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Chinese Noodle Soup

15 mins Cook
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Chinese language Noodle Soup is tremendously short and smooth – if you realize the secret seasonings! You’d swear the Asian soup broth is from a chinese restaurant, it’s that top. 10 minutes and just 352 calories for a massive bowl. Use any noodles, any greens, any protein – or not! It’s great refrigerator-forage food.

this is a reader-preferred recipe covered by means of famous call for in my debut cookbook “Dinner”!

Noodle Soup

Fast Chinese Noodle Soup!

This chinese language Noodle Soup is one of my classic “returned pocket” recipes as it’s so flexible and surprisingly quick. because folks that cook all day for a dwelling want short dinners for real life – ask any chef!!

here’s a run down of the way it goes:

  • Broth: Plonk and simmer 6 ingredients for 10 mins (no experience to the Asian store required!);
  • Noodles: prepare clean OR dried noodles in line with packet guidelines;
  • Toppings: Rummage in fridge and discover vegetables & proteins of desire. Chop roughly and prepare dinner with the noodles or within the soup. broth; and
  • Serve: vicinity noodles in bowls. Pour over soup and toppings.

See? 10 mins!

Seasonings for Chinese soup broths

In case you’ve ever been upset by using a recipe for an Asian soup broth before, it’s probably as it turned into missing fundamental however critical flavourings. It takes more than just hen broth and soy sauce to make a chinese language soup broth!

  • Right here’s what all you want:
    chinese cooking wine – the key factor. just 1.five tablespoons adds complexity and depth of flavour to the shop offered chook inventory. with out it, the broth will flavor “flat” ie missing some thing. alternative with: dry sherry, mirin or cooking sake. fine non alcoholic sub for this recipe: substituting some of the soy sauce with oyster sauce (which provides extra “umami” into the broth to compensate);
  • Garlic and ginger – smash the garlic and slice the ginger to allow the sparkling flavours to infuse into the broth. keeping them whole makes it clean to choose out later – you may thoroughly grate them immediately into the broth using a best grater, but you may get little bits inside the soup (instead of being a clear broth);
  • Sesame oil – for the flavour!
  • hen broth/stock – use low sodium otherwise the broth may be a touch too salty to your taste. Use a respectable one, because it’s the foundation of the soup broth (🇦🇺 i exploit Campbells. higher than Continental). fine choice if you have it: selfmade hen inventory!;
  • Soy sauce – both all purpose or light soy sauce will paintings right here. Don’t use dark soy sauce or sweet soy sauce – the flavor of these are too severe; and
  • Sugar – only a contact, to balance out the flavours.

What goes in the noodle soup

And here’s what I positioned in the soup:

  • Noodles – chinese language noodle soups are historically made with thin egg noodles (pictured above, and under in the soup). sparkling ones (sold inside the fridge segment) have a higher texture than dried. however any noodles may be fine right here – sparkling or dried, rice noodles, white or yellow noodles, Hokkien, Singapore noodles, wide, skinny, vermicelli, ramen noodles (yup!), weight loss plan noodles (like konyaku – been there, finished that), zoodles (been there too). really. ANY noodles can be great on this broth!
  • Bok Choy (additionally referred to as buk choi, buk choi, pak choi, or pok choi – loopy right??!) – or any veggies. i like bok choy due to the fact you simply split them in half of down the middle and bam! You’re finished! (Recipe notes consists of an extensive listing of cutting and cook dinner guidelines for common veggies)
  • Cooked chook (poach it using this approach that ensures juiciness)- or any other protein, as desired. everyone continues little boxes of cooked shredded chook within the freezer, proper?!
  • inexperienced onion or coriander/cilantro, or chives, or maybe finely sliced onion (crimson, white, yellow brown) – some thing for a little hit of freshness.

How to make Chinese Noodle Soup

And here’s how it takes place in 10 mins. (And to all those cheeky buggers who will factor out that if you have to simmer for 10 mins, then it takes longer than 10 mins – satisfactory! you can take a 2 minutes off the simmer time!)
seasoned TIP: never cook noodles inside the soup broth unless a recipe mainly calls for it. Noodles suck up hundreds of liquid when they cook, so if you do that you’ll end up with way much less broth than you anticipate. Learnt this the tough way.

Make it even HEALTHIER!!

Being that this is a noodle soup recipe and all, noodles are a key element here. however, it clocks in at just 352 calories for a bowl.

however in case you want to reduce down on the carbs and calories even similarly, just bypass the noodles and cargo it up with lots more vegetables to make a chinese vegetable soup. In truth, it’s one in all my “move-to” food regimen dinners (which have to appear extra regularly than it does…).

Do I omit the noodles? Of route I do. but I console myself with a healthy dose of chilli paste and masses of fresh herbs, fowl Pho fashion.

however before you are making it weight-reduction plan, attempt it the manner it’s supposed. THEN healthify it!!!

