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On the coronary heart of a incredible egg sandwich is a creamy egg filling and important to this are gentle boiled, not tough boiled eggs! The creamy yolks practically makes its personal mayonnaise sauce and the gentle-set egg whites almost soften for your mouth.

Egg sandwich

Egg sandwich thoughts

You wouldn’t assume that a person would have such a lot of reviews about a simple egg sandwich, however as I sat right down to write this recipe, it seems I do! right here’s my egg sandwich thought-dump, roughly in care-element order:

  • No rubbery bits of whites – I don’t like little firm bits of egg whites in what ought to be a creamy egg filling. So i use tender boiled eggs with smooth just-set egg whites, instead of hard boiled eggs that is greater not unusual in widespread egg sandwiches.
  • Semi homemade mayo – gentle boiled eggs = creamy yolk = practically makes its personal semi-homemade mayonnaise. It’s so right! better flavour and extra highly-priced with less mayonnaise required.
  • No celery. I know that might be an unpopular opinion but crunchy bits in a creamy egg filling, irrespective of how small or finely sliced, just don’t appeal to me. is going within the same bucket as #1.
  • gentle bread is high-quality. too much filling oozes out when you chew the sandwich in case you use chewy, crusty artisan bread like sourdough.

So, if all that sounds true to you, then allow me introduce to the egg sandwich of your desires!

Creamy egg sandwich filling

Here’s an up-near-and-personal examine the filling. The left photograph is simply tender boiled eggs mashed up. you could see that it’s already quite creamy, even earlier than adding the mayonnaise! Then the photo at the right is the completed filling after including the mayonnaise and mustard.

What you need for my egg sandwich

As already emphasised a number of instances (reeks of ardour, right??!), the key ingredient here is soft boiled instead of tough boiled eggs! With creamy yolks, you simplest want a trifling dab of mayonnaise and smidge of mustard for a creamy, highly-priced filling.

  • in case you don’t have chives, alternative with finely minced inexperienced onion.
    gentle boiled eggs – The creamy yolk gives you a head start on the creamy sauce so we best need 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise for six eggs (four sandwiches). So we’re type of creating a semi-home made mayonnaise here!
  • Mayonnaise – complete egg mayo is creamier and less tangy than ordinary mayo. My favourite brand is S&W (Australia), observed through Hellman’s and Kewpie (identical 2nd).
  • Dijon mustard – For flavour and a hint of tang.
  • Chives – For freshness and satisfactory green bits in our filling.
  • Salt – just 1/eight teaspoon! consider me in this. Egg is weirdly salt damaging. the opposite of potatoes that may take masses of salt!


As for the bread, you may surely use whatever you want though for traditional tea-type sandwiches (like pictured), smooth white sandwich bread is the pass. My handiest tip is to keep away from crusty, chewy artisan bread (like sourdough). Filling ooze troubles. stick with smooth bread!

How to make egg sandwiches

And the making element:

prepare dinner smooth boiled eggs and peel (8 mins in boiling water). For full guidelines see my boiled eggs recipe, but I’ve covered abbreviated directions inside the recipe card under.

Mash the eggs the usage of a fork to get it began, then a potato masher. The finer you mash, the creamier your filling! as soon as nicely mashed, you’ll see your filling is already semi-creamy.

  • Filling – Stir inside the mayo, mustard, chives, salt and pepper.
  • spread butter at the bread.
  • unfold filling on bread, from part to side!
  • Crusts – in case you’re going for quaint English tea sandwiches, trim the crusts off then reduce to your desired shape. The sandwiches pictured in submit were reduce into 3 rectangles (4 sandwiches reduce into a complete of 12 finger sandwiches).
  • TIP: for extra neat edges, refrigerate the sandwiches for 1 hour before reducing. this can set the filling so you can reduce extra smartly. but make sure to serve at room temperature!
    And there you have got it! My egg sandwich. I know there are recipes accessible with more bells and whistles, using fancier substances like creme fraiche, perhaps a smidge of curry powder, and other upload-ins.

but to me, all that is needless if you use tender boiled eggs. this is one of those recipes in which the cease end result is a lot greater than the sum of its parts. i’m hoping you give it a go! allow me know what you observed in case you do. And also, you understand I always love listening to your mind on my mind on topics of meals. Do you disagree with my function on soft boiled eggs? Do you suspect celery is obligatory? Fancier bread? bring on the egg sandwich debate!

Egg sandwich

Egg sandwich

On the coronary heart of a incredible egg sandwich is a creamy egg filling and important to this are gentle boiled, not tough boiled eggs! The creamy yolks practically makes its personal mayonnaise sauce and the gentle-set egg whites almost soften for your mouth.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
25 mins




  • 6 soft boiled eggs , at room temperature (Note 1)

  • 1 tbsp whole egg mayonnaise (S&W brand best, Note 2)

  • 2 tsp dijon mustard

  • 2 tsp finely chopped chives (sub green onion)

  • 1/2 tsp black pepper

  • 1/8 tsp cooking/kosher salt (yes really, that's all!)


  • 8 slices soft white sandwich bread (Note 3)

  • Soft salted butter , for spreading on bread


Mash egg: Place the eggs in a bowl and crush with a fork. Once mostly broken up, use a potato masher to mash them up really well. Smaller egg white bits = creamier filling.
Filling: Add remaining filling ingredients and gently stir to combine. Taste and add more salt if desired, but add with caution because it's bizarre how little salt eggs can take!
Make sandwich: Butter the bread. Divide filling between 4 pieces of bread, spread evenly edge to edge. Trim crusts (optional), then cut as you wish. (Note 4 tips)
Serve: Always serve at room temperature, for best flavour!


gentle boiled eggs – Boil 10cm/4″ water, lightly vicinity eggs in, set timer for eight mins. Cool 10 minutes in sink or big bowl of cold water. Peel from base in water. (See boil eggs recipe for full directions & the why) Mayonnaise – whole egg mayo is creamier and much less tangy than ordinary mayo. My endorsed is S&W (Australia), followed by using Hellman’s and Kewpie (identical 2nd). Bread – My preferred is Baker’s pride general white sandwich bread (thick reduce that is thicker than fashionable slices) however any sandwich bread with work. (Australian chain bakery logo). although in case you use very chewy artisan bread with thick crusts, you can experience filling ooze issues when ingesting. The filling is creamy!! four.reducing – for extra neat cuts, refrigerate for 1 hour earlier than cutting (this corporations the filling). Pictured in post – every sandwich cut into three rectangle arms. other alternatives diagonal (2 or 4 in line with sandwich) or squares. five. garage – 2 days inside the fridge, but please eat at room temperature! you may’t flavor the filling as a whole lot whilst refrigerator bloodless. nutrition in line with sandwich assuming 1 tbsp desk butter spread in keeping with sandwich.
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