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Lemon Garlic SLOW COOKER Roast Chicken

20 mins Cook
The Slow Cooker Roast Chicken is an incredibly juicy, forgiving, and simple whole chicken recipe. It offers a fantastic way to prepare a whole chicken in the slow cooker, delivering delightful flavors reminiscent of Greek cuisine. Moreover, this recipe allows for both slow cooking and pressure cooking options. For that extra crispy skin, you can also pop it under the grill or broiler for 5 minutes. With this versatile and mouthwatering dish, you can enjoy a delicious Sunday Roast Chicken dinner any day you desire!
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Garlic cheese pizza

30 mins Cook
Does any go-to for your favorite pizzeria begin without garlic cheese pizza? Of course no longer! My exceptional garlic pizza makes use of each parmesan and mozzarella and infuses olive oil with garlic (it most effectively takes 10 minutes). It’s outrageously top!
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