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Flan Pâtissier (French Custard Tart)

30 mins Cook
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Introducing the world’s finest custard tart: Flan Pâtissier! also called Parisian Flan, this brilliant French tart is sort of a large Portuguese Tart. It’s a flaky pastry crust packed with a wicked quantity of creamy and rich vanilla custard that glows with a gorgeous bronze sheen after baking.

to say this element is surprising will be the understatement of the year. phrases fail me. It’s that excellent!

Flan Pâtissier

Flan Pâtissier – French Custard Tart

Flan Pâtissier is a French custard tart this is made with a pastry crust full of vanilla custard and baked.

additionally referred to as Parisian Flan, you’ll discover it in every suburban bakery all throughout France. It blows my thoughts to recognise that this pastry is so not unusual for the French that to them it’s considered no huge deal as some distance as pastries move. To this Aussie lass, it’s miles a massive deal. it’s miles phenomenally appropriate. Indescribably outstanding. My dessert discovery of the yr.

Given in particular that it’s a rare locate in Australia, i was determined to crack the recipe. With the valuable assist of a professional French pastry chef Jennifer Pogmore, I’m satisfied to report achievement!

all people who has tried the 20+ variations we churned out growing the recipe has cherished it. they can’t get sufficient of it.

this is one of these recipes I’m so in my opinion proud of because I worked tough to perfect it and do the unique justice. and that i’m thrilled to be sharing it with you!

About Flan Pâtissier

The custard used for Flan Pâtissier is Creme Patissiere, a wealthy and creamy vanilla custard used in lots of desserts in France. It receives its richness from egg yolks which, mixed with cornflour/cornstarch, is what makes it set to an excellent consistency such that it may be sliced well however melts to your mouth when you devour it.

Chef Jennifer Pogmore tells me there are no difficult policies in France approximately the kind of pastry used for the Flan Pâtissier crust, it just comes all the way down to the pastry chef making it. In each boulangeries (French bakeries) and patisseries, Pâte Sucrée (French candy tart crust) is quite common, as is shortcrust and puff pastry.

I tried all of them. but for me, i will’t look beyond puff pastry. The evaluation of the best, flaky, buttery pastry with the rich creamy custard simply knocks this tart out of the park. And it appears so desirable too!

Crispy base!!

You’ll love how the bottom comes out perfectly crispy on this recipe. here’s more than one snap shots so you can investigate them closely and see for yourself!! no longer a patch of sogginess in sight:

It’s even crisp sufficient so you can keep the slice cantilevered in your hand. that is by design, due to the fact that’s exactly how Flan Pâtissier is supposed to be eaten!

Heads up: This is a long post!

At the same time as the idea of making Flan Pâtissier sounds deceptively smooth – blind bake a pant pastry crust, fill it with custard and bake it! – the devil is in the detail. This in particular applies to people who aren’t so confident at baking, or are custard first-timers.

To this stop I’m sharing quite loads of facts in this put up, to make sure success for you whether or not you are an antique hand or new to baking.

in case you are a capable baker, experience unfastened to bypass all of the detail beneath and jump right to the recipe or recipe video!

Custard for Flan Pâtissier: Creme Patissiere

The custard for Flan Pâtissier is Creme Patissiere, a creamy vanilla custard that is used in many French cakes.

at the same time as specific recipes for Creme Patissiere range relying at the meant use (ie. baked vs not baked; required viscosity for pouring vs piping vs filling vs spreading and many others), the bottom elements are almost continually the identical:
Eggs – basically yolks, for richness and also to assist set the custard.

  • Leftover egg whites – here’s my list of what I do with them and all my egg white recipes may be determined on this recipe collection.
  • Cornflour/cornstarch – For placing the custard and making it bright (everyday flour makes it dull). attention FRENCH READERS: Do no longer use yellow cornflour, use white cornstarch!
  • Vanilla beans – For a beautiful vanilla flavour. I used vanilla beans from Vanilla Bean house (Australian on-line store) – plump and full of a beneficiant quantity of vanilla seeds! Vanilla bean paste is a superb substitute right here.
  • Sugar – For sweetness. however now not immoderate sweetness! one of the matters i adore about French cakes is that they are some distance less sweet than different common Western desserts.
  • Milk – The liquid for custard. a few recipes also use cream, for added richness. I pick the mouthfeel of milk enriched with butter.
  • Butter – As above, to enrich the custard.

