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Homemade Lemonade Perfect Drink For Parties

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There’s nothing extra refreshing on a hot day than a tumbler of simple homemade lemonade. Make your personal lemonade recipe from scratch and experience inside mins

This smooth homemade lemonade recipe is the first-rate clean summer season drink! Made with simple ingredients, it’s easy to make a pitcher to settle down on hot days. skip the store offered lemonade and attempt making it from scratch!

Homemade Lemonade - NomNomWow
Homemade Lemonade – NomNomWow

How to Make Homemade Lemonade

  1. Make the easy syrup through combining the water and sugar and heating it until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Add the simple syrup to a tumbler.
  3. Pour over the lemon juice.
  4. Pinnacle with water.
  5. Serve and combine.

Tips for Making Best Lemonade

Adjust the sweetness by means of making more easy syrup. i take advantage of a 1:1 ratio for the easy syrup, so if you need to sweeten it, use ¾ cup sugar or 1 cup sugar and the equal amount of water.
Use sparkling lemon juice, not bottled. it’s miles a great deal zingier in flavor and additionally incorporates extra nutrition C.
Use fruit ice cubes to add extra fruit flavor. I make these by way of surely including any fruit to ice cube trays, filling with water and then freezing. they’re so lovely for serving liquids inside the summer.
Add rose water or orange blossom water for a greater aromatic taste. those are made with the aid of steeping rose petals or orange blossom petals in water. you could purchase a bottle of them at middle jap shops, and they upload a sparkling sweet taste with out delivered sugar. It’s A totally famous way of making Lemonade inside the middle East.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does selfmade lemonade ultimate?
Once you’ve got made the pitcher, place it in the refrigerator and it will preserve nicely for 5 to 7 days. i love to cover it with plastic wrap whilst it sits.

Why do you operate cane sugar in this recipe?
I prefer to use cane sugar in my lemonade as it isn’t always as processed as granulated sugar. It has a barely deeper taste as it incorporates extra molasses. in case you best have granulated sugar, you can make a instantly swap as they may be very comparable in sweetness.

Can you are making this lemonade sparking?
In case you decide on your lemonade to have a little fizz, you could use sparkling water. however, in case you are the use of glowing water or soda water, handiest add it to the pay attention while you are ready to serve so that it doesn’t pass flat.

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