Keema Matar – Perfect Indian Lunch

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Growing up, Keema Matar changed into some thing that made a welcome look at the dinner table often.

It’s the greener, quicker and simpler brother to Aloo Keema, who made an same variety of welcome dinner appearances.

It’s a pretty traditional, wholesome Pakistani curry – alongside different company favourites such as Aloo Gosht and chicken Shorba.

I suggest, what’s no longer to like about Keema Matar? To listing some guidelines in its favour…

  • It’s top notch smooth to make – multi function pot, no extra fanciness, no drama, simply throw the whole thing right into a pot and go away it to simmer with a good bhoon (sauté) toward the stop
  • now not best does it live inside the refrigerator virtually nicely, it freezes splendidly to. This makes it great for meal prep!
  • it is so so versatile. Serve it along roti, rice, in a cheese sandwich, among burger buns, in a tortilla wrap, toss it in some pasta, devour it with a spoon. Is there whatever Keema Matar can’t do?
  • My youngsters LOOOOOVE this stuff. consisting of the one year old! Like, he actually eats it with his bare hands, mashaAllah!
  • Scrumptious inexperienced peas. Nuff’ said
Keema Matar - NomNomWow
Keema Matar – NomNomWow

What kind of meat is best in Keema Matar?

living in the united kingdom, lamb has constantly been our preferred red meat of preference really due to availability, value, and because my Mum had an inexplainable aversion to beef. My preference for lamb has stuck over the years. It’s flavourful, meaty and has this intensity that can’t simply be replicated by chicken, which is why I hardly ever cook with chicken keema.

Goat/mutton is also exquisite too! i’m conscious it’s far the more not unusual red meat utilized in Pakistan. because of the cost I tend to aspect greater with lamb, otherwise in terms of flavour I in reality believe goat is the winner.

In phrases of the texture of the keema you get, you can either get very first-class minced meat which has been surpassed through the mince machine, or a chunkier haath ka keema, which is minced meat cut with the aid of a butcher the use of their own knife. My non-public desire is haath ka keema – I like the meaty bite you get from the chunky texture. you’re free to pick out which once you and your own family choose.

This recipe may be used for all kinds of meat. right here is how cook instances range for one of a kind meats in contrast to lamb (that’s what I’ve used in this specific recipe)

  • For red meat, you may truly cook dinner it for the identical time as lamb
  • For goat/mutton, you’ll need to cook the beef for as a minimum 45 minutes extra. because of this, you’ll need to feature a further zero.5-zero.75 cups of water
  • For chicken, you could pass ahead and half of the cook dinner time and you may probable break out with including no additional water relying on how tons moisture your chicken is preserving.

I’ve included those cook times in the recipe card under too.

How to make Keema Matar

This recipe is SO easy!

start out via including in all of the ingredients listed within the recipe card to a deep pot or pan apart from the oil, peas and fresh coriander.

Add in some water (all the quantities are listed within the recipe card under), cover with a lid and permit the whole lot to simmer for among 1/2 an hour to at least one.five hours, depending on the beef you have got. test in every 15-20 mins, stirring to make certain the ingredients are nicely mixed.

Once the time is up, take the lid off and flip the heat as much as high. begin to dry off any excess moisture ultimate. as soon as matters start to appearance dry, add within the oil and keep to sauté the minced meat until the oil starts offevolved to split and rise to the pinnacle/edges. You’ll need to stir constantly for the duration of this time to ensure nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan.

Above is a earlier than and after of the Keema Matar – before any sauteing and addition of oil, and after all the sauteing. you can see how all of the large bits of ingredients like the onion have all broken drastically and the way everything is looking more like a curry. You want to dry this out even further than the image – you essentially need to dry it out so much it seems like you couldn’t likely dry it out any similarly!

As soon as the oil has risen, add inside the peas and a few water. you notice how dry the keema appears in this image below? That’s how lots you want too saute the Keema Matar out earlier than intending to this step. cowl with a lid, flip the heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes.

Your Keema Matar is ready! Garnish with fresh coriander before serving.

The ultimate tip for all Desi cooking… but especially for Keema Matar

You’ve probable heard this out of your Mum, Dadi, Nani or Phuphi. all the actual flavour comes from the bhoon. in case you don’t sauté your curry nicely it will taste incomplete and gained’t get that satisfying colour. if you recognise, you understand.

So guys, please don’t skimp on that bhoon-ing movement. genuinely get in there, permit the water to dry completely, keep stirring it until you feel like you could’t dry it out even greater, after which sauté it some more. this may take the time, however it’s far in which all the magic is going on.

Consider me, a curry even with a simple spicing of salt, chilli and turmeric can flavor top notch if you get that bhoon right. in any other case, no fancy concoction of distinguished spices can prevent.

The reason why this is SUCH an important part when cooking Keema Matar is due to the fact Keema does have a tendency to maintain onto a sure ‘undone’ taste if it isn’t fried properly. Like, it’ll basically be boiled minced meat. Who eats boiled minced meat? literally no person.

An awesome, thorough bhoon additionally enables the ones pesky portions of onions, garlic and tomato fall apart into the curry, so you’re now not left with stray portions. some humans won’t thoughts the ones in their curry, but many humans do and the high-quality manner to take away the ones, along ensuring you chop your elements finely, is the holy bhoon.

