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Mediterranean Egg Wrap

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This Mediterranean Egg Wrap is a breakfast sandwich that is full of protein, coloration and extremely good taste- perfect for on-the-cross mornings!

This Mediterranean Egg Wrap is the remaining breakfast sandwich loaded with clean and colourful flavors and protein filled with scrambled eggs. that is a versatile recipe that you can vary with one of a kind ingredients, but this mixture is in reality a triumphing one.

Mediterranean Egg Wrap - NomNomWow
Mediterranean Egg Wrap – NomNomWow

Ingredients & Substitutions

Oil: For cooking. Use olive oil or other oils like vegetable or canola.
Spinach: Spinach is a fantastic leafy green to add to this egg wrap for an awesome supporting of vitamins and minerals. Wilt it quick in order that it is simple to devour. you may alternative with kale.
Eggs: fast scramble the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Eggs are a wonderful source of protein and will help to hold you feeling complete.
Tortilla: Use whole wheat tortillas for these healthful breakfast wraps, but you can also use regular or low carb ones.
Solar-dried tomatoes: tired of any oil, they upload a awesome tangy flavor to every chunk.
Feta cheese: For a creamy texture and slightly briny flavor. Goat cheese could paintings nicely too or shredded mozzarella cheese.
Red onions: Thinly sliced. red onions are milder than yellow or white so can be enjoyed raw. green onions could additionally paintings well.

How to Make Mediterranean Egg Wrap

  1. Wilt the spinach in a skillet with a bit oil and set apart.
  2. Pour the egg into the same skillet.
  3. Cook dinner and scramble earlier than seasoning.
  4. Gather the wrap with the eggs, spinach and different toppings. Wrap and reduce in half of to serve.

Tips & Recipe Notes

Heat the tortilla so it is greater pliable. some tortillas can spoil apart whilst they’re folded, heat it inside the microwave only for 10 seconds, or pop in a warm oven.

Cook the eggs properly. If the eggs incorporate too much moisture, they could motive the tortilla to get soggy. prepare dinner them till they’re quite dry.

Pat any excess oil from the sun-dried tomatoes with some kitchen paper. The oil could make the tortillas soggy that could lead to them breaking.

Freeze the wrap. after you’ve brought all of the fillings on your wrap and rolled it tightly, cover it tightly in foil. shop it in a plastic freezer-safe container for up to three months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make them in advance of time?
these Mediterranean egg wraps are first-class assembled and enjoyed straight away. For a faster breakfast, you could cook dinner the eggs and spinach ahead of time and maintain them saved inside the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Then, you simply should fill and wrap. you may but freeze them in case you are meal prepping.

Are they low carb?
these egg wraps aren’t low carb due to the tortilla. for a similar low carb breakfast, check out this Low Carb Egg Wrap, or use a low carb tortilla wrap.

What other fillings are you able to add?
those Mediterranean egg wraps can without difficulty be tailored to suit your taste. switch the spinach for another green like arugula, add in other greens like bell pepper or tomato, or strive adding a few turkey Bacon. the choice is yours!

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