1. How to make the custard for Flan Pâtissier

The custard for Flan Pâtissier makes use of both egg and cornflour to set it. There’s a really perfect balance of the 2 so one can achieve the proper richness and set consistency so the tart can be reduce into neat slices, but the custard melts in your mouth whilst you eat it. I tried quite a few combinations before landing on what I suppose is the precise stability!


  • warmness milk with 1/4 cup of sugar*, vanilla seeds and the leftover vanilla pods (see video for how I scrape the seeds out). carry it to just underneath a boil. As soon as you notice the milk beginning to foam and rise, do away with it directly from the range.
  • TIP: keep an eye on it as the milk begins to get hot due to the fact milk likes to boil over pretty quick!
  • * adding a piece of sugar on this step helps to make certain the milk doesn’t scald on the bottom.
  • Infuse – location the lid on (to save you a pores and skin from forming and lack of volume thru evaporation) and go away for 10 minutes. This offers the milk time to be infused with the vanilla flavour in addition to to chill barely which gets rid of any hazard of warm milk by chance scrambling the eggs inside the next steps.


  • Eggs and cornflour (cornstarch) – Whisk the egg yolks, entire egg and sugar together till combined. Then whisk the cornflour in. It’s great to whisk eggs and sugar first before including cornflour else you emerge as with a flurry of flour!
  • Slowly upload 1/2 milk (tempering) – whilst whisking, slowly pour in half the milk. just whisk till blended.
  • Don’t worry, there’s no hazard of accidentally scrambling the eggs with the recent milk as it cooled within the 10 mins we left it to infuse with the vanilla! however we nonetheless temper the combinations in this step as an extra layer of safety.


  • Thicken custard on range – Pour the egg/milk combination into the saucepan with the final warm milk aggregate. Then vicinity it on a medium-low range (or low, in case your range is strong), whisking continuously but leisurely, to make sure the base doesn’t capture. at the beginning the combination can be watery however after about 2 to 3 mins as the it starts offevolved to warmth up, you may feel the custard starting to thicken. such a enjoyable moment!!
  • big lazy bubbles – as soon as the custard starts thickening, the next element you’re looking for is massive, fats lazy bubbles doping up at the surface which suggests the custard is thick enough. Pause stirring for a few seconds to test when you have bubbles (see video).
  • 20 seconds whisking – after you see the lazy bubbles, hold whisking for another 20 seconds on the range, then cast off it from the heat.
  • Thick and creamy custard! This image shows how the custard must have a look at this degree: Thick and creamy, it have to depart ribbons on the floor when drizzled however still be pourable (see underneath for correct visuals, or video).


  • enhance with butter – this is a FRENCH custard tart, so it ought to come as no wonder that we’re sneaking a few butter in here to complement the custard!
  • strain – skip the custard via a fine mesh strainer. this is to put off any larger chunks of vanilla that had been loosened from the beans.
  • Press via all the custard and be sure to scrape the bottom of the strainer properly. Then lick that spatula easy. yes that’s an guidance – don’t waste a drop of that treasured custard!
  • Custard thickness – that is what the custard ought to appear to be at this level. you can tell via looking on the floor how the custard is thick and creamy.


  • cowl – clean the floor of the custard (i take advantage of a small offset spatula) then cowl with hold wrap contacting the floor. Doing this prevents a pores and skin from forming on the custard (nobody desires wisps of pores and skin of their in any other case silky clean custard!) as well as condensation, which will dilute the richness of the custard.
  • Cool – let the custard cool at the counter (approximately three to 4 hours) before putting it inside the fridge to absolutely sit back.
  • 12 – 24 hours in fridge encouraged – Refrigerating the custard in a single day will allow for greatest flavour development (a pro tip from professional French pastry chef!). however if you are in a rush, you could proceed with the recipe as soon as the custard has cooled to room temperature, ie. bypass the fridge time. To be honest, I don’t assume the majority can be in a position to tell the difference. however I desired to proportion this recipe made the right way!

