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Pot Roasted Coconut Chicken

20 mins Cook
This pot-roasted coconut chicken is not only visually stunning but also surprisingly easy to prepare, requiring only a handful of basic ingredients. It epitomizes the type of dish I truly enjoy creating, and the best part is, it happens to be good for your health! This delightful recipe hails from the “Feel Good Food” cookbook, authored by Valli Little, a revered figure in the Australian culinary world, celebrated as a chef, cookbook writer, and magazine editor.
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Haloumi fries

20 mins Cook
One of the most delightful haloumi recipes in my repertoire: Haloumi Fries! Imagine them as an upgraded version of French fries. They boast a crispier exterior (courtesy of panko breadcrumbs) while harboring warm, savory haloumi cheese within. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd at a party or starting a meal, these fries are a guaranteed hit. You can choose to fry, bake, or air-fry them to perfection!
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Red Vietnamese Fried Rice

30 mins Cook
Presenting the fried rice rendition of the classic Vietnamese red rice – a simple tomato-infused rice traditionally prepared through steaming in a pot. To transform it into a swift and convenient meal, I introduced ham, peas, and eggs. The inclusion of garlic while stir-frying the tomato rice further enriches the flavor profile, hitting the mark perfectly!
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15 mins Cook
Mastering the art of creating a fluffy and indulgent omelette is a culinary skill that should be in everyone’s repertoire! Once you’ve grasped the fundamental techniques, the possibilities for fillings become boundless. This particular omelette boasts a luscious, buttery quality and is generously filled with savory garlic-infused mushrooms. Alternatively, you can explore variations like incorporating crispy bacon or ham, crisp asparagus, or even delectable salmon.
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