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Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad

15 mins Cook
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In case you love cucumbers, or maybe if you don’t, you need to do this Asian cucumber salad recipe! Smashing is essential to the making and consuming revel in – it creates crevices for the chunky chili dressing to nestle in. the best aggregate of fresh and firecracker warmness. OBSESSED!

Cucumber Salad

Spicy cucumber salad

Anyone aware of me is aware that I become obsessed with brilliant new toys and right now, that brilliant new toy is a highly spiced Cucumber Salad. I’ve been making and consuming it obsessively for weeks, every so often as a meal, defensively the usage of recipe checking as an excuse whenever a person commented on the presence of but another bath of this in my refrigerator.

It’s short to make. An addictive aggregate of fresh cucumber with a spicy in-your-face dressing balanced with a beneficent handful of green onion and shallots.
I can’t wait which will turn out to be as obsessed as me. permits be protecting our obsession together!

terrified of the chili? Make Smashed Cucumbers with ginger sauce rather!

This cucumber smashing business

Cucumbers are slippery suckers. Dressing just doesn’t persist with it.

that’s why Asians are so keen on smashing cucumbers. Bash them with a meat mallet, rolling pin, or different such heavy object so they burst open a bit. This creates splits and crevices for dressing and different salad add-ins (like inexperienced onions, sesame seeds) and so on to nestle in. This means that more flavor in every chunk. Plus you may salt them which attracts extra water out which dilutes flavor when you devour them.

It’s a splendid approach. It’s effective for consuming enjoy, and it’s rather therapeutic. Come domestic after an awful day at paintings and bash away!

Ingredients in Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad


We’re welcoming returned our vintage friend chili crisp that I recognize you dashed out to get to make the Chilli Crisp Noodles from some weeks ago. provides extremely good crunch from crispy chili bits, vivid crimson chili oil, and savory flavor that everyone comes unfastened within the jar – especially if you get the global favorite Laoganma Crispy Chilli Oil that is popular for precise cause. (Pictured under)

Spiciness – exceptionally no longer that spicy, it seems a way more fierce than it virtually is! I’m able to consume (small-ish) spoonfuls of it immediately out of the jar.
locate Laoganma Crispy Chilli Oil inside the Asian aisle of large grocery stores (Aus: Woolies), else in Asian stores, and study more about this addictive paste in the Chilli Crisp Noodles. no longer to be harassed with other chili sauces made by way of this emblem and comparable, like spicy Chilli Oil, warm Chilli Sauce, and hot Chilli Oil. look for the word CRISP or CRISPY or CRUNCH!

other chili crisp brands – There are masses out there, mass-produced and boutique ones. sold underneath various names but all correspond to comparable means – crispy chili oil, chili crunch, crunchy chili oil, and simply it seems that “chili crisp”. also, recollect inside the States, chili is spelt with one “l” – chili.


Right here’s what you need for the salad element:

  • Cucumbers – Use 4 cucumbers around 19 – 20cm / 7-8″ lengthy. Scale up or down if yours are larger or smaller. I use 4 of what we call Lebanese cucumbers right here in Australia (pictured) or 2 longer English / telegraph cucumbers which are around 30cm/1 feet long.
  • Eschallot / French onion – known as shallots inside the US, these toddler onions aren’t as harsh onion-y and finer than normal onions. I discover them an ache to peel – because they have got exceptional, papery skin – so commonly try and keep away from them unless I honestly do think it makes a dish better. In today’s case, I like them because a) we use them uncooked, and b) they flop better instead of being all pokey. replacement with purple onion however slice them extra finely. Perhaps use a mandolin.
  • green onion – For more freshness inside the salad. With all the cucumber freshness and the bold spicy sauce, this salad can take it. It wants it!
  • Sesame seeds – Tossed into the salad for added sesame goodness.


And here’s all you need for the quite simple dressing. because the chili crisp does a lot of the flavor heavy lifting right here – it has garlic, salt, sugar, and oil!

  • Sesame oil – For stunning sesame flavor. Use toasted sesame oil – it’s brown and has extra flavor than untoasted (that’s yellow). The default sesame oil offered in Australia is toasted, untoasted is harder to discover.
  • Rice vinegar – because it’s an Asian salad, we’re the usage of an Asian vinegar right here that’s milder than most Western vinegar. however, any clean vinegar can be substituted in a pinch because this is not a number one ingredient – regular white vinegar, apple cider, champagne vinegar, and so forth.
  • Soy sauce – The salt within the dressing. Use an all-cause one or light soy sauce. Don’t use dark soy sauce (too robust) or sweet soy sauce (too candy).

How to make Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad

Great simple – damage cucumber, salt it (attracts out water that dilutes flavor), toss with 3 component dressing and as much chili crisp as you dare!