Custard done, now it’s on to the pastry!

2. Flan Pâtissier puff pastry crust

As stated at the start, there’s no hard and rapid rule approximately what crust have to be used for a traditional Flan Pâtissier, though Pâte Sucrée (French candy tart crust) and puff pastry appear to be the maximum commonplace. For me, i can’t move past puff pastry for the scrumptious assessment of buttery, flaky pastry and the creamy, silky custard.

in recent times, keep-bought puff pastry is definitely quite true fine. Even the same old manufacturers we find at grocery stores right here in Australia including Pampas are perfectly proper.

My simplest rule but is it have to be butter puff pastry. Butter has tons better flavour and puffs up higher than the less expensive margarine/oil-based totally puff pastry! It’s absolutely really worth the extra coin.


The pleasant manner to make the crust for Flan Pâtissier the usage of puff pastry is to apply a springform pan without the bottom. We’re going to bake it immediately on the tray that’s the trick that guarantees the base is a hundred% crispy as soon as filled with custard – this is a big part of the awesomeness that is Flan Pâtissier!

notice: expert pâtissiers and pastry cooks use tall tart rings which can be purpose-built rings without a base. A springform pan ring works simply as nicely for this recipe.


TIP: paintings with puff pastry that has thawed just sufficient that it’s nonetheless stiff but viable, and simply pliable sufficient to line the springform pan. this is for ease of dealing with for this tart which has unusually high sides. absolutely thawed puff pastry = floppy and sticky = impossible to line the tin sides and very messy to suit the base in.

  • cut base the use of the interior of the springform pan as a manual. put off excess pastry however keep IT in case we need to do emergency patch usalater! Then place the base inside the freezer until required.
  • reduce aspects – cut three five.five x 25 cm (2.15 x 10″) strips out of a sheet of puff pastry, ensuring it’s far nonetheless as frozen as workably feasible so it doesn’t flop whilst you line the edges.

TIP: the usage of an extended knife, cut straight down into the pastry rather than slicing through dragging the knife alongside the pastry. this will preserve the fantastically flaky layers on the rim of the crust, like pictured on this post.


  • Line springform pan with baking paper – Grease a 20cm / 8″ springform pan ring with butter then line the inner sides with baking paper reduce to length. vicinity the hoop on a sheet of baking paper sitting a plate. this is for ease of handling due to the fact we are not the use of the springform pan base. Baking the puff pastry shell at once on a tray guarantees the bottom stays 100% crispy as soon as filled with the custard.
  • Baking paper really isn’t critical, you may just butter or spray the sides with oil. however, the puff pastry tends to look more rustic (ie. flaky as opposed to neater) in case you bypass the baking paper.
  • Line aspects with pastry – Line the internal aspects of the springform pan with the pastry, overlapping by means of 1cm and the use of water to seal. you may want to trim the 1/3 strip so it fits.
  • don’t forget, paintings with stiff but just-pliable puff pastry else the perimeters will flop!
  • Press seams – At this stage, simply press the seams; we can seal it properly later. right now, we want to work fast whilst the pastry is still as frozen as feasible.


  • area base in through gathering it up slightly so it doesn’t drag down the perimeters. modify as had to centre it as first-rate you may. The circumference of the bottom will overlap and go up the sides ever so slightly, which is the perfect coverage policy to keep away from custard leakage.
  • Seal seams – Use the returned of a teaspoon to press the bottom into the corners, then to “smear” the now-thawing puff pastry to seal it. do that for the base and the perimeters.


  • Prick base with a fork about 30 times. This facilitates to stop the base from puffing up while we do the blind bake.
  • Freeze – cowl with dangle wrap (with tart still sitting at the plate) then freeze for as a minimum 2 hours. The cause of freezing is to assist lessen shrinkage while blind baking and additionally to assist forestall the tall puff pastry aspects sliding down because it cooks.

