Strawberry Protein Smoothie

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This Strawberry Protein Smoothie is creamy and rich with a herbal sweetness from the fruit and loaded with protein to present you energy & gasoline!

For a fresh and enriching smoothie, do that strawberry protein smoothie made with sparkling strawberries, bananas, greek yogurt, milk and protein powder. It’s quick to whip up with 21 grams of protein consistent with serving!

Strawberry Protein Smoothie - NomNomWow
Strawberry Protein Smoothie – NomNomWow

Ingredients & Substitutions (Strawberry Protein Smoothie)

Milk: you can use any sort of milk for this smoothie. 2% milk will provide it a creamier flavor and texture in comparison to skim milk, or you could use any plant primarily based milk like almond, coconut, oat or soy.
Banana: Use a frozen banana for the creamiest texture and put off the need for ice. The banana must be ripe or overripe for the best taste.
Strawberries: you can use clean or frozen strawberries. reduce in 1/2 before adding to the blender so that they integrate easily.
Yogurt: Use Greek yogurt for an additional raise of protein, although you can make it with simple as nicely. A vanilla flavored yogurt will add a touch extra sweetness, and you can use different flavors like strawberry.
Protein powder: adding protein powder makes this smoothie a super breakfast or pre or put up workout drink.

How to Make Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Freeze the banana beforehand of time. each time you have bananas which are going to go beyond their satisfactory, pop them into the freezer to stop the browning process. you can then upload them proper into smoothies for a in reality creamy texture and cold sip.
Don’t add ice. The frozen banana way you won’t need to upload ice, that can water down and skinny your smoothie.
skip the protein powder. adding protein powder to smoothies gives them an additional electricity enhance, but you may make this drink without in case you opt for.
Use a high velocity blender. this will get the ingredients first-class and easy. in case you don’t have a excessive velocity blender, you can want to stir it some instances, and mix for barely longer til all the banana has broken down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make it in advance of time?
Smoothies are first-class enjoyed as soon as you’ve made them. as soon as the end result are mixed, they begin to loose their vitamins. If you can’t experience your strawberry protein smoothie proper away, maintain it blanketed within the refrigerator for as much as 24 hours.

Can you make it with different end result?
The beauty of smoothies is that they are so easy to evolve in your flavor. try to preserve the banana because it actually allows with the feel, but the strawberries can without problems be swapped for different berries or fruits. try it with raspberries, mango, blueberries and whatever else you like!

Can you are making it sweeter?
This smoothie is nice sufficient as it is especially with the vanilla yogurt and ripe end result. but in case your bananas or strawberries aren’t ripe enough then you can upload a sweetener. Liquid sweeteners are satisfactory to use, like honey, maple syrup or liquid allulose, in order that they mixture in easily with the other substances.

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

This Strawberry Protein Smoothie is creamy and rich with a herbal sweetness from the fruit and loaded with protein to present you energy & gasoline!
prep time
10 mins
total time



  • 1 ½ cup milk

  • 1 ripe frozen banana

  • 2 cups strawberries

  • ½ cup vanilla Greek yogurt

  • 2 tablespoons vanilla protein powder


Place all of the elements in a excessive-velocity blender, and mix for 60-a hundred and twenty seconds until you get a easy and creamy texture.
Flavor the smoothie, adding greater milk if it is too thick or adding more sweetener if it’s no longer sweet enough for you. Pour right into a cup or mason jar. revel in at once, or store in refrigerator for up to 24 hours.


Storage: Store any leftovers in an airtight mason jar. It will stay fresh for up to 24 hours. But ideally, it’s best to consume immediately after making. You can also try adding a squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice to help prevent the fruit from oxidizing. Substitutes: For best results, follow the recipe as is. However here are some common substitutes that would work well in this recipe. Instead of regular milk, you can use any other plant-based milk to make this vegan, including almond milk, cashew milk or coconut milk. Instead of Greek yogurt, you can use plant-based yogurt or even plain yogurt.
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