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Giant Hash Brown

15 mins Cook
I’m but to discover a shape of potatoes I don’t like. Mashed, fried, roasted, pureed, smashed, soup, salad, gnocchi, rosti, has setbacks, gratin, crammed, croquette, chips….the list goes on and on. And hash browns are right on the pinnacle of the list. I can’t consider a higher way to begin an afternoon than with a salty, crispy, greasy, moist, freshly made hash brown. Plus, it’s the closing hangover therapy.
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Lunchbox Pizza Bread (easy)

40 mins Cook
An affordable and convenient replica of the much-loved Bakers’ Delight Pizza Bread on the go! As the name suggests, it is not as hot as regular pizza and is meant to be eaten at room temperature in a lunch box. Just think: morning tea, a picnic, a hungry teenager, and what you’ve stashed in the freezer!
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