The bonus is that the firmed crust doesn’t get all scratched up and dented while we line with paper and fill with baking beads to blind bake!

Blind baking the crust

  • Blind baking is an vital step to make sure that the crust bakes up nice and crispy. no one desires a soggy crust with their custard tart!!
  • Bake with baking beads 25 minutes – the primary bake is weighed down with baking beads to set the pastry facets so they don’t flop inwards. We bake in a warm oven of 220°C/430·F (2 hundred°C fan) which works higher when baking from a frozen state.
  • Filling with baking beads – eliminate the completely frozen crust from the freezer. Tear off 2 x 60cm / 2 foot-lengthy sheets of baking paper (parchment paper) then scrunch them up for your fingers. This makes it less complicated to suit inner this taller than ordinary pastry.
  • Lay one sheet of paper on pinnacle of the opposite however perpendicular to it (ie. in a “X”) in the crust shell. Then fill with baking beads or dried beans* proper as much as 1cm below the rim of the pastry. lightly but firmly press the beads down and outwards to make certain it’s far pressed into the corners and against the springform pan walls to assist make sure the pastry facets set properly with out flopping inwards.
  • No baking beads? huge dried beans paintings almost as well. They do no longer conduct heat in addition to reason-made baking beads and they may be a bit lighter. So the pastry does reduce a little extra but it’s now not sizable. keep away from the use of rice, lentils or different small dried things that different recipes say are adequate to use. Their small size means they % collectively too densely, blocking warmth from getting through to the inside of the pastry so the perimeters don’t set nicely. (A lesson I learned the tough way!)
  • cast off baking beads – After 25 minutes, remove the crust from the oven. Grip the paper overhangs and raise, taking the baking beads with the paper. try this step slowly so you can take a look at to look if the perimeters begin to flop in (eg if your oven runs a chunk cool). in the event that they do, depart the baking beads in and bake for a further 5 mins.
  • Take care all through this step – no one wants sizzling warm little beads bouncing all over their kitchen floor … sounds terribly risky! I pour the beads straight right into a steel bowl to cool.
    Bake 5 minutes uncovered – once the baking beads are removed, go back crust to oven for a similarly 5 mins.
  • Cool 10 minutes – get rid of the crust from the oven. you may see that the surface is dry however the pastry is still a piece undercooked. That’s precisely what we need – it’s partly cooked, ie. Cooked enough so it received’t cross soggy as soon as the custard is poured in however undercooked sufficient so we don’t emerge as with a burnt, dry pastry crust.
  • Cool for 10 mins. again, that is simply a further crispy-base insurance pol

Baking the Flan Pâtissier

We are on the home stretch here! So close are we if you want to taste the magic that is Flan Pâtissier!

  • Fill with custard – eliminate the chilled custard from the refrigerator and whisk to loosen. Then fill the pastry crust. Fill to 1cm / 0.four″ below the rim else it’ll overflow whilst it bakes.
  • Leftover custard? The recipe makes the proper quantity of custard assuming you had no pastry shrinkage or the sides did no longer slouch when you blind baked your pastry crust. If yours did decrease a bit – and for the majority, I anticipate that it’s going to – then you could have custard leftover. ideas to expend: as a fashionable-reason dolloping custard on whatever; make mini custard cakes the usage of puff pastry scraps (20 minute bake at a hundred and eighty°C/350°F); fill ramekins and bake; or absolutely eat with a spoon!
  • clean custard surface the usage of an offset spatula or spoon.
  • Egg yolk – Brush the surface lightly with egg yolk, taking care no longer to break the floor. this is how we get that fantastic, signature bronzing at the floor of the Flan Pâtissier.
  • Bake sixty five minutes, fridge 6 hours – Bake sixty five mins at 200°C/390°F (a hundred and eighty°C fan), rotating the tray at 45 minutes. The custard will still be VERY wobbly, borderline watery. believe! it’s going to set while refrigerated.
  • Cool at the counter for 4 to 5 hours, then loosely cowl and refrigerate for six hours+ within the springform pan. It’s critical to absolutely cool to room temperature before refrigerating or condensation will compromise the crispiness of the puff pastry.
  • And with that, we’re carried out!! Time to devour this custardy masterpiece!!
    Phew! I understand this was a massive knowledge sell off. but as I explained in advance, I desired to offer sufficient statistics so even much less skilled bakers can experience assured sufficient to make it.

