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Lebanese Green Bean Stew

40 mins Cook
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This Lebanese inexperienced bean stew is a one-pot meal made with chicken, tomatoes, and fragrant spices. it is a complete-bodied meal! Serve over rice or on its personal.

This fragrant Lebanese green bean stew is a savory, filling, one-pot dish that combines succulent chicken and fresh inexperienced beans in a wealthy, full-bodied tomato broth filled with taste from fresh herbs and spices. It’s traditionally served over rice but may be eaten as is or over cauliflower rice in case you’re low-carb.

bowl of green bean stew served over Lebanese rice with lemon wedge
This Lebanese green bean stew is a delicious and healthful dish that is best for Ramadan or another time of the 12 months! It’s full of flavor from fragrant spices like crushed purple pepper, bay leaves, and my selfmade 7 spice combo. The first-rate part is that it’s so smooth to make – just throw everything in the pot and let it simmer.

Lebanese Green Bean Stew - NomNomWow
Lebanese Green Bean Stew – NomNomWow

Why You’ll Love This Arabic Green Bean Stew

  • Complete meal. This stew is a whole meal in itself, with plenty of protein and fiber from the fowl and green beans, specifically whilst served over the vermicelli rice.
  • Rich and flavorful. The tomato broth is rich and flavorful, way to the aromatic spices used. You’ve got acidity from the tomatoes, earthy goodness from the inexperienced beans, and heat from the beaten red pepper flakes.
  • One-Pot meal. This stew is cooked in a single pot, making it easy and convenient to make. ideal for nights while you don’t want to cope with a whole lot of cleanup or fuss.
  • Perfect for leftovers. It’s hard to make a small pot of those Arabic stews, so this recipe surely has 8 servings that’s fantastic for a large own family or for leftovers tomorrow. The stew gets even higher the following day!
  • Unique flavor however staple elements. This stew has a completely unique taste that is specific than most stews, but it’s nonetheless made with staple ingredients which you probable have already got in your pantry.

Ingredients to Make Green Bean Stew With Meat

  • Chicken: i take advantage of chicken breast on this recipe, however you can also use thighs or a mix of darkish and chicken.
  • Green beans: i use frozen green beans in this recipe, however you can additionally use fresh. I do no longer advise the use of canned inexperienced beans.
  • Canned diced tomatoes & tomato paste: The diced tomatoes supply the stew a pleasing acidity and thickness, even as the tomato paste adds intensity of flavor.
  • Garlic: fresh garlic is excellent in this recipe, but you could additionally use dried if that’s all you have got available. due to the fact I make stews a couple instances a month, I regularly simply use frozen garlic.
  • Cilantro: Cilantro certainly adds freshness and brightness to the stew and it’s a common starter with garlic for many Arabic stews. in case you don’t like cilantro, you could omit it or replacement it with parsley.
  • Spices: overwhelmed red pepper flakes, bay leaves, and my selfmade seven-spice combo make this stew taste high-quality!
  • Olive oil: Olive oil acts as a flavor enhancer and allows to bring out the flavors of the cilantro, garlic, and red pepper.

How to Make Lebanese Green Bean Stew

  • Heat the olive oil, then add the cilantro, garlic, and beaten purple pepper; cook till the mixture is fragrant.
  • Add the tomato paste and prepare dinner together with the cilantro mixture till properly blended and aromatic.
  • Once the tomato paste is nicely included, add the diced tomatoes and water and stir.
  • Add the green beans, raw chicken breast, and bay leaves. Season with salt, pepper, and 7 Spice, and prepare dinner until the fowl is fully cooked.
  • Shred the chicken breast and return it to the pot.
  • Allow the shredded chicken simmer within the tomato broth, enhancing the taste and giving it time to thicken whilst the flavors settle.