Chinese Noodle Soup

Chinese Noodle Soup

Chinese language Noodle Soup is tremendously short and smooth – if you realize the secret seasonings! You’d swear the Asian soup broth is from a chinese restaurant, it’s that top. 10 minutes and just 352 calories for a massive bowl. Use any noodles, any greens, any protein – or not! It’s great refrigerator-forage food.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
25 mins




  • 3 cups chicken stock/broth, low sodium (Note 1)

  • 2 garlic cloves , smashed (Note 2)

  • 1.5 cm / 1/2" ginger piece, cut into 3 slices (optional, but highly recommended)

  • 1 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce , or normal all purpose soy sauce (Note 3)

  • 2 tsp sugar (any)

  • 1 1/2 tbsp chinese cooking wine (Note 4)

  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp sesame oil , toasted (optional) (Note 5)


  • 180g / 6oz fresh egg noodles (Note 6)

  • 2 large bok choy or other vegetables of choice (use any blanchable veg – Note 7)

  • 1 cup shredded cooked chicken (or other protein of choice)

  • 1 scallion / shallot , green part only finely sliced (optional garnish)


vicinity Broth ingredients in a saucepan over high heat. place lid on, deliver to simmer then reduce to medium and simmer for eight – 10 mins to allow the flavours to infuse.
in the meantime, cook noodles in keeping with packet directions. cut bok choys in half of (for small / medium) or zone (for large). Wash thoroughly.
either prepare dinner the bok choi within the broth within the soup broth OR noodle cooking water for 1 min (if noodles required boiling).
pick garlic and ginger out of soup.
place noodles in bowls. pinnacle with chook and bok choy. Ladle over soup, garnish with inexperienced onions. remarkable served with chilli paste or sparkling chillis.


hen inventory/broth – just keep bought bird broth is great here, however get a good great one (Campbells in Australia is my preferred brand). Don’t use hen inventory powder with hot water for this recipe – the flavor is simply too chickeny. Smashed Garlic – wack the facet of your knife onto a garlic clove the usage of the heel of your hand so it bursts open however remains usually in a single piece. This lets in the flavour to seep into the soup but may be picked out earlier than serving. you could just mince the garlic the usage of a garlic crusher but you’ll have little bits of garlic seen inside the broth, as opposed to being a clear easy broth. three. chinese cooking wine is a key aspect to transform shop offered chook broth into a restaurant-first-class soup broth. Dry Sherry is an brilliant alternative. in any other case, jap cooking sake or mirin are ok substitutes (if you use Mirin, pass sugar). in case you cannot use alcohol, I assume the great sub is as follows: lessen soy sauce to 1 tbsp upload 1 tbsp Oyster Sauce (this has umami and will add complexity into the broth flavour to catch up on leaving out cooking wine). greater broth flavouring options: megastar anise, chilli, inexperienced onion (just fold them) or onion quarters. Sesame oil – use toasted (brown shade, extra excessive sesame flavour), now not untoasted (yellow, not common in Australia). Noodles: Use any you want, clean or dried but if the use of less, use much less. right here’s a guide of amount of noodles in line with serving: sparkling noodles, thin (ie from fridge section, this is what i use) – 90g / 3 ouncesin step with serving sparkling noodles, wide and flat (like thick Thai rice noodles) – 150g/ 5 line with serving (lots denser, so you want extra) Dried noodles, pasta (yes, truely!) – 60g / 2 ouncesconsistent with serving Ramen – 1 % / “cake” according to character prepare in step with packet instructions – do now not upload into the broth (it sucks up lots of the broth). Toppings: prepare dinner proteins one after the other to hold things easy. My “visit” is shredded cooked bird because I hold little luggage inside the freezer (poaching keeps it juicy). Egg is also extremely good – simply whisk it gently, pour it in and whisk to create egg “ribbons” like in warm & bitter Soup and chinese language Corn Soup. chinese language BBQ beef Slices is terrifi (I order it at eating places on soup), however I in no way have leftover when I make it. veggies – reduce and cook in either noodle cooking water (if noodles require cooking) in any other case if the noodles just require soaking, then cook the veggies inside the broth. positioned the greens that take the longest to cook in first (like broccoli), and sensitive ones ultimate (like beansprouts). Veggie pointers – toppings generally observed on chinese noodle/ wonton soups: Any chinese language greens (bok choy/buk choi/pak choi, gai lan/chinese language broccoli, choy sum). cut Bok Choy into 1/2 or quarters lengthwise (pictured / video), for different veg, cut into batons approximately 5cm / 2″ lengthy Carrots – sliced at the diagonal Bean sprouts green beans other veg – no longer not unusual at chinese eating places, however works wonderful! zucchini (sliced) green beans cabbage (thick slice) asparagus, broccoli / broccolini and cauliflower, any other vegetable that can be boiled. vitamins is in step with serving, assuming 1/4 tsp of sesame oil is used. The vitamins may be appreciably more desirable by way of including greater veggies! lessen sodium even in addition with the aid of using low sodium soy sauce.
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