And actually? Having made this over 20 times in the last few months, i will say this for certain: The handiest factor that may truely move incorrect is that the custard doesn’t set so it gloops everywhere when you chop into it. The simplest way that may occur is in case you mis-measure the custard components, in case your oven runs cooler than the temperature dial says (I propose you use an oven thermometer if you have any doubts) or if you do not refrigerate the cooked Flan Patissier to allow it to set.

Even lamentable pastry work can be salvaged from capacity custard leakage troubles by plugging holes with leftover pastry!

As for the whole lot else, it’s a walk within the park. good enough certain, your pastry shell might appearance a touch greater rustic than mine. I virtually had my truthful share of greater rustic-looking crusts on this adventure! but that doesn’t affect flavour or the eating experience at all.

And that, my buddies, is just about all i can consider that could likely move incorrect.

So certainly, don’t allow the duration of the recipe card daunt you. The element is there to manual you via this. it might take you longer than you assume. but I promise, it really is not that tough.

And it is so, so really worth it!

Flan Pâtissier (French Custard Tart)INFUSE MILK WITH VANILLA

Flan Pâtissier (French Custard Tart)INFUSE MILK WITH VANILLA

Introducing the world’s finest custard tart: Flan Pâtissier! also called Parisian Flan, this brilliant French tart is sort of a large Portuguese Tart. It’s a flaky pastry crust packed with a wicked quantity of creamy and rich vanilla custard that glows with a gorgeous bronze sheen after baking.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
30 mins
total time
40 mins




  • 1 litre / 1 quart milk , full fat

  • 2 vanilla beans , seeds scraped, beans reserved (Note 1)

  • 1 cup caster sugar , separated

  • 120g / 4.2 oz egg yolks (~6 to 7 large eggs, 100 ml, Note 2)

  • 1 large egg (55 – 60g / 2 oz)

  • 7 tbsp (70g) cornflour/cornstarch (scoop and level, Note 3)

  • 50g (5 tbsp) unsalted butter , cut into 1cm cubes (cold)


  • 2 sheets butter puff pastry, FROZEN (25cm / 10" squares, 185g/6oz each) (Note 4)

  • 1 egg yolk , whisked

  • Butter , for greasing




Infuse milk: region milk, vanilla seeds, used beans and 50g (1/4 cup) sugar in a large saucepan over medium high warmness. convey to just before boiling, stirring to dissolve the sugar. dispose of from warmth, vicinity lid on and go away to steep for 10 minutes.
Yolk combination: in the meantime, place egg yolks, egg and last sugar in a large bowl and whisk to mix. upload cornflour and whisk till clean.
mood eggs: whilst whisking the eggs, slowly pour in about half the milk in a skinny flow. Whisk until combined.
Thicken custard: Pour the egg-milk aggregate again into the saucepan then whisk to combine. place over medium low warmness, stirring continuously so the base does not seize, till it begins to thicken (you'll experience it). It ought to happen within three to five mins. If it receives lumpy, dispose of off heat, whisk vigorously – turns into smooth.
Stir 20 seconds after bubbles seem: whilst the custard is thickened and hot and also you see the primary huge lazy bubbles appear on the base, whisk continuously at the range for a in addition 20 seconds then get rid of from range. (to test for bubbles, pause stirring for a few seconds)
Butter: Whisk butter in until fully incorporated.
stress & cool: right away strain right into a bowl via a excellent mesh strainer. Discard vanilla bean. cover with hang wrap touching the surface. Cool on counter (3 hrs+) then refrigerate 12 – 24 hours. (note 5)