More tips to achieve the holy grail of great Keema Matar 

  • I make no mystery of this in ANY of my weblog posts – use fresh ingredients. It makes a global of a distinction!
  • Understand which type of peas you select. This is basically a private preference. I decide on big garden peas over petit pois, I simply feel like they look greater colourful and juicy. It’s desirable to surely recognise what you select though so you don’t end up with Keema Matar you’re not totally satisfied with.
  • Further, I constantly opt to use frozen peas over tinned. They preserve their shape higher and flavor higher. I haven’t any experience of cooking with peas from scratch – if you want to apply raw peas inside the recipe then cook dinner them fully before adding them.
  • I constantly usually always suggest haath ka keema for any form of keema dish. Haath ka keema is minced meat which has been minced with the aid of a butcher the usage of a knife, no longer a system. It’s chunkier, has more of a chew and it’s normally extra sparkling due to the fact they need to make it for you on order, instead of giving you the minced meat that is on show
  • Get the great fine of keema you could. greater on this next

How to get the best quality Keema Matar

The pleasant of meat honestly counts for any type of cooking, but especially so for keema.

Numerous humans whinge about disliking keema due to the fact ‘keema smells’.

My family has been within the meat industry for nearly 30 years and that i know plenty approximately right meat. And all i will say is, when you have troubles with pungent keema that you could’t restoration with an amazing bhoon-ing session, then you definitely aren’t getting precise great meat. That won’t be what you want to listen, however that’s certainly the reality.

I am so used to sparkling, brilliant pleasant meat that one whiff of a mediocre batch of keema is sufficient for me to this could’t probable bring about an awesome tasting meal.

However how do you ensure you get desirable keema if you don’t have own family with meat stores? Ask your neighborhood butcher while a fresh delivery of meat is coming and try and buy it on that identical day. It’s likely an amazing idea to befriend someone at your neighborhood butchers for this very reason, otherwise it could be hard to discover this information out.

Additionally, i’d recommend you to no longer buy the keema that is on display. Ask for cuts of keema to be made fresh for you – for bird, thigh is usually greater flavourful, and for pork it’s your private choice as to whether you decide upon the leg or breast.

How can you serve Keema Matar?

How are you going to no longer? Lol.

Significantly, this toddler is SO darned versatile! Like I cited above, it’s great served alongside roti, rice, in a sandwich, in pasta… the list goes on! It’s basically one of the excellent curries you could make in case you’re after performance! It’s an absolute favored of ours to serve in a toastie tomorrow with a few cheese!

If you want to serve it alongside different Pakistani dishes as a selection, i might advise balancing it with a greater soupy dish, considering the fact that Keema Matar is more of a ‘dry’ curry. For a homely, weeknight meal I’d suggest a Tadka Dal or chook Shorba. For some thing a bit more greater-ish, Aloo Gosht is always a winner!

I am hoping you revel in this recipe just as much as i have loved it developing up!

Keema Matar - Perfect Indian Lunch

Keema Matar - Perfect Indian Lunch

Growing up, Keema Matar changed into some thing that made a welcome look at the dinner table often.
cooking time
1 hour 15 minutes
total time
1 hour 15 minutes



  • 0.5 cup oil (add more if needed, see notes)

  • 2 medium to large onions, chopped

  • 8 cloves garlic

  • 1 inch ginger

  • 3 large tomatoes, chopped

  • 500 grams minced meat, minced. I used lamb in this recipe

  • 1.5 tsp salt, or to taste

  • 2.5 tsp ground coriander

  • 1.5 tsp ground cumin

  • 1 tsp red chilli powder

  • 1 tsp paprika (optional), can substitute with deghi mirch or Kashmiri red chilli powder

  • 1 tsp coarsely crushed black pepper

  • 0.75 cups of peas, frozen or cooked fresh

  • a handful of freshly chopped coriander


Add the whole thing into a deep pot apart from the oil, peas and sparkling coriander. blend the entirety together, making sure all the ingredients are nicely dispensed
For lamb and beef, add zero,5 cups of water. For goat, add 1.five cups of water. For chicken, no water is wanted. carry the mixture to a boil, then cover with a lid and simmer on low heat for 45 mins for lamb or beef, 1.5hrs for goat and 20 minutes for chicken. supply the entirety a stir after every 15-20 minutes, ensuring to maintain breaking up the minced meat. here is what my cooking appeared like as soon as the time became up
Once the time is up, take off the lid, flip the heat as much as high and permit the water to dry out, stirring frequently. as soon as the aggregate looks dry, add within the oil and start to sauté the curry. preserve stirring vigorously to help the curry ruin down - this entire manner can easily take round 15 minutes. you will recognise the sautéing manner is executed whilst the beef has darkened considerably, the oil has all started to upward push at the rims and when it seems like the curry will catch at the bottom of the pan in case you sauté it to any extent further
Add the peas and 0.5 cups of water. cover the curry once more and permit this to simmer on low for 10 mins
Keema Matar is prepared! Garnish it with sparkling coriander before serving


You can discover you need greater oil in case you use chicken, or if you use a much less fatty cut of meat. Use this amount of oil as a hard estimate, but add greater/less if you see suit.
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