however you need to, it’s the 20th century! i exploit a Thermapen), take a look at to look if the flesh flakes without problems.
  11. Rest 3 mins – region the barramundi on a rack pores and skin facet up to relaxation for three minutes. Resting lets in the juices inside the barramundi to redistribute in the course of the flesh so it’s juicier when eating. in case you skip the rest, the juices will run anywhere when you narrow into it instead of staying in the flesh and ending up in your mouth … sad!
    Resting accomplished, time to consume! See beneath for recommendations for aspects.

What and how to serve with Crispy Skin Fish

There’s two large rules here:

  1. Usually serve crispy skin fish with the pores and skin aspect up; and
  2. Handiest sauce it just before serving! Fish pores and skin is virtually quite delicate, it gained’t keep crispiness for as long as, say, crispy baked chicken or chicken wings.
  • Saucy Sides

I like to serve crispy skin fish with “saucy” aspects that do double responsibility as a sauce and facet dish. And once in a while, they cover my starch + vegetable quota too, including the Lentil Ragout pictured all through this post!

  1. French Goat’s Cheese Salad 
  2. Broccoli Soup
  3. Creamy Cucumber Salad
  4. Lebanese Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing
  5. French Fries or Baked potato
  • Sauces for Crispy Skin Fish

And here is a selection of sauces for fish

  1. Creamy white wine sauce*
  2. Bearnaise Sauce
  3. Garlic butter for fish*
  4. Lemon butter for fish (Beurre noisette)
  5. Lemon Cream Sauce (use slider to scale recipe down)
  6. Dill Garlic Herb Sauce* for fish (scale recipe down)

Make those in the same pan even as the fish is resting.

In case you try this recipe, tell us what you made inside the feedback phase beneath! What fish you used, what sides and what sauce. different readers love getting new ideas – as do I!

Crispy Skin Fish in Just 5 Minutes

Crispy Skin Fish in Just 5 Minutes

Crispy skin Fish is one of the maximum delicious and quick ways to cook dinner a bit of a fish! To nail shatteringly crunchy pores and skin every time, you simply need dry pores and skin,
prep time
3 mins
cooking time
2 mins
total time
5 mins



  • 180g/6oz x 2 barramundi or other fish fillets , skin on, pin boned (Note 1)

  • 2 tbsp olive oil (or vegetable, canola or grapeseed oil)

  • 3/4 tsp cooking/kosher salt (or 1/2 tsp table salt, Note 2)

  • 1/4 tsp black pepper

  • Sauces and sides – see Note 7 below




Thick Fillets definition: Fish > 2.5cm / 1" thick on the thickest point. fine completed inside the oven. (be aware three)
Pan kind: Non-stick pan, an oven proof one if you have Thick Fillets. (word 4)
Preheat oven (for Thick Fillets): Preheat oven to 200°C/390°F (180°C fan).


Dry skin: Pat pores and skin dry with paper towels. for additonal precaution, leave the fish fillets within the refrigerator skin facet up, exposed, for an hour. (I hardly ever do this)
Scoring skin (observe 5): For Thick Fillets, rating the skin by using slicing slashes into the skin as pictured in put up. 4cm slashes 1cm apart, 2 – 3mm deep, thru the skin and ever so barely into the flesh (1.6" long, zero.4" aside, 0.1" deep)
Season fish: Sprinkle the flesh and skin with the salt and pepper simply before cooking.
Heat oil nicely: warmth oil in a non stick pan over medium excessive heat until you see the primary small wisps of smoke.
Press fish down: place one fillet into the pan skin side down, then use your arms or spatula to press down lightly for 10 seconds to allow the skin to seal flat in opposition to the hot floor. Repeat with the alternative fillet (execs: Do both on the same time!).
Cook pores and skin 2 – three minutes: cook dinner the pores and skin facet for two to 3 mins until it's crispy inside the centre and golden. carry up to test.
Transfer Thick Fillets to oven: transfer to oven for 10 mins (do now not flip, keep skin side nevertheless down – is going crispier!) or until the internal temperature is 55°C/131°F. (observe 6)
Thin fillets: flip and prepare dinner the flesh facet inside the pan.
Rest 3 mins: switch fish to a rack with the pores and skin aspect UP. rest for three minutes.
Serving: To serve, place on a plate skin aspect UP. Do not pour sauce at the skin till just before serving else it'll melt the fish pores and skin. See ingredients above for suggested sauces and aspects!


1. Fish – 180g/6oz is a standard portion size per person for fish. Fish with skin that goes crispy that can be used for this recipe – see full list in the Fish With Skin That Goes Crispy post. Here’s the most common fish: Barramundi – as used in this recipe Bream Blue eye cod / trevalla Cod Jewfish Ocean perch Orange roughy See Bass Salmon – see Crispy Skin Salmon recipe Snapper Tilapia Trout – Ocean trout and river trout If you are filleting your own fish, I will be impressed – brag in the comments below and tell me what you caught! If you using store bought fillets, they should already come pin boned (ie bones removed) and descaled (ie scales scraped off). But it’s always wise to check, just in case! 2. Salt – All my recipes use cooking salt (same as kosher salt) which are larger grains that table salt so they are easier to handle for cooking purposes. So if you only have table salt, use less for the equivalent saltiness. 3. Thick fillets – For fillets > / 1″ thick, it is best to start on the stove then finish in the oven so the flesh cooks through evenly. If you don’t, you will end up with a thick band of overcooked flesh before the middle cooks through. Also best to keep the skin side down – it’s the optimum way to achieve the balance of ultra crispy skin with the most evenly cooked flesh. Exception – Salmon which can be entirely cooked on the stove because it’s an oily fish and also because it is best served medium rare (ie slightly less cooked than white fish). See separate recipe for Crispy Skin Salmon. 4. Oven proof pan – If you don’t have one, transfer the pan seared fish to a pre-heated tray for the baking part. Make sure the tray is preheated well then take it out, spray with oil and put the fish skin side down on it. Bake per recipe. 5. Scoring skin – Easiest way to do this is to grip the flesh on either side of where you want to cut the slashes which will tighten the skin which makes it easier to cut. See video at 16 seconds. 6. Cooking time will vary depend on the thickness of the fillet. The 2.5cm / 1″ thick barramundi fillet weighing 180g/6oz took exactly 10 minutes in the oven. Note: thin fillets can be cooked entirely on the stove. 7. Serving options: Sides that act as a sauce for the fish: French Lentil Ragout (as pictured in post) Easy no-stir Lemon Herb Risotto (as pictured in post) Pea Puree – vibrant green colour looks terrific against the fish! Creamy mashed cauliflower Sauces Creamy white wine sauce* Bearnaise Sauce Garlic butter for fish* Lemon butter for fish (Beurre noisette) Lemon Cream Sauce (scale recipe down) * Make these in the same pan while the fish is resting.
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