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Rum raisin ice cream (easy!)

15 mins Cook
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You simply can’t purchase rum raisin ice cream with real rum flavour like home made! This recipe makes use of a attempted-and-demonstrated technique using whipped cream and condensed milk, no ice cream maker required. So smooth it’s going to blow your mind!
Welcome returned to the final instalment of Jamaican week! To recap, we started off with Jerk Fish, observed by using excellent Jamaican aspects – coconut rice and peas (beans, genuinely!) and Jamaican Slaw (adore). And right here today with dessert – rum raisin ice cream, the clean way!

Rum raisin ice cream

Worth making: rum raisin ice cream

In recent times you may absolutely get quite exact quality ice cream at the grocery shop, even though you do pay via the nostril for it. but there are positive ice cream flavours that simply don’t translate nicely when produced on a mass scale. actual fruit flavours, for one (like strawberry and mango).
And real rum flavour. in part, I assume, due to guidelines prohibiting the sale of booze-weighted down meals in regular grocery stores.
So if you’ve most effective ever had shop offered rum raisin ice cream, the flavour in this selfmade one is going to knock your socks off. I specially love the little chewy pops of rum soaked raisins!

Ingredients in rum raisin ice cream

  • here’s what you want to make this outstanding rum raisin ice cream:
  • Cream – simply everyday whipping cream. i use thickened cream (heavy cream) however any whipping cream works high-quality. (Low fat cream is not an option right here, recipe won’t paintings).
  • The aeration within the whipped cream replicates the impact of churning with an ice cream maker which is known as for with conventional ice cream recipes.
  • Condensed milk – Sweetened milk offered in cans which has a syrupy consistency. locate it inside the long-existence milk aisle. This adds sweetness into the ice cream and prevents the combination from freezing right into a block of ice, maintaining the combination scoop in a position like actual ice cream!
  • Rum – Use a golden or darkish (brown) rum, for color and flavour. not a clear/white rum like Bacardi. i exploit Appleton estate (pictured above) which is a superb Jamaican made rum emblem to be had here in Australia. however any rum will work here, even a cheap one (we’re now not doing pictures right here, it’s blended with other flavours, so it’s good enough!).
  • Non alcoholic option – Use rum essence as a substitute! i might soak the raisins in hot water + rum essence (to plump them up). Then add rum essence into the ice cream combination to flavor. you may simply stir it in on the quit – upload and taste, upload and flavor! The ice cream texture will be best. it’ll be a hint less assailable than pictured which definitely is a good factor because one task I had with this recipe turned into to get sufficient rum flavour in it with out the ice cream being too gentle (because rum does now not freeze).
  • Raisins – Did the recipe call supply it away? Sultanas make a exceptional replacement. different dried fruit, like cranberries, cherries, even chopped dates, will work first-class too as an opportunity.
  • Allspice (oops, missing from the picture!) – For a touch of greater flavour. I attempted it with and without (I recognize, my process, it’s so tough….) and simply a bit of spicing makes it even better! but, it is non-compulsory.
  • Vanilla – For flavour.

How to make rum raisin ice cream

  • Ahh, the magic of this no-churn ice cream method!!! equipped to see how easy it’s miles? Or do you realize because you located my no-churn Strawberry ice cream or Mango ice cream??
    Soak raisins – Soaking raisins in rum is key no longer handiest for extremely good rum flavour but additionally due to the fact the rum stops the raisins from freezing into mini ice cubes.
  • give the raisins a rough chop. This helps them absorb the rum extra effortlessly. smash them up together with your arms (they’re frequently packed together tightly inside the baggage) then soak in warm rum for 30 minutes.
  • The raisins ought to soak up maximum of the rum. If there’s any residual liquid, pour it off. You want to restriction the entire liquid rum within the ice cream aggregate to one/four cup (60 ml) total. Any greater than this and the ice cream received’t set sufficient due to the fact rum doesn’t freeze because of the excessive alcohol content. yes, I did trial and blunders to discern out the most quantity of rum I should get into the ice cream!!
  • Condensed milk & flavours – Beat together the condensed milk, vanilla and allspice powder, simply to combine. You don’t really want a beater for this step, I simply do because I’ve were given the beater out besides. simply provide it a short wipe earlier than whipping the cream.
  • Stir in raisins – add the rum soaked raisins and stir to combine through.
  • Whip cream till it’s far properly whipped. it’ll take about 2 1/2 to a few mins with a handheld beater, or 1 to 1 half minutes on high with a stand mixer. We aren’t searching out fashionable softly whipped cream right here. We need good aeration! (but no longer butter, that’s what you’ll emerge as with at approximately the eight minute mark, so prevent before then! )
    Lighten condensed milk – add a massive scoop of whipped cream into the condensed milk combination then fold thru with a rubber spatula or huge scooping spoon. The reason of this step is to loosen up the condensed milk combination before mixing it all into the cream to hold as tons aeration inside the cream as we are able to. more aeration = creamier ice cream!
  • just gently mix the cream via until it’s far commonly included. some lumps is exceptional.
  • mix with cream – Pour the condensed milk aggregate into the cream them fold to combine until it is cream-lump-loose.
  • Be gentle here, don’t mix vigorously, as we need to preserve as a good deal of the aeration inside the cream as we are able to. To help eliminate cream lumps, “smear” visible cream bits throughout the surface or towards the facet of the bowl in preference to vigorously stirring.
    Pour the aggregate into a tumbler or ceramic box this is at the least 1.5 litres / 1.5 quarts. i take advantage of a 1.seventy five litre / 1.75 quart glass loaf pan (28 x 15 x 7.5cm / 11 x 6 x three″).
  • clean the surface, pop a lid on or cover with hang wrap.
  • Freeze for 12 hours. Then scoop and serve like normal ice cream!
  • you can basically scoop it immediately out of the freezer, you don’t need to depart it out even for a minute before scooping. that is the rum at work – alcohol doesn’t freeze strong. So, as mentioned above, certainly my biggest “mission” on this recipe become identifying how i’m able to max out rum flavour with out the ice cream finishing up like a slushy! (the solution is contemplated within the recipe )
    Serve in cones or in bowls, as many or as little scoops as you like.