  • Smashing – Hit the cucumber with a meat mallet, rolling pin, hammer, or comparable and enjoy the pressure remedy or simply experience the amusing factor. Hit tough enough to make them break up open down the edges but not so tough you squish them into mush.
  • cut the cucumber lengthwise down the center then into 2.4cm/1″ portions.
  • Salt half-hour – positioned them in a bowl then toss with salt. leave for 30 minutes. The salt will draw out water from the cucumbers which dilute flavor whilst you eat them. It also seasons the cucumbers all the manner though.
  • We’re simplest the usage of three/4 teaspoon salt right here and you’ll be surprised how effective that is for the amount of cucumber we’re the use of.
  • Drain and discard the cucumber water from the bowl (too salty to reuse for another purpose). Use a colander in case you want to be thorough else simply drain it out of the bowl, the use your hand to hold the cucumbers in.


  • Dressing – Whisk the soy sauce, sesame oil, and vinegar in a bowl until it combines properly. You’ll recognize it as it becomes murky and thicker, as opposed to clean and break up.
  • dress – add inexperienced onion, shallots, sesame and dressing in a bowl.
  • CHILLI CRISP! upload 2 tablespoons of chili crisp – or greater in case you dare! You need to get a mound of the crispy chili – it will likely be nicely soaked with the red chili oil that colors this salad. you could always add more once you toss. flavor and add, taste and add!
  • Toss nicely until the eschalots emerge as floppy. Then pile up excessive right into a shallow bowl and serve!

Eat with spoon

You’ll locate that the longer this salad sits around, the more water is drawn out of the cucumbers. So a few hours after making / the next day, it looks as if the above.

So, my unusual consuming recommendation for this salad is as follows:

  • Freshly made – The dressing is more extremely flavored and coats / gets caught inside the cucumber crevices higher, much less/little pooled on the plate. Serve and devour with a fork.
  • After a few hours / next day – The dressing is diluted from greater water drawn out of the cucumbers. It’s now not watery and flavorless, but it’s now not as excessive as when freshly made. So devour with a spoon like soup to get plenty of dressing in each mouthful. It’s so accurate!


Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad

Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad

In case you love cucumbers, or maybe if you don’t, you need to do this Asian cucumber salad recipe! Smashing is essential to the making and consuming revel in – it creates crevices for the chunky chili dressing to nestle in. the best aggregate of fresh and firecracker warmness. OBSESSED!
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
25 mins



  • 4 cucumbers (~20cm/8", scale up/down for shorter/longer, Note 1)

  • 3/4 tsp cooking/kosher salt

  • 1 eschalot/French onion , halved then very thinly sliced (US: shallot) (Note 2)

  • 1 cup green onion , green part only finely sliced (1 large, 2 small stems)

  • 2 tbsp+ chilli crisp (crispy chilli oil) – Laoganma is my fave (Note 3)

  • 2 tsp white seame seeds , toasted (save some for topping)


  • 1 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar (sub any clear vinegar)

  • 2 tsp soy sauce , all-purpose or light (Note 4)

  • 2 tsp sesame oil , toasted (ie brown, not yellow)




ruin – Hit cucumbers with a meat mallet, rolling pin, or similar to make the edges burst open. cut in half lengthwise then into 2.5cm/1" portions.
Salt 30 min – place in a bowl, and toss with salt. Set aside for 30 minutes to attract out water (be aware of five). Drain/stress and discard salty water, leave cucumbers in the same bowl.


Whisk Dressing in a bowl.
test the spiciness of your chili crisp – they vary via logo. If the usage of Laoganma, stay with the recipe, else modify to flavor.
Toss – put inexperienced onion, eschalots, sesame seeds, dressing, and chili crisp in with the cucumbers. Toss till eschalots go floppy – ~30 seconds.
Serve, sprinkled with extra sesame seeds and dollops of chili crisp if you dare!
observe: Water keeps coming out of cucumbers so after a few hours/subsequent day, you'll have loads greater dressing however now not as excessively flavored. So consume/serve with a spoon to get lots of dressing in each bite!


Cucumbers – I use 4 of what we name Lebanese cucumbers right here in Australia, the equal is Persian inside the US (though normally slightly smaller). Or 2 longer English / telegraph cucumbers which are around 30cm/1 foot long. Eschalot/French onion – called shallots inside the US, no longer as hash onion-y as normal onions and more sensitive so they flop and meld higher. Sub with 1/s small purple onion sliced extra finely. Chilli crisp – Laoganma is a worldwide favorite, offered in huge grocery stores as well as Asian shops. It’s in reality not that highly spiced, it’s extra approximately the crunchy chili and salty/sweet flavor. lots of other manufacturers – search for (Asian) jars with the word CRISPY, CRUNCHY, or CRUNCH in it! Tres are contemporary within the Western world (I’m late to the birthday party). Use leftovers for Chilli Crisp Noodles! four. Soy sauce – All reason or mild soy. no longer dark (too excessive) or candy (too…sweet!). Smashing/salting – draws extra water out of cucumbers that make the flavor watery. Leftovers are desirable for 24 hours, after this the cucumbers go a bit too smooth for my taste. nutrition according to serving, assuming 4 servings as an aspect.
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