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How To Make The Easiest Aloo Paratha Ever

3 mins Cook
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Aloo paratha nomnomwow

I love making Aloo parathas whenever I miss my home specially my mother. I always make this recipe on rainy days. My husband also love Aloo parathas on his cheat days. I imagined coming back with a progressive, majestic, or at the least slightly superb recipe.

This recipe is made with some amazing spiced mixed in boiled potatoes, with green and red chillies, along with extra pinch of garlic powder.

Ramsha Baig

Why make this recipe:

Try making this recipe for your holiday’s breakfast, it’s a perfect combination of bread and potatoes, you’ll love eating it with tea or lassi. And you should try my recipe of Samosas.

I can depart the chatter of myself and what I’ve been doing for any other day – considering this recipe is referred to as ‘Cheats Aloo Paratha‘, I wouldn’t be too far from assuming you’re after a short and occasional-renovation recipe a good way to save you time. And shall we get actual, if you’re a Mum, you’re already on an intense shortage of that! So i will cut the chase.

Essentially, this isn’t a tutorial on making a paratha. Parathas took me a hell of a long term to grasp and it calls for plenty of exercise in dough kneading, perra forming, oil dispensing after which the entire method it undergoes frying on the pan. sounds like a technological know-how test, doesn’t it? I’ll be writing a separate blog publish on parathas one zero one because gaining knowledge of approximately this can’t be executed without plenty of visual aid. It isn’t certainly tough once you have practiced quite some times, however it does take loads of trial and blunders.

What that is, is a shortcut to creating Aloo Parathas. I’m cutting down on about 20 minutes of cook time, the dull project of peeling and mashing the potatoes, and i’m additionally saving you from washing a pot from boiling your potatoes in.

I would really like to make a confession

I from time to time use powdered mashed potatoes for Aloo Parathas.

Powdered Mashed Potato Potatoes

Am I a bad person for doing this? Is using powdered mashed potatoes unethical, sinful… does it make my blog complete of actual recipes null and void?

nicely, it is able to now not do any of those matters. At worst, I just envision my mom mouthing the phrase ‘laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy’ in my direction as I smugly attain for the break.

wreck, the mashed potato powder i exploit for my culinary cheat

Aloo Paratha
How To Make The Easiest Aloo Paratha Ever

Why would I do one of these thing?

The primary time I did this, it was completely unmediated and had the excellent intentions in the back of it. See, my husband asked me to make Aloo Parathas for breakfast the following morning, his only break day inside the week. At this point of time, i used to be pregnant and suffering as aforementioned from the worst shape of morning illness in addition to trendy feelings of rubbishness. I didn’t check to peer if we had potatoes. the subsequent morning, I waltzed into the kitchen and became barely harassed to find just one potato the size of a huge strawberry. It took me a couple of minutes to position 1 and 2 collectively and recognise this meant there might be no Aloo Parathas for breakfast if there has been simplest one pathetic excuse for a potato within the kitchen. I realised i would ought to go through quite a bit of a guilt trip morning if I didn’t magically appear with a bag complete of potatoes. And on a rainy Saturday morning? After a busy paintings week? After vomiting for the 2d time before 9am? That didn’t enchantment to me that tons to be honest.

And as a consequence, the damage Aloo Paratha was born. i used to be doing pretty a first rate job of now not letting my husband onto the fact that these Aloo Parathas had been now not the authentic, real deal. We had our breakfast as ordinary, my husband even made a touch upon how the parathas have been fine and tender. I felt like i used to be committing identity fraud.

I eventually were given caught out after a grand overall of 15 mins, when I permit my defend down and took a image of the packet of destroy next to a leftover paratha. My husband expressed he became careworn and uncomfortable on the truth that those weren’t indeed the proper, actual deal, however that he felt even extra stressed that he couldn’t without a doubt inform the difference in taste.

Had I made a life-altering achievement? A international changing discovery? Did I deserve some kind of honorary medal for my innovation within the culinary arts? now not honestly.

however I did simply save time, mess and a journey to Tesco. won’t lie, i was quite satisfied.

So right here i am, right here to share this cheats recipe with you. I won’t ever inform you to for all time update your mashed Aloo stuffing with those powdered mashed potatoes. however, i will inform you this is an exquisite manner to shop effort and time for an in any other case barely laborious assignment.

How To Make The Easiest Aloo Paratha Ever

How To Make The Easiest Aloo Paratha Ever

This recipe is made with some amazing spiced mixed in boiled potatoes, with green and red chillies, along with extra pinch of garlic powder.
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
3 mins
total time
13 mins



  • 90 g mashed potato powder

  • 1 tsp salt or to taste

  • 1.5 tsp red chilli powder or to taste

  • 1 tsp whole cumin

  • 1 tsp cumin powder

  • 2 tsp coriander powder

  • 0.25 tsp turmeric

  • 0.5 chopped onion

  • water, as needed

  • milk, as needed

  • 1 small bunch chopped coriander

  • 2 tbsp chopped mint optional but highly recommended

  • kneaded atta, as needed

  • oil/butter/ghee, as needed


Fill a bowl with the powdered mashed potatoes, chopped onion and all of the spices
Pour on freshly boiled water onto your powder mixture slowly, one gulp at a time, blending with a spoon as you pass alongside. stop after you see the mixture is coming collectively somewhat however nevertheless seems slightly powdery
Pour on heat milk, again one gulp at a time, until the mixture is soft and looks like normal mashed potatoes. you can want to get your arms involved to make sure the spices are flippantly dispensed
Add the chopped coriander and non-compulsory mint. put apart
The use of your kneaded atta, take our two identical sized small rounds of atta
Roll them both out into equal sized circles
Load up the aloo stuffing onto one of the rounds. You need to fill it up similarly however you furthermore mght want to ensure you do not overfill, otherwise it could rip at some point of the subsequent steps. you furthermore may want to go away some room around the rims
As soon as you have positioned your stuffing layer, take the opposite round and positioned it on top of the stuffing. Line up the rounds and then pinch collectively the edges
Roll out till your desired size
Place onto a pan which has been pre-heated on approximately a medium heat. straight away unfold a spoonful or two of oil/ghee/butter around the rim of the paratha. turn the paratha once the shade has changed and permit the alternative side to change color. Then turn again as soon as one side has crisped up. allow the other side to crisp up
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