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20 mins Cook
Vegan Mushroom Sauce – Made with only 5 ingredients, excluding salt and pepper, this easy mushroom sauce recipe is rich and creamy. It’s dairy-free, gluten-free, and pretty much the best mushroom sauce ever! For the mushroom lover, this easy vegan mushroom sauce made from scratch is great and pairs perfectly with that pillowy fluffy mashed potatoes you wish you could whip up but have leftovers. ūüôā This is the best food!
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Beef fried rice

10 mins Cook
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Pearl Couscous Salad

15 mins Cook
Pearl couscous is¬†a jumbo¬†of the¬†most¬†common¬†small¬†couscous. Also known as gourmet and Israeli couscous,¬†they are¬†like little pearls of pasta¬†–¬†hence the name! Makes a¬†great¬†salad and is a great¬†option¬†for¬†a party as it¬†never fails to impress.
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Epic Chunky Beef and Mushroom Pie

2 hrs 30 mins Cook
A super-tender piece¬†of beef,¬†loaded with¬†fresh¬†mushrooms, drenched¬†in the most¬†amazing sauce¬†and topped with¬†flaky¬†golden puff pastry.¬†Friends,¬†this¬†isn’t¬†just beef pie. This is an EPIC¬†beef¬†and¬†mushroom pie¬†with a little secret ingredient¬†to take it¬†to the next level!
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12 hour Cook
If the thought of this cold Spanish soup brings to mind images of watery, tasteless pureed vegetables, think again! The secret to really good gazpacho is to marinate well-ripe vegetables in vinegar, olive oil, and garlic. Amazing and refreshing summer food full of flavor. no cook!
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Lunchbox Pizza Bread (easy)

40 mins Cook
An¬†affordable and convenient replica¬†of the¬†much-loved Bakers’¬†Delight¬†Pizza Bread on the go! As the name suggests, it is not as hot as regular¬†pizza¬†and is meant¬†to be eaten at room¬†temperature in a lunch box. Just think:¬†morning tea,¬†a picnic, a¬†hungry¬†teenager, and what you’ve stashed in the freezer!
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