work with pastry as frozen as viable – it's easier. (word 4)
reduce base and facets: cut base out using the interior of the pan as a manual on one sheet of puff pastry. cut three 25 x five.5cm (2.15 x 10″) wide strips on the other sheet of puff pastry. place base and aspects back in freezer. RESERVE offcuts (for emergency patching).
Line pan: Butter and line the edges of a 20cm/eight" springform pan with a 5.5cm / 2.2" strip of baking paper. We aren't the usage of the pan base. (notice 6)
Line facets: region cake pan on a rectangular sheet of baking paper on a plate. (notice 6) take away cut puff pastry from freezer. operating quick, while sides have simply thawed enough to bend, line sides of cake pan with puff pastry, overlapping with the aid of 1cm / 0.4", the usage of water to seal – simply press down for now (will seal well later).
Base: Brush base of aspects with water. healthy base into cake pan (see video at 2 min 50 sec for approach).
Seal pastry: Use the again of a teaspoon to press base into the corner. Then smear the now-thawing puff pastry to full seal.
Prick base: Prick base 30 instances with fork. (I usually forget about!!) Freeze: cover with dangle wrap, freeze four – 24 hours. (notice four)


Preheat oven to 220°C/430°F (two hundred°C fan) for half-hour.
Line & fill with beads: choose up crust the use of paper and place on tray (on the paper). collapse 2 x 60cm / 2 ft lengthy sheets of baking paper (observe 7) then fit into crust arranged in X. Fill with baking beads 1cm / 0.four" underneath rim (observe 8). Press to push paper into corners.
Blind bake 25 min + 5 min: Bake 25 minutes, then use overhang paper to cast off beads cautiously (if aspects appear to be they may crumple, go back to oven with beads for 5 min). Bake 5 minutes then cool 10 minutes. (Seal any seen cracks with puff pastry scraps)


turn oven right down to 2 hundred°C/390°F (one hundred eighty°C fan).
Fill with custard: dispose of Creme Patissiere from fridge. Whisk to loosen, scrape into crust – fill to 1cm/0.4" beneath rim. (Leftover custard be aware 7) clean floor, brush custard surface with egg yolk (use all of it).
Bake sixty five minutes, rotating tray one hundred eighty° at forty five mins. it will self-praise inside the closing 15 ninutes like a souffle. remove from oven – it's going to nonetheless be very wobbly, believe! it's going to set whilst cool!
Golden surface – If the pinnacle isn't golden like pictured, activate broiler to caramelise surface. Watch carefully – takes minutes!
Cool on counter for 4 hours (in pan). switch to plate (still in pan), cover loosely with grasp wrap, then refrigerate 12+ hours.
Serve: eliminate from refrigerator 1 hour previous to helping convey to room temperature. cut into slices like cake! The pastry is crispy & flaky. The custard will cut well (it's going to not ooze) however when you chew into it, the custard is fantastically soft and creamy. historically eaten as a hand-held bakery deal with in France but you may use a plate if you're feeling civilised!
Shelf lifestyles: Flan Pâtissier is at its exceptional in the first 24 hours after it's miles positioned within the fridge after baking as that is while the pastry remains superbly crisp. beyond this the pastry starts to melt which no one has pointed out but because every person is besotted by means of the custard! but I word


