Momofuku Marinated Beef Skirt Steak Ssam

30 mins Cook
In the bustling metropolis of New York, a city perpetually in pursuit of the newest and most extraordinary, no chef has stirred up as much excitement as David Chang. The founder and proprietor of Momofuku, David Chang has forged a reputation for crafting distinctive, budget-friendly, and utterly captivating fusion Asian cuisine that leaves his patrons raving long after their visits to any of his restaurants. Here’s a dish from his repertoire that is remarkably straightforward to prepare yet delivers a powerful flavor punch.
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Beef Steak Marinade

20 mins Cook
It’s just a great steak marinade that adds juiciness and flavor to turn an affordable steak into a “wow!” transformation. It infuses that extra flavor without overpowering the natural beef flavor and tenderizes. The meat is perfect for any type of steak – on the grill or in the pan!
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Sirloin Steak with Pesto, Bell Peppers (Capsicum) & Flatbread

10 mins Cook
If you’re investing in a good cut of beef, I think you should respect it and keep it simple. Some purists prefer to season a great steak with just salt and pepper. , I like little things like horseradish cream, herb butter and mustard. simple stuff. Serve with steak garnished with pesto and charred peppers.
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