Tips for Making Lebanese Green Beans With Tomatoes

  • Don’t pass the simmer time after including the chicken again. in lots of households, these Arabic stews will simmer over the stove for hours due to the fact they get higher as they sit. ensure to allow time for that to decorate the flavor of the inexperienced bean stew.
  • Poach the chicken within the tomato broth. Many traditional recipes ask for boiling the chicken one at a time with water and cinnamon sticks and then shredding that chook and adding it to the tomato broth. I discover it so much less complicated to simply poach the fowl in the broth to apply one much less pot and assist beautify the broth taste.
  • Alter the broth thickness in your likeness. This honestly comes all the way down to personal choice. usually, you received’t have a soupy consistency that you can slurp, but one this is thicker and greater chunky. add extra tomato paste for a thicker consistency or greater broth for a thinner one.
  • Don’t thaw the inexperienced beans. The frozen green beans work wonderful in this recipe because they will cook down and launch their herbal water, so that you can assist to skinny out the broth a bit. if you use fresh inexperienced beans, you would possibly want to add an additional ½ cup – ¾ cup of water to the pot.

Popular Substitutions & Additions

  • Use beef rather than chicken. you can update the fowl with red meat stew meat. You’ll want to cook dinner your inexperienced bean stew for a further hour or so if using red meat to get the stew meat to that soft point. skip including the green beans in until the final 1/2 hour of cooking.
  • Add a can of chickpeas. if you’re trying to add a few protein and bulk to the stew, stir in a can of chickpeas when including the fowl lower back into the pot. The chickpeas will absorb some of the flavors of the stew and make it even more scrumptious.
  • Make it vegetarian. most of those stews can stand on their own without any meat delivered to them because they may be so hearty and filling with the vegetables they’re loaded with. if you make it vegetarian, you can add greater vegetables like potatoes or carrots.
  • Serve with a aspect of pita bread. A heat, fluffy piece of pita bread is the perfect accompaniment to this flavorful stew and will take in all the delicious juices. you can make a batch of pita bread at domestic in no-time or choose a store bought pita. You’ll need to heat the pitas to lead them to gentle and malleable.

How to Store & Reheat Green Bean Stew

If you’ve made sufficient for leftovers, you’ll need to permit the stew cool to room temperature before shifting it to an hermetic field.

To reheat, area the desired quantity of stew in a pot at the stove over medium heat and cook dinner till heated through, about 15 mins. you could additionally microwave man or woman portions of stew for about mins or till heated through.

How Long Does Green Bean Stew Last in the Refrigerator?

This stew will hold within the fridge for as much as five days. ensure thus far and label the box, so you know how long it’s been within the fridge for. while reheating, always cook till heated thru to ensure that no dangerous micro organism are gift.

Are You Able to Freeze Green Bean Stew?

Yes! This recipe makes for an awesome freezer meal. just ensure to chill the stew completely to room temperature before transferring it to an hermetic container and freezing. The stew will ultimate in the freezer for as much as four months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i make this recipe inside the gradual cooker or instant pot?
This recipe may be adapted to work in the sluggish cooker or immediate Pot. just comply with the identical commands, but prepare dinner on low for eight hours inside the sluggish cooker or on excessive for 4 hours. for the instant pot, set the pressure to high and prepare dinner for 5 minutes and let it sluggish launch for 15 or so minutes.

What kind of rice must I serve with inexperienced bean stew?
You can serve any kind of rice with this stew. Jasmine or basmati rice is usually a very good choice because it has a sensitive flavor and a slightly sticky texture that is going properly with stews. My favored is Lebanese style rice pilaf. you may additionally attempt serving this stew over quinoa for an extra protein raise or cauliflower rice for an extremely low-carb alternative.

Why do my green beans taste rubbery?
In case your inexperienced beans flavor rubbery, it is probably because they’re no longer cooked via. make certain to cook the green beans until they’re tender however no longer mushy. Overcooked green beans will have a smooth texture, and also you don’t want that for this stew both.

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