KEY tips FOR success: threat of taller-than-regular puff pastry facets caving in earlier than they may be set – Take care while putting off baking beads to make certain it's far set. If aspects appear like they're flopping, positioned baking beads again in at bake five minutes longer till aspects stop flopping in. Custard doesn’t set – ensure you measure the cornflour properly, and cook for 20 seconds after large lazy bubbles seem. Custard leaking – Use puff pastry scraps to seal any seen cracks. Crispy base – Bake immediately on tray with out the use of base of springform pan. Your pastry isn’t as neat as mine – So what? It’s nonetheless gonna be scrumptious. except, this tart is supposed to look rustic instead of stylish like, say, Lemon Tart. Vanilla beans – split the beans in 1/2 (or reduce a slit down the center) then use a butter knife or teaspoon to scrape the seeds out. substitute: 2 tsp vanilla bean paste (ie with little vanilla specks in it), this is what I utilized in early days of trying out for not pricey motives. Vanilla extract will work (ie liquid, no specks) however vanilla flavour now not as pure. As for imitation vanilla, I don’t assume it has a place on this recipe I’m afraid! Egg yolks – 120g / four.2 ozyolks is generally 6 large eggs weighing 55 – 60g / 2 ouncesevery (600g / 1.2lb for a dozen eggs, typically labelled “massive eggs” because it’s an enterprise general). The pretty long bake time for this recipe ensures the custard will set (assuming you degree cornflour properly!) so don’t get too hung approximately about 100% accuracy of yolks through weight. Leftover egg whites – here’s my list of what I do with them and all my egg white recipes can be observed in this recipe series. three. Cornflour/cornstarch – You do no longer want to be short on the cornflour as the setting of the custard is based on it! simplest to weigh for accuracy. make certain the tablespoon is well stuffed, packed in and levelled off with the returned of a knife. READERS IN FRANCE – Do no longer use what you name “cornflour” (ie the yellow powder), use cornstarch (white powder). Puff pastry dealing with – For this recipe, it is easiest to handle the puff pastry while as stiff as feasible (ie frozen), just pliable sufficient to paintings with. Else it flops/slides/receives sticky. At any point if it thaws too much, simply slide it again into the freezer. reducing aspect strips – Use a protracted knife, cut instantly down and up. Don’t drag knife alongside pastry as this smears the pastry so you received’t see the cute layers while baked. Freezing coated cake pan overnight – This allows make sure sides don’t disintegrate during blind baking and facilitates save you pastry shrinkage. An terrific tip for any tart / quiche pastry blind baking, in keeping with advice from a professional Pastry Chef in France. fridge custard in a single day – This improves the flavor of the custard. however if in a rush, you can maintain on as soon as the custard is completely cool. not using base – Baking the tart at once on a tray without the cake pan base ensures the puff pastry base is fantastically crisp and golden, no longer soggy in any respect. essentially, we’re the use of the no-base tart ring baking technique that experts use! Plate – this is just for managing purposes until coated pastry is frozen once more, bearing in thoughts we are not using the cake pan base. Use whatever flat. Crumpling the baking paper makes it less complicated to healthy into the taller crust. also a on hand tip for small tart shells! Baking beads – want to fill pretty deep to make certain it holds up the perimeters as it bakes, else you run the danger of the edges flopping in as it bakes. however now not right to pinnacle of rim as we need the top of the pastry to bake up with stunning flaky layers – so quite! No baking beads? Use large dried beans as an alternative. extremely good reasonably-priced baking beads! Dried lentils/rice and so on can even paintings but upload five minutes to the baking time. Smaller grains = much less heat gets via them = longer bake time required to set the base. 9. Leftover Custard (maintains three days in refrigerator) – extent of custard is such that expert degree bakers will simply use it all because there can be no pastry shrinkage / aspects sliding down which ends up in smaller pie crust quantity to fill. if you do not use all of it, you could both use it as a dolloping custard on anything, devour it with a spoon, fill small ramekins and bake for 20 minutes, or use leftover puff pastry to make mini custard tarts (line muffin in, prick base, bake 18 min at 180C/350F covered with paper and packed with beads, bake 5 min uncovered, cool, fill, brush stop with egg, bake 20 min. Recipe credits – A recipe advanced by means of yours actually over quite some months with the assistance of: Jennifer Pogmore, French Pastry Chef extraordinaire based totally in France who has located herself within the unexpected position as my teacher of all things French pastry. Chef Jean-Baptiste, RecipeTin Eats culinary collaborator and my “that is the faster, better manner to do it” mentor, and his father, for going out and buying Flan Patissier samples to send us images for inspection! My wonderful, enormously huge French Instagram community, for participating in Q&A as I set about determining precisely they concept entailed the “best” Flan Patissier!
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