The ice cream will keep inside the freezer for months, similar to “actual” ice cream. It does freeze a bit less attackable from day 3 and past, it only calls for a few minutes at the counter earlier than scooping.

finally, just a word on the booziness of this ice cream! even though the quantity of rum in keeping with serving is not that a whole lot (3/4 cup in total), permit’s keep this one away from youngsters and pooches. typically my recipes that use alcohol will cook the alcohol out so it’s negligible in the finished dish. however in rum raisin ice cream, it isn’t. And that’s simply how we grown it!

Rum raisin ice cream (easy!)

Rum raisin ice cream (easy!)

You simply can’t purchase rum raisin ice cream with real rum flavour like home made! This recipe makes use of a attempted-and-demonstrated technique using whipped cream and condensed milk, no ice cream maker required. So smooth it’s going to blow your mind!
prep time
5 mins
cooking time
15 mins
total time
2o mins




  • 1 1/2 cups raisins (separate with fingers)

  • 1/2 cup rum (preferably Jamaican! Note 2)


  • 1 x 395g / 14oz can condensed milk (Note 3)

  • 1/4 cup rum, dark or golden (preferably Jamaican! Note 2)

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1/8 tsp allspice powder , optional

  • 2 cups thickened/heavy cream, fridge cold (any whipping cream works)


  • Ice cream cones

  • Rum raisin chocolate , finely chopped (pictured in post)




Chop – kind of chop the raisins (about in half) and damage them up with your hands so they are now not stuck together.
Soak – warmth the rum in a small saucepan on medium excessive, just until warm. upload raisins, spread to submerge as first-rate you may. Then depart to soak for 30 minutes.
Pour off excess – The raisins have to soak up maximum of the rum. If now not, see note four.


Condensed milk & flavourings – region the condensed milk, rum, vanilla and all-spice in a bowl. in brief beat just to combine with a hand-held beater (or mix by way of hand), then stir within the rum soaked raisins.
Whipped cream – vicinity the cream in a separate massive bowl and beat on excessive with an electric beater for two half to a few minutes till well whipped (stand mixer 1 – 1 1/2 mins). we're not looking for "gentle whipped" right here, we need stiff peaks and excellent aeration!
Fold together – Fold about 1 cup whipped cream into the condensed milk aggregate. once often included (some lumps is first-class), pour the condensed milk aggregate into the cream and lightly hold folding till easy (minimise folding as less aeration = denser ice cream). To assist cast off lumps, "smear" visible cream bits throughout the floor or against the aspect of the bowl rather than vigorously stirring.
Freeze 12 hours – spread in a 1.5 litre / 1.five quart field (note 6). cowl with lid or dangle wrap. Freeze as a minimum 12 hours.
Serve! To scoop, you will only want to go away it out for a minute or two, like actual ice cream! Then scoop and serve in bowls or in cones. I crowned mine with chopped rum raisin chocolate, because, why not?


Soaking the raisins is prime no longer handiest for extra rum flavour but additionally due to the fact the rum stops the raisins from freezing strong because high % alcohol does now not freeze. Sultanas can be substituted, cranberries, cherries, or other dried fruit. reducing helps the raisins soak up greater rum. Rum – Use a golden or dark (brown) rum, for coloration and flavour. not a clear/white rum like Bacardi. i exploit Appleton estate (pictured in put up) which is a great Jamaican made rum brand available here in Australia. three. Condensed milk – Sweetened milk sold in cans, syrupy consistency. discover it inside the long-life milk aisle. four. Rum amount – The ice cream can only take 1/four cup rum in the ice cream mixture itself. past this, it doesn’t set firmly sufficient due to the fact rum doesn’t freeze. (I tried. due to the fact i like the rum flavour!) So if you have any excess rum now not absorbed with the aid of the raisins, pour it off and encompass that within the 1/4 cup rum you measure out to combine into the ice cream aggregate. Non alcoholic choice – Use rum essence instead! i would soak the raisins in hot water + rum essence (to plump them up). Then upload rum essence into the ice cream aggregate to flavor. See notes underneath the ingredients photo in publish for greater records. storage – this can keep for months, like normal ice cream! vitamins in step with serving, assuming 8 servings.
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