Garlic cheese pizza

30 mins Cook
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Does any go-to for your favorite pizzeria begin without garlic cheese pizza? Of course no longer! My exceptional garlic pizza makes use of each parmesan and mozzarella and infuses olive oil with garlic (it most effectively takes 10 minutes). It’s outrageously top!

Pizza base alternatives: RecipeTin classic pizza base, fast no-yeast pizza base, or keep-bought.

cheese pizza

Garlic cheese pizza

My love for garlic pizza runs deep, which isn’t any surprise to every person who is aware of me. It’s a hundred% cheese and carbs, without even an oz. of top-for-you veggies. That pretty much sums me up
a few days I truly wish I was considered one of “those people” who simply craves sparkling greens over cheese and carbs. It’s not that I hate veggies, I don’t at all! It’s simply……nicely, you understand. put a piping warm garlic cheese pizza in front of me, in all its amazing melty cheesy glory, alongside the pleasant salad inside the global, and there’s just no doubt what I’m going for, every single time:


You may use any pizza base you want – homemade classic, this magic no-yeast pizza base, or shop sold. but for first-class effects, grate your very own cheese! shop sold pre-grated is packaged with anti-caking sellers which prevents the cheese from melting well.
Garlic – sparkling, and best clean! Garlic pastries jars and tubes have an unpleasant sourness to them because of the preservatives. there’s no substitution for the real factor!

  • Mozzarella cheese – For melting perfection and lovely brown golden spots at the surface. additionally, mozzarella isn’t oily like other cheeses.
  • Parmesan – This adds flavor because parmesan is loaded with savory flavor and is salty.
  • Olive oil – mixed with the garlic to spread on the pizza base.
  • Salt – For seasoning. The handiest 1/8 teaspoon is needed


As for the pizza base, pick out what works for you! here are my options:

  • traditional pizza base (yeast primarily based) – Italian wooden-fired pizza fashion! This takes 5 to 6 hours to make such as 2 dough-proofing periods but is uncomplicated. Hand kneads for 5 minutes or 40 2d food processor blitz.
  • Magic no-yeast pizza base – This isn’t a sad substitution for a traditional yeast pizza base. it’s far truly proper! Made in 40 seconds flat from begin to finish the use of a food processor, no resting or rising required.
  • keep sold, or other self-made pizza based of desire.

How to make Garlic Cheese Pizza

My little secret tip is to infuse the oil with cute garlic flavor by using setting it apart for just 10 mins. And use a garlic press for maximum release of flavor!

  • Steep oil with garlic – blend the oil and garlic and set apart for 10 mins to infuse with flavor.
  • Stretch your chosen pizza base onto a pizza pan, ideally one with holes in it (crispy base!).
  • unfold the garlic-infused oil over the base.
  • Sprinkle with parmesan then mozzarella, leaving a border across the crust (for gripping functions).
  • note: in case you are the usage of my no-yeast pizza base, spray or brush the exposed area with olive oil so it browns. You don’t need to do that for yeast-based totally pizza dough.
  • Bake for eight mins in a warm 250°C / 480°F (230°C fan) oven, rotating the tray midway, till you have lovely golden spots in the cheese.

cut and devour!
reduce and eat right away, even as the cheese is at its melty, oozy perfection. marvel at how similar it’s miles to that outstanding pizzeria you went to three months ago together with your pals, however, feel boastful that this homemade one value you less than $6 to make and the way you get to devour it in the comfort of your house in trackies and ugg boots. evidence below.

Garlic cheese pizza

Garlic cheese pizza

Does any go-to for your favorite pizzeria begin without garlic cheese pizza? Of course no longer! My exceptional garlic pizza makes use of each parmesan and mozzarella and infuses olive oil with garlic (it most effectively takes 10 minutes). It’s outrageously top!
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
30 mins
total time
40 mins




  • 1 classic pizza dough (wood-fired Italian style)

  • 1 fast no-yeast pizza dough (this is excellent!)

  • 1 Store bought


  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

  • 2 tsp garlic (2 – 3 large cloves), crushed using garlic

  • press or make paste using side of knife – Note 2)

  • 1/8 tsp cooking salt / kosher salt (or table salt, or double qty for salt flakes)

  • 1 cup mozzarella cheese (tightly packed cup),

  • shredded using box grater (Note 3 on pre-shredded)

  • 1/2 cup parmesan (tightly packed cup), shredded using box grater (Note 3)


Preheat oven to 250°C / 480°F (230°C fan). permit time to get it best and warm!!
Garlic-infused oil – mix olive oil and garlic in a small bowl. Set aside to infuse with flavor for 10 minutes.
Pizza base – Make and roll out chosen pizza base, and stretch it onto the pan.
pinnacle – spread oil (and all garlic) onto the base, leaving the crust baked. Sprinkle with salt, parmesan then mozzarella. (If using a no-yeast base, spray/brush the uncovered crust with olive oil.)
Bake for 8 minutes, turning after four mins, or till the cheese has golden spots. reduce and consume, stat!


Pizza base selections – classic pizza dough (yeast) – five min hand knead or stand-mix or forty-second food processor, plus 4 to 6 hours growing time (across 2 rises) No yeast pizza dough – that is first-rate, not an unhappy substitute for yeast pizza. forty seconds in a meals processor or hand knead. NO rise TIME. the store sold – whatever of your desire, un-cooked or par-cooked (else it's going to burn before the cheese melts) Garlic – For satisfactory results, we need the garlic in a paste form so it completely infuses the oil with flavor. if you don’t have a garlic crusher, finely mince the garlic with the use of your knife then smear it right into a paste with the use of the side of the knife. Please don’t use save offered garlic paste – it’s bitter from preservatives. three. Cheese notes – Freshly shredded melts / spreads higher because pre-shredded packets are covered with anti-clumping agents. If using cups for measuring, shred first then p.c. it in tightly else you’ll be quick – so unhappy. I cut hunks of cheese, weigh them